13.1 LA Half Marathon Review

The All State 13.1 LA Half Marathon starts right on the boardwalk in Venice Beach. Parking was easy breezy. I parked in one of the two lots the directions said for $5 = deal of the day! (Parking for the RnR LA was $25!!!)

That parking lot is about 1 mile from the start, but you get to walk along Venice Beach when it’s quiet and calm (a rarity) so it was nice. Plus, this is when I met my new friend Marty and he kept me company along the way.

venice beach walk

There were beach bathrooms along the walk and porta potties at the start. Check and check.

los angeles half marathon race review

There were pacers at the start, but no formal corrals. Runners were encouraged to line up with their pace group but I’m not sure how well that happened. Luckily, it wasn’t that big of a race so the crowd thinned out after about half a mile.

los angeles half marathon race review

The course was FLAT and pretty. We ran along the beach path for a while before turning inland. Then you go back out to the beach path. There was one spot where the path was covered in sand but only for a few feet.

The only downside was there is a water treatment plant you pass on the way out around mile 7 I think and have to pass it again on the way back. Let’s just say it’s unpleasant. Plug your nose and enjoy the gorgeous views!los angeles half marathon race review20130113_095924 (800x600)

You get your medal at the finish…

los angeles half marathon race review

But then are directed toward the “expo” for the beer garden and food.

los angeles half marathon race review

It was a beautiful day, but a little chilly. I didn’t hang out long here because I was too cold. It’s a point to point course so from here there are buses to take you back to the start. There was no wait when I got on the buses, it was filled fast and we were on our way. Easy breezy again.

los angeles half marathon race review

The finisher’s medals are nice and the little “13.1” spins around. IMG_0514 (800x600)

There is no “expo” for the race, just packet pick up at a Road Runner Sports location.

los angeles half marathon reviewlos angeles half marathon review

I was in and out in 5 minutes and was able to donate 2 pairs of used running shoes to Sole Mates.

IMG_0504 (800x600)los angeles half marathon review

Overall: The Los Angeles 13.1 Half was a well organized, solid race. The thing that would bring me back is the mostly flat course and easy parking. I would do this one again.

My time for #1 of 13 in 2013… 1:47:35

*I’m going to add a Page at the top of RER for my 13 13.1 in 2013. Stay tuned!!!

If you ran the race feel free to chime in or link up your review in the comments!

In other, more awesome news…

RER Reader Kym ran the Walt Disney Marathon this weekend! Here she is with her  mom (Chris), and younger sister (Brooke) at the finish line. She blogs at Red, White and Marine Wife Great job ladies!!!

walt disney marathon finish

Aaaand…. in epic news of America…

My brother proposed to his girlfriend in Catalina today!!! It was for the f-ing Catalina Wine Mixer! (Please tell me you know where that’s from.)

No word on whether or not she said Yes…

catalina proposeKidding.

See you later Smile


  1. betty says

    have you found that some earphones work better than others when your running? I cant ever find ones that will stay IN my ears :(

  2. Karen says

    Hahahaha I laughed out loud. Love step brothers. One of the first movies my now husband and I saw together and that’s one of many favourite lines! Love it. :)

  3. says

    I agree with everything you said in your recap. I was wondering what that smell was around Mile 7 and then I smelled it again on the way back. I thought the race was well organized as well but had to watch for runners dodging the sand on the bike path. Great time and how exciting for your brother and sister in law to be!

  4. says

    Ha love Step Brothers (or anything Will related :)) Congrats to them! The half sounds like a fun run. I totally judge a race on how many hills there are. Less hills=better review!

  5. says

    Paying to park is one of my least favorite things ever! I am that person who will gladly walk a mile to an event in order to avoid paying the parking fee.

  6. says

    That race looks like a good one (except really far from where I live!). Love the spinning 13.1.
    So exciting for your brother and his girl friend (or I guess fiance now!).

  7. says

    Love the race report!! I would love to come to LA one day!! My goal is to come to California and run a full marathon there. I don’t know which one I would do or when I would do it but I will one day!! So glad I found your blog!! I really enjoyed reading it!!

  8. Suzanne says

    Stepbrothers! Whenever it’s on tv, my husband will be watching it. :)
    Favorite quote: “Why are you sweating?”
    “I was watching cops.”

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