The Miracle Carb Diet Book Giveaway

I was recently sent The Miracle Carb Diet to review. This is right up my alley since I love carbs and I love miracles.

Add them together and what do you get?


Okay, not really.

The Miracle Carb Diet is all about combing high fiber carbs and lean protein in your meals. It’s written by Tanya Zuckerbrot, RD.

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I had the opportunity to interview Zuckerbrot a few weeks ago and giveaway a copy of her book (below).

RER: What should someone eat leading up to an evening holiday party?

Tanya: To avoid overeating at an evening party have a small snack beforehand. Think, 200 calories or less, and containing fiber and protein—the two nutrients that will keep you feeling full for the longest period of time. Some high fiber crackers with a lean protein such as turkey or cheese
with lettuce and tomato, is a great option. Or have some protein-packed Greek yogurt with berries, which are high in fiber. A serving of chicken or vegetable soup or an apple with cheese are also god choices.

At the party Make smart choices:

Protein-based appetizers: Instead of pigs in a blanket (460 calories per serving), look for appetizers like chicken/ beef kabobs, chicken satay or lean turkey meatballs, which are all less than 200 calories per serving.

Turkey: If turkey is on the menu, white meat trumps dark meat. It’s lower in calories and saturated fat and provides a great source of lean protein.

Potatoes: If you have the choice between regular potatoes and sweet potatoes, go sweet. They offer more fiber (4g vs 2g) and have more flavor, so there is less need to doctor them up with butter and toppings. They may even satisfy your sweet tooth.

Skins: When it comes to poultry like chicken or turkey, skip the skin. You don’t want the extra fat and calories. However, for potatoes, other vegetables and fruits like apples and pears, skin is in—it contain most of the fiber and nutrients.

What to avoid and what to eat instead: Factor-Out crab cakes, Factor-In shrimp cocktail. Classic crab cakes are often filled with fattening fillers and deep-fried, making them a less than healthy appetizer option. Just one fried
crab cake has 290 calories and 19g fat, and that’s before the creamy dipping sauce! Instead, reach for waist- friendly shrimp cocktail. One serving (5 large shrimp and 2 tablespoons cocktail sauce) is only 45 calories and 0g fat. Shrimp is a great source of lean protein, which will help fill you up before dinner is served.

Factor-Out prime rib, Factor-In filet mignon. If prime rib is a holiday tradition in your home, it might just be time to start a new one. This cut of beef comes from the fattiest part of the cow, and one serving packs a whopping 750 calories and 45g of fat! That’s almost half your calories for the whole day in dinner alone. Fear not this holiday – steak can still be on the menu. Filet mignon is a lean cut of beef; a 4oz. filet is only 180 calories and 8g fat. Dig into a delicious piece of juicy steak, and save yourself 570 calories and 37g fat!

Factor-Out Pecan Pie, Factor-In Pumpkin Pie: Yes, some of the fat in pecan pie is monounsaturated heart-healthy fat from the pecans, but now those pecans are coated in sugar. Plus, most of the calories in pecan pie come from the filling, not the nuts. At 500 calories and 37g of fat, pecan pie tops the list of worst for your diet pies out there. When it comes to picking pie, it’s always best to go topless. Pumpkin pie doesn’t have sugar coated nuts or a buttery crust weighing it down. This pie is 316 calories and 14g fat per slice. Plus,
pumpkin is a good source of fiber and vitamins A and C.

RER: What is the best drink to choose at a party or cocktail hour?

Zuckerbrot: Festive drinks: Instead of traditional eggnog at 350-450 calories per glass, sip on warm apple cider or a small mug of hot chocolate at about 200 calories each.

One way to go easy at the bar is to order a less- caloric version of your usual drink. For example, order vodka with 0- calorie club soda instead of 90- calorie tonic, or take a cue from the Europeans and have a wine spritzer (half wine, half club soda).

Or try one of my recipes:

Lychee Martini
3 ounces Ketel One Vodka
2 ounces Naked Juice Reduced Calorie Lychee
Splash Vermouth
4 fresh lychees

Combine the vodka, lychee juice, and vermouth. Pour over ice. Garnish with two lychees per glass

Blueberry Bellini
½ cup blueberries
2 cups Stellina di note prosecco

Blend the blueberries in a food processor until pureed. Strain the pureed berries to remove seeds. Distribute evenly into four Champagne flutes. Pour prosecco into each glass.

RER: What are the top 3 reasons people gain weight during the holidays?

Saving up their calories- As the old adage goes: Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper, dinner should be the smallest meal of the day, yet this is typically when people consume the most calories. The mentality in the United States is to skip breakfast, have a small lunch, then skip snacks to save more room for dinner. We could not have gotten it more wrong! It’s important to have a hearty snack because it is an opportunity to get more fiber in and to keep you feeling full so you don’t overeat at dinner. Think about it: Between the bread basket, appetizer, entree with sides, and dessert, you’re looking at more than a day’s worth of calories at one sitting.

Going cardio crazy instead of lifting weights Add weight training to your fitness routine, because weight lifting adds muscle mass, which in turn increases metabolism and enables your body to burn more calories even when you are at rest. Research has shown that for every pound of muscle that you have added, you burn an extra 45 calories per day. By adding an extra 10 pounds of lean muscle mass, you can burn approximately 400– 500 calories a day. That adds up to 1 pound of fat loss every week without doing anything else.

Not counting the little bites-while it is fine to indulge during the holidays, it is important to keep in mind that a bite here and a bite there can add up to a lot of bites-translation; a lot of extra calories by the end of day or week. eating an extra 500 calories (equivalent to two mini eggrolls) can equal one pound of weight gain a week. So keep yourself in check and think about what you put in your mouth before the damage is done.

RER:  What did you eat today? Did you exercise?


Nonfat Greek yogurt topped with All-Bran Bran Buds and 1 cup blueberries
Large coffee with skim milk

Arugula salad with shaved Parmesan
Tuna tartar

4 high fiber crackers topped with Mustard, smoked turkey slices, lettuce and tomato

Tricolore salad
Shrimp In spicy Marinara Sauce
Sautéed spinach and Garlic
2 glasses Sauvignon Blanc

Exercise: ran in treadmill for 15 minutes to get heart rate up, sweat and clear my head. 35 minutes weights and 10 minutes stretching.

Thanks Tanya! I’m pretty excited about the cocktail recipes and need to change up my usual vodka tonic for a vodka soda from now on! (Cindy, remind me this weekend.)

Enter to win a copy of The Miracle Carb Diet – Leave a comment, any comment in this post!

Contest open to all residents of Earth. Closes Friday at 8am PST.


  1. Rebecca @RUtheMOMof says

    Love this book I am trying to eat healthier and these food ideas sound great and something I could do

  2. says

    Can I get a copy? I think it’s easier for me when I head to parties – my choices are limited coz I’m vegan and there usually isn’t much vegan options.

  3. says

    Love this post! I wonder if she says anything in the book about it making a difference what order you eat things in. For example when I eat carbs I try to eat protein / veggies beforehand and not eat them on an empty stomach so it doesn’t affect blood sugar as bad. Also I read in First for women that if you add flax meal to brownies they don’t affect blood sugar as bad. This is making me think about fiber on general. Anyway enter me to win that book! Great interview!

  4. Linda says

    This book sounds perfect to me. I’m diabetic, and so is my husband, and I’m always looking for new ways to up the fiber, choose healthy carbs. He’s NOT an easy man to please, foodwise, so this would be a godsend. Thanks for offering it!

  5. Kim says

    Hi! I want that book. Usuall I cant enter these give-aways since I dont live in the US, so this is exciting! :) I’m from Sweden btw

  6. says

    I always enjoy new recipes/books and good reminders…seems as though this has some of both.

    Although I KNOW I would lose the weight for good if I simply had more self control…but I INDULGE with my SWEETS…oh, yes I DO…I need to find a safe and happy balance…how about that for a book? “The safe and happy balance~Is there such a place?” hahaha!

  7. maggie says

    I really liked her answers to all those questions! It wasn’t like she was telling you not to eat at all, but to be smart!

  8. Kristin says

    This book seems up my alley. I am such a carb-addict that learning how to eat them the smart way seems the only way to go to lose these pounds!

  9. says

    My MIL started a low-carb diet a week ago and lost 8 pounds. She’s done this diet before and has lost weight before, but she’s always gained it all back… And wonders why. Probably because it’s not a lifestyle, it’s just a diet. It’s not something that’s sustainable for her over the long term. If I won the book I’d probably take some of its tips into consideration for myself, then give it to her. I think she’d appreciate having carbs back in her life and still be able to lose weight.

  10. Karoline says

    This book would make my year because I’m a huge reader but more importantly have been lookin for a good, recommended book on this kind of “diet” !

  11. Christine says

    I like that her approach to eating right and exercising is balanced and I’m definitely interested in reading the book! Thanks!

  12. Melissa says

    I don’t think I could ever give up my carbs without a solid plan to stick to, especially since my idea of hell would be a world with no bagels.

  13. Stacie says

    Thanks for this post…okay, all of your posts! You and SR are hilarious, but also provide excellent (serious) information when necessary or asked by readers. Thanks for that! …..and this giveaway!

    Hope the day is treating you well :)

  14. Helena says

    I like the drink suggestion, have to try that sometime!
    I just don’t understand why there’s still a stigma on healthy fats from meat and dairy, especially from someone who many people trust, it’s sad really. It seems like a way to compensate for an excessively high carb lifestyle which many people are addicted to (which was me too!).

  15. Chris says

    Her first book, The F Factor, was fab. It helped to me lose 20+lbs! She shares the best guidelines of what to eat and healthy choices to make in social situations/parties. (Which is where I have the most trouble behaving.) I am sure this book is just as wonderful as the last!

  16. says

    I need to do more weight training! I always say I am going to and then I never do….going to put it into my training schedule so that it actually gets done this time around!

  17. Laura says

    This book looks great! If I have a salad for lunch, even with a small snack, I am starving before dinner. I don’t know how people are able to eat just a salad, small snack and be fine until dinner. I would love to read this book and find out!

  18. Shannon B. says

    I would like to hear about the diet you are following. I have thyroid issues, although it has been stable for awhile. I’m sure you running hundreds of miles helps keep you trim, but you are looking good!!

  19. says

    What was/is your overall thought on the book? It does sound interesting. I’m just trying to live by the “making smart choices, calories out vs. calories in and everything in moderation” mindset.

  20. Erica D says

    This book sounds interesting. I love reading these types of books, some of it’s information we’ve heard over and over again, but there’s always something new to learn.

  21. says

    Good luck at the Rock n’ Roll half in AZ. I will be running that as well. The weather has warmed up just in time. It was in the 20s at night.

  22. Holly says

    I’m REALLY sick of getting lectures when I eat a sandwich instead of a salad like all the dieting women in my office. I love my carbs and would love this book!

  23. marie says

    I just read The Snow Child: A Novel by Eowyn Ivey and loved it.

    I also like when you ask for any ole’ comment. 😉

  24. Jessica says

    I just found out I am allergic to bakers yeast and Ive been limiting my carbs unintentionally! So I’d love some key ideas about how to eat now!

  25. Diana says

    Had thyroid cancer, so had surgery to remove it and now it seems like I just keep packin’ on the weight. Would love to see if this would work for me!

  26. Kathleen Eastman says

    I have gained 65 lbs since I retired last year I really need some help with this. I thought this diet might be the one I need.

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