Ask a Monican #47

What resolution won’t this Monican do???

Well, after reading them out loud to a friend it was pointed out that I would probably do all of the last three:

“I won’t black out due to intoxication.” (Again?)

“I won’t try and outdrink an Irishman.” (My favorite comment from this post says I can take him.)

“I won’t get plastic surgery in a third world country.” (I’ve considered getting a boob job in Colombia. Don’t judge.)

It’s all true on some level.

Ask a Monican #47

Monica from Run Eat Repeat answers:

1. I’ve gained weight since getting married. How do you stay healthy when your significant other isn’t and eats Doritos all night?
2. I want to try online dating, but I’m nervous. Thoughts??

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  1. Gabrielle says

    Yay eHarmony! That’s how I met my (super-sweet kind loving) husband! (We both have close friends that have met their spouses via eHarmony as well!)

  2. says

    Here’s my question: if somebody was gonna go on a run with you at Fitbloggin’ and after 100 yards or so claimed that they twisted their trick knee that they injured playing football in college and even though they’d really like to continue running, he’d better go rest it up at the bar… would you believe that?

  3. says

    Great advice on sticking to your schedule. I’m also not one to wait for someone to come with me to work out, it’s all on you!
    VERY true – guys just do NOT think the way we do about food/dieting/being aware.

  4. says

    Great advice! I love that you are non-judgmental to those aroun you. I feel like a lot of people who are really into their diets or training plans do push them on other people, sometimes without meaning to I’m sure, but they can inadvertently make others feel bad about themselves.

  5. says

    I’ve been on some other online dating sites, and it totally seems like! I may have to try out eharmony one of these days.

    I didn’t know you met Ben online! That’s awesome! There’s hope for me yet. LOL

  6. Sally says

    As i added a reminder to my to do list to view this vlog i discovered my iPhone autocorrects Monican to minivan. Lol.

  7. says

    Met my husband on…. I definitely suggest online dating to people who are thinking about it or are frustrated they can’t meet people. I mean– gotta be careful– there are a LOT of crazy people out there (Catfish, anyone?!?), but there are crazy people at bars too so I say just use your brain and it’ll be OK. And, like you said– what do you have to lose?

  8. says

    You’re totally right, men just don’t prioritize healthy living/diet the way women do. On some levels, it’s because it isn’t as big of a “struggle” for them. On another level, I just don’t think they’re as vain as we are. My hubs snacks all night long. I hate him for it. He never pressures me to eat anything though, so I only have myself to blame if I give into temptation.

  9. Kerri A says

    I love your blog and read every day – I love your Ask a Monican posts.
    BUT, I have to heat you up a little… I’m a girl and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE football!! It’s not only a “boy” thing!!!
    Had to take the jab since nobody else has yet!! 😉

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