12 Miles and Under Armour Winner

This morning I woke up NOT bright and early (I’m still on California time) and went for a run. I wanted to do a long run, but it’s hard for me to stay on track in Florida (late start, not the best eating, feeling like I’m taking over the day running). But, I did 12 miles today and I’ll probably do 12 tomorrow for a back to back LR. 12 miles

When we came out in August I did the same thing  – ran 13 and then 12. I was training for New York  at the time. Now I’m training for something else. TBA on New Year’s (not because I’m mysterious, mostly because I need to figure everything out).

run eat repeat shirt

Breakfast – I think this is the best omelet I’ve ever made – I had to document Smile


Winner of the Under Armour Hoodie GiveawayIMG_0016 (800x600)


It’s pretty quiet here so I think I’m going to relax with my book – Gone Girl. gone girl

I am thinking up my 2013 goals too – do you have yours yet?


    • Katie says

      I agree- I loved Gone Girl too. i was on the edge of my seat as I read it. Monica- you will love it!!! congrats on the awesome long run today!

  1. Angelica says

    Gone Girl is so good. Dark, but good. I’m reading Dark Places right now (literally taking a break to blog surf because it’s heavy stuff) and have already read Sharp Objects. Man, her books are twisted but hard to resist.

    My main goal for 2013 is to drop some LBs. Original, right? I had my daughter over a year ago, ran my first (and only, so far) HM last January when she was 5 months, but am having a hard time with motivation to get out and run (esp in the cold) and not overeat!

  2. says

    Just wrote a post about it! I feel like I did a life overthrow….who’da thunk there’d be so much to improve on? I do love my life now so I was surprised I wanted to improve on so much.

  3. Vanessa says

    Oh my gosh. Gone Girl was amazing. Once I started reading after having it for 5 months I could not put it down. Enjoy!

  4. says

    I want back to back long runs!!! My daughter ran twice today … her second time was supposed to be with me … I skipped in lieu of making dinner … I am supposed to really start the 31st … great way to end the year and the 1st great way to begin, right! :)

  5. says

    I’m on the waiting list for “Gone Girl”–hoping to get it soon! I am also thinking up my goals for 2013. I try to pick one from each big area in my life: health, fitness, job, family, spiritual. Once I choose the goals, I try to create a plan to achieve–quite a process but *usually* it brings success.

  6. Daphne says

    Finalizing my list of Goals for 2013 tomorrow. 2012 was great and I truly believe that 2013 will be even more amazing.

    You look amazing, BTW! Can’t wait to hear about what’s been working for you…

    Happy New Year!

  7. says

    Impressive to run long, or at all for that matter, on vacation. I have never been good about staying super active on vacation. Can’t wait to hear your race announcements. Gotta work on my goals later today, I did choose my word for the year GRACE. ; )

    • says

      This time I cooked up the filling, set it aside. Then, I cooked up the egg, flipped and put the toppings in the middle. I think the key is a well oiled or buttered pan so it doesn’t stick at all.

  8. says

    Dreaming up new goals is the best :) After Christmas and Birthday, I think it might be my favourite time of year.. and if it included guilt-free cake, it would probably be the fave!

    This year I am making progress on my goal of running a marathon in every Canadian province- New Brunswick in May 2013! I will also run an ultra-marathon, though I haven’t decided which I will do (depending mostly on whether the race I want to do decides to hold the ultra again).

    Happy New Year!

  9. Shannon B. says

    Well….I guess I maybe your only blog friend that didn’t care for Gone Girl. I thought I would comment, just in case you don’t like it, you won’t think you missed something. :)

  10. Shannon says

    Gone Girl…good read! A few twists that will surprise you, but it kept me Kindle tapping/page turning for sure.

    Please stop to see more sunsets, especially with your sweet hubby! My Gram told me to see as many as possible and enjoy God’s beauty. She was so, so right and I never, ever regret taking a few minutes to enjoy one.

    Happy New Year! 😀

  11. says

    I looooved reading that book. And then hated the ending. And apparently I’m the only one. I do want to see what they do with it when the movie comes out though!

  12. tara says

    I so wished I lived in a warmer climate to do long runs outside. The roads/sidewalks here are icy & snowy and I just can’t drag myself to the gym for the dreadmill.
    I read Gonegirl….loved the book; but so disappointed with the ending.

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