Music Monday and Mini-Goals

Hello! How is it going? Last night I stopped at Yogurtland on the way home and the manager asked me where I’ve been. I used to be his best customer, but I’ve been dropping the ball lately. yogurtland

Since I ran a half marathon yesterday I am taking a rest day from running today. But, I have more energy than I know what to do with so I hit the gym for a short strength session. I also really really really need to go to yoga this week. Really.

I just realized that I have a race 4 weekends in a row. Then one rest weekend and another race after that! And since they’re all on Sundays I need to change up my normal schedule to allow for rest, cross training and running (I usually rest Sundays because God said so).

Monday Mini-Goals for this week:

  • Sundays: Race
  • Monday: Rest / easy Strength – aiming for a home yoga sesh too
  • Tuesday: Speed work
  • Wednesday: Barre Class
  • Thursday: Mid-distance with a few miles at goal pace / Yoga
  • Friday: 10 miles, Abs
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Half Mary

I have Salsa Chicken in the crock pot for dinner tonight. I need to hit up the store later, and figure out the rest of the week.crock pot salsa chicken

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Music Monday best new Running Songs:

Since I’m racing so much coming up I need some good music to keep me going. These are my favorite running songs for the week…

Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

C’mon by Ke$ha

(Blow me) One Last Kiss by Pink

Question: What is your favorite song this week?

What are your mini-goals for the week?


  1. says

    Love love Thrift Shop… the beat is amazing and the lyrics are so funny. Ball by T.I. is my new pump up song when I am feeling less than motivated to run!

  2. Katrine says

    Love your posts and sense of humor! My mini-goal is to actually go to my first Crossfit class tonight. I may have wussed out last time…oops. Wish me luck!

  3. says

    Music Monday Big News! The new Justin Timberlake with Jay – Z is awesome! You must look it up!

    My mini-goal is not to buy any take out for lunch this week!

  4. says

    Mini goal for the week: Get my booty out of bed earlier to run! My training is going to ramp up soon, and I need to change my routine a bit. I have to get the kids up by 730, so I have to squeeze my runs in before that!

  5. says

    One of my mini-goals this week is to get to a morning swim practice. My legs just aren’t havin’ it so hopefully i’ll get up and at it for (GULP) 5:30 a.m. pool sesh. Just typing that makes me die a little inside. Maybe froyo after will be enough bribe to get me there.

  6. says

    4 race weekends in a row is really intense! Best of luck to you!

    I LOVE every Kesha song. Lady Gaga is another really good one! One of my favorite running songs recently is “Beat it” by John Mayer and Fall Out Boy.

  7. Emily says

    Congrats on the run yesterday! Any suggestions on doing back-to-back races? I have 3 half marathons on back-to-back weekends and I’m nervous about feeling good for all of them!

    • says

      Hey Emily, I just don’t expect to feel good for all my races if I’m doing too many. I just figure I’ll power through I guess?
      I do suggest doing an ice bath after each race to help with recovery. Easier said than done for me.

  8. Chloe says

    Hi Monica! Are you running the Tinkerbell Half Marathon again this year? My sister and I are running it. It’s my first half and my sister’s 2nd! I have never been more excited for a run : )

  9. Kate says

    F**kin Problems by ASAP Rocky with Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar!
    So dirty and inappropriate but I swear it makes me run faster! Ch-ch-check it out!

  10. says

    I literay just downloaded thrift shop for my run tomorrow before reading your blog haha but I’m also loving holla at the dj by coco jones. I also made salsa chicken yesterday… Parallel lives, no biggie

  11. Allie says

    What half are you running on Sunday?

    My mini-goal for the week is to sign up for at least one race. I ran 13.1 LA on Sunday, too, and now I don’t have ANY upcoming races that I’m signed up for. That’s the first time that’s happened in over 2 years!

  12. says

    I wanna have the moves of the dude in Thrift Shop…I’m too lazy to google if it’s Ryan Lewis or Macklemore…meh, never said I was good with names! 😉 Anyhoos, it’s been on replay for a few weeks now. I loikey it a loot!

    So this is a secret **shhh** but I like to listen to a dubstep song here and there during my runs, so I have been listening to “Kill Everybody” by Skrillex…no matter that’s how I feel when I run sometimes. Ha! Like I said, it’s a secret.

  13. says

    Mini goal for the week… paint a wall in my entryway. I really want to do a gray and white chevron wall (it’s just a little one.) My hubs is a little nervous, but I think it will look great.

  14. says

    I haven’t had Yogurtland since October. I just realized. This is a problem, but it’s too darn cold out right now.

    For some reason I’m a SUPER big fan of “Follow the Leader” by Jennifer Lopez w/ Wishin y Yandel. It’s kinda old, but I’m into it.

  15. says

    Obsessed with Thrift Shop.
    Funny story – I wasn’t sure what this song was but I had heard it a couple times. And LOVED IT. And one of my crazy students was acting out by playing his music really loud. And I couldn’t even give him a consequence cause I just really wanted to know what song it was.
    (Turns out – if you like the same song as your teacher, it automatically becomes uncool).

  16. says

    I love the ballads from Il Divo – not exactly running songs, just songs I chill out to while working. Mini goal: not forgetting to pack anything for my weekend trip.

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