What Would Monican Do?


Happy Monday! How’s it going? Today I’m finally reuniting with my long lost love Skinny Runner for a walk after work. I’m pretty excited. You guys know my 2013 Resolutions, but a PR rep sent me this site today in case one of my readers wanted an internet robot to choose their resolution. Check out The New Year’s Resolution Generator and let it decide what you’re going to do … [Read more...]

Music Monday– Last Friday on Repeat


Hello from home!!! As much as I love that sleepy little Florida town, I am happy to be home. My mom, dad and little brother picked me up from the airport and we stopped for comida on the way home. I wasn’t very hungry so I just went with a salad. Then, I grabbed up Vegas and took him home. No, I didn’t miss him at all because I have a tiny black heart while I was gone my mom … [Read more...]