Run Eat Repeat 2012 Highlight Posts

I enjoy long walks on the beach…beach  blog

beach  blog beach  blog beach  blog

Guys with dimples…beach  blog

beach  blog

and champagne.

Or dark chocolate when champagne is not available.lindt

Yesterday Ben and I took a walk on the beach and discussed how cliché, yet awesome those long sandy walks are… I love it.beach  blog

Then, we discussed our zodiac signs and stopped at an ice cream shop his family has been raving about. Yes, the carrot cake really tastes like carrot cake. It’s amazing. We shared a carrot cake / rum raisin combo. a better scoop

All I need in the world is a place to run and ice cream with rum in it. Amen. run raisin

This morning I did a 6 mile run just like yesterday. I’ll change it up tomorrow.

Yesterday: cold and with music = minute faster.IMG_0280 (800x600)

Today: 20121231_090909 (600x800)

December 2012 Highlights:

Favorite Run

The Las Vegas Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon was the toughest race I did this year. I was hung over and a mess in a dress showing too much chest. But, it fun to be able to run with Susan so it’s my favorite of this month. 1354493085602 (408x306)

2nd Runner Up is the Holiday Half in Oxnard

Favorite Eat

pho in las vegas

I don’t know if it was that previous to this meal I subsisted off of vodka and red bull or what, but the Pho I ate after the Las Vegas Half Marathon was Amazing!

Favorite Post I’d Like to Repeat

Disneyland for Christmashot cocoa at disneyland

Every month this year I’ve done a round up of my favorite “Run” “Eat” and “Repeat” post. If you want to look back on them here they are:

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online dating

Question: Any major milestones you had this year? Share with the class so we can all cheer for you!

Question 2: Like long walks on the beach? What would your online dating profile say?

I kinda like this profile from Bluntcard


  1. says

    I’m really not a beach/lay out on the beach and tan person..but if I had one close by, I would certainly love to do the cliched walk on the beach! lucky!

    My highlight of 2012 was running my first 1/2! I’ve never worn flats/runnin shoes before, let alone start running.. So, it was personally huge!
    hoping for my first full in 2013!

    Happy New Year!!

  2. says

    Your walk on the beach looks amazing! I’m a sucker for them and think they’re so good for the soul. A run on packed sand on a quiet beach is even better!
    My biggest feat this year was getting to the start and finish line of Ironman Canada. Hopefully I’ll make it there again in 2013.
    Happy New Year, Monica!

  3. says

    Love walks on the beach, though I don’t get to go on many.
    My milestone for 2012 was running my first marathon. Already considering my second :)

  4. says

    Love the beach pics…I think I’ve been to the beach twice in my whole life. That’s what happens when you live in Illinois.
    My best 2012 moments were losing 30 pounds (although I think the holidays helped me gain back a few) and running my fastest 5k.
    Happy new year!

  5. says

    I accomplished completing my first 5k and coming from someone who despised running of any kind in high school and college, this was quite the feat!

    I’ll walk on the beach, but I’m not someone to sit still so I have to continue walking or playing a beach volleyball game – that’s currently in my dating profile :)

  6. says

    The Pho looks amazing! And you look super cute in that hat!!!

    No major milestones this year, but next year for sure when I finish my Masters!

    Dating profile. Hmm, just saw a funny blog post about race signs and a phrase I would have (as written on a race sign): “I need a man who can go the distance”. Amen

  7. says

    I’ve mentioned this before to a similar question but my major milestone was completing 3 half marathons (and a 5K) within 14 days…and I PR’d the middle half…and it was THAT night that I did the 5K. BOOM!

    I’d love to take long walks on the beach but beaches are few and far between in Indiana. And a “lake” beach just isn’t the same as an ocean beach, in my opinion.

    Dating profile? Not sure but it would definitely say “must Love dogs.” Hey, that could be a movie (wink wink) Good thing my husband loves dogs.

    Happy New Year everyone!! Best wishes for great 2013.

  8. says

    I love walking, whether it’s in the park, around the lake or the beach – it’s just so therapeutic. I love the evening walks by the beac before dinner during my hols in Bali and Phuket.

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