What Would Monican Do?

Happy Monday! How’s it going?

Today I’m finally reuniting with my long lost love Skinny Runner for a walk after work. I’m pretty excited. 20120828_141029

You guys know my 2013 Resolutions, but a PR rep sent me this site today in case one of my readers wanted an internet robot to choose their resolution.

Check out The New Year’s Resolution Generator and let it decide what you’re going to do with your life this year!

The “won’t” resolutions are really funny and I was flipping through them laughing Smile

 ONE of these I would do – do you know which???








Questions: One of these things I think I would do… which one is it?

Would you do any of them?

Did you use the site to pick your resolution? What are you stuck doing now??


  1. says

    Sticks of butter with sugar…yikes! Reminds me of a very sassy kid I babysat back in the day…when I’d say that no, he couldn’t have a snack because he’d have to wait for dinner, he’d eat spoon after spoon of sugar.

  2. says

    That is funny stuff!!
    I will probably collect more crap I don’t need.
    I might be tempted to try and outdrink an Irish man (if I were challenged I definitely would!!!).

  3. says

    Ha! I’ve already tried to outdrink an Irishman. Emphasis on “tried”.It didn’t work out very well in my favor. I’m German and though it came close, I still failed miserably.

  4. Nicole says

    The no 3rd world plastic surgery actually made me relook at Tiajuana plastic surgeons- as in I have before… Nothing like discount mommy makeovers :) Might be a great idea :) lol

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