Friday Fun–Muddy Buddies or Puppy Chow

Hello! How is it going?

It definitely is good in Florida. Yesterday afternoon I took a walk to the store for cereal to make Muddy Buddies. It’s only about a mile each way, but I hope it cancels out the fact that I ate half the batch! florida sidewalk

Ben’s mom had all the ingredients except the cereal so that’s all I grabbed. I’m not used to this sweetened Peanut Butter. It’s kinda dangerous since it goes down so easy not that I’ve been eating it straight from the jar or anything.muddy buddy ingredients

This treat is called Muddy Buddies or Puppy Chow – I think I kinda prefer the MB name.

It’s just 1 cup chocolate chips, 1/2 cup PB, 1 tsp vanilla – melted in microwave. Stir. Pour over 9 cups of Chex cereal. Mix. Toss in a gallon sized plastic baggie with 1 cup powdered sugar. Let cool. Eat. puppy chow cereal

We also had a turkey dinner last night! Again, there is too much good food here. Send help.turkey dinner

This morning I ran 2 miles to warm up and then made a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts for an iced coffee. Then, I walked the rest of the way home while sipping and talking to my mom on the phone.

I passed this gem along the way… Beautiful.image

When I got back I made breakfast and had a little company while I ate. He’s not the best conversationalist, but I don’t have many friends so I’ll take what I can friend

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!

Sarah is a faithful RER reader and recently signed up for a half marathon. Recently her friend Jennifer sent me an email asking me to give her a birthday shout out today. Hope this is a nice little b-day surprise Smile

 Good luck on the half and Happy Birthday!!!sarah

I have a little bit of work to do and then I’m hoping to get to the beach for a bit today. Not sure what the weekend holds…

Wish Sarah a Happy Birthday!

Question: Do you prefer the name “Muddy Buddies” or “Puppy Chow”?


  1. says

    Happy Birthday Sarah!

    Definitely prefer the name “Muddy Buddies” (something about calling it Puppy Chow just doesn’t sound appetizing)–that stuff is delicious.

    A friend made a funfetti/cake batter version for a dessert swap recently. I’m embarrassed to admit how much we ate while grazing that night!

  2. L-A says

    Happy Birthday Sarah!!

    I’m excited because they now make gluten free Chex! I have been good all Christmas as there aren’t many gluten free goodies to eat around here without me making them… But all these ingredients are in my cupboard! I might just have to break and give them a try! Thanks Monica :)

      • Ella says

        Yes it’s an increible marketing ploy they’ve got going. Look, we’ve worked so hard! Our cereal, which was always gluten-free, is still gluten-free!

  3. says

    I call them Muddy Buddies, but all my friends refer to them as Puppy Chow. I was gifted a mason jar full for Christmas, and I have been avoiding it so I don’t over indulge.

  4. Tara says

    I never heard of this stuff before reading it on the blogs this season. I decided to make some to bring to my sisters for Christmas. I gave her 75% of it and kept a bit for me, and I love it!
    I want to play around w/the flavors-cinnamon chips and PB? Yum!

    So jealous you are in another warm climate. Enjoy the weekend!

  5. says

    I’m glad Florida is nice and warm…D&D is still on my list of places to check off here in Chi-town. As far as Muddy Buddies or Puppy Chow, I don’t care what it’s called as long as it’s made with almond butter or sunflower seed butter so I can have some :)

  6. says

    PUPPY CHOW has always been a Christmas tradition for us (I’m not sure why… And I never make it Amy other time of year…?)
    My husband and I devoured THREE batches this year <— maybe I shouldn't admit that 😉

    HB Sarah! Good luck

  7. says

    What you made looks more like Muddy Buddies. I call it Puppy Chow, but it’s also completely covered in powdered sugar and doesn’t look so muddy. Either way, I haven’t had that in quite awhile, and you’ve created a craving…

  8. says

    When I was growing up, a friend of mine’s mom made it and my brother loved it. He asked what it was and she called it “puppy chow,” but he heard “chubby chow.” Kinda think chubby chow is more fitting. mmmm

  9. Sarah says

    Wow…thank you Monica for the shout out! (And to the other readers too!) Jenny what a great surprise! Best 27th bday ever!

  10. Lynda says

    I have always called it puppy chow. But several years ago, a lady I worked with brought a big batch of it to the office one day and she called it Trash. And it was served out of a trash bag!!

  11. says

    That’s a beautiful cat! And happy, happy birthday to Sarah!

    Do you like the Peter Pan peanut butter? That’s what I buy, but I don’t eat much nut butter. I always wonder what the peanut butter fanatics think of my bargain buy.

  12. says

    Puppy Chow just sounds gross…I’m no dog!! Muddy Buddies on the other hand are quite delicious to the taste. As I was reading along I thought I read that you were “skipping” and talking to your mom on the phone. I thought to myself she is my kinda gal 😉 It made me laugh right out loud! I will just imagine that you were skipping rather than sipping!!

  13. says

    I’ve never heard it called Muddy Buddies but I prefer that!
    BTW – your dinner plate looks like it has more green than anything – that helps cancel out the MB!!!

  14. Tammi says

    I’ve always called them Muddy Buddies…I’m thinking Puppy Chow is a mid-west term? I saw it at a cereal kiosk at the mall of America in Minneapolis, they called it Puppy Chow.
    Cheers to Sarah! Happy Birthday!

  15. says

    We call it Puppy Chow but it might be because (as one of your other readers said), we shake it in more powdered sugar thus it looks like Puppy Chow. I made it for the very first time this Christmas. It was the gift we gave to all of our neighbors and cleverly said it was from our three dogs…with some help from their Mom & Dad!

    Your version looks more like it should be named Muddy Buddy.

    And it is very addictive!!!!!

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