Three Things Thursday–Blogger Problems

1. I had to take my car in for a recall thing this morning. I drove there and ran home. I’m pretty sure the guy who helped me thought I was crazy running away. Oh well, I got a slow 8 miles in. toyota dealer

2. I randomly bought and cooked steak last night for dinner. You know the last time that’s happened?


I don’t know who the heck I am these days…image

3. When I went to change into running clothes this morning I found the gu I put in my pocket for the half this weekend was still there! That means I a.) forgot to take it during the race and b.) washed AND dried it. Thank God it didn’t burst in the wash!gu pocket

Confession: I am reading White Girl Problems and kinda love it. Okay, I really love it, and her. I know I’m supposed to roll my eyes and think she’s crazy but I am a fan.white girl problems

My Mexican girl problem: Last night I couldn’t sleep because my feet were super cold. I can’t wear socks to sleep because one time my brother’s friend Carlos told me, “Only crazy people wear socks to sleep…”

Thanks Carlos.

Running Blogger Problem:The dealer just called and said I need 2 new tires. Since I’m driving to AZ this weekend for a race I need to bite the bullet and just have them change them instead of taking time to shop around.

white girl problems(source)

Question: Ketchup, Mustard or Relish?

Me: Ketchup. Always.


  1. says

    I sometimes wear socks to bed – when it is really cold. Maybe I’m crazy – or maybe I’m just Canadian.

    As for condiment- mustard. I’d pick relish if it was always dill and not sweet. And never ketchup – I don’t really like it (especially with fries)

  2. Deb says

    I hope this makes you feel better —- my tires are $500 A PIECE! I only get 2 at a time, and that breaks the bank. Hope you feel better.

  3. says

    I’ve been wanting to read that! I just went and read the first few pages on Amazon and will now be ordering. Thanks for the reminder :) Oh, and ketchup on errythang.

  4. says

    Use to be ketchup but now I am totally a mustard girl. (And a dash of horseradish is yummy too)

    I admit … I have and do wear socks to bed…its the only way my feet stay warm. 😉

  5. says

    Carols would indeed find me to be a very crazy person – if i don’t have shoes on I am all socks all the time except in the shower or if I’m swimming or something water related. I feel very “vulnerable” if my feet are exposed.

    Ketchup….and I too hate it when that watery stuff comes out. Disgusting!

  6. says

    I have to take my car in for a recall on Monday & I’m already preparing myself for the same type of phone call. Spending money on cars is the worst…

  7. says

    I just moved from Texas to Virginia and OH MY GOSH it is cold! The dampness makes it so much colder. I wear socks and a HAT to bed!! My husband started putting a pillow on top of my feet and it helps SO much! I would give that a try tonight if you can.

  8. says

    I start with socks on in winter, but then ditch them before I sleep once I’m snuggled up (except on super chilly nights). And ketchup on most things, mustard (yellow, never dijon, uck) on a lot of things, and only dill relish (sweet is yucky). But definitely all 3 on hot dogs or burgers.

  9. Jenn says

    Ketchup and mustard. Never relish. I can’t even think of it without gagging. Blech.

    What do you do with Gu’s during races when you have no pockets? How many do you take during a half marathon – any?

    • says

      I usually put them in a pocket, spi belt or in between my 2 sports bras so it doesn’t cut me up. I usually take 1 Gu during a half and take sports drinks at the aid stations. Oddly, I take 4 gus during a full marathon :)

      • Shannon in Tustin says

        That’s odd (same price) but maybe dealers are getting smart to the fact that they overcharge everyone!

        I should have known the Monican would price-shop. Smarticle-particle, blogger girl! 😀

        PS: way way way lucky that gel didn’t bust up in the dryer

        • says

          Yeah, I actually felt dumb because when the dealer called me back I said no and that I’d go to Costco for them. Then, I called Costco and it was actually 20 bucks more there for their cheap ones. So, I had to call the dealer back like a dumb head…

  10. Shannon in Tustin says

    Oh yes. Ketchup and/or mustard (yellow only) anytime, anywhere. Only sweet pickle relish on hot dogs (with K & M too).

    I wear socks to bed only to warm up the sheets (while I’m reading) then I ditch them before I fall asleep.

  11. Sarah says

    You can’t proclaim that you randomly bought and cooked steak for dinner and not have someone ask you if you’re pregnant. You don’t have to answer that, a) because it’s annoying and b) because I didn’t actually ask 😉

  12. Erin says

    Is that pocket built into your pants?! Or is it a spi belt? If it’s built into the pants, I need to know the brand, NOW!!

    I live in Scottsdale so I’ll be thinking about ya tomorrow! I watched the marathon last year…so fun!!!

      • Erin says

        Oh good! I’m going to go stalk pants now :)

        I have friends coming in town so maybe we’ll go down and watch again! I have to psych myself up for anything more than 4 miles so you all will look like elite runners to me. I’ll scream and wave if I spy you!

  13. says

    FTR – I’ve learned that Gu packets can make it through the washing machine not just once, but twice without any bursting. #pocketcheckfail

  14. says

    I have a mustard addiction…but sweet pickle relish is a close second. I used to be on the ketchup train until I watched my sister eat it with a spoon. Something did not sit right with me haahha. I would pick Louisiana hot sauce over any of them though :)

  15. says

    Back in the day I was all about ketchup. But I haven’t had it in years because I used to only eat it when I ate fast food. Then I had some after a long time without it and it tasted like pure sugar to me. I was an unwilling mustard convert and now I can’t get enough!

  16. says

    We’re swapping locations – you’re coming to AZ and I’m going to S. CA. I’m really ticked Disney moved Tinker Bell to the same weekend as RnR AZ. Disney may need to reconsider their move because going forward, I’m likely to stay with RnR AZ since it’s my first half mary experience and in my hometown!

  17. says

    Bummer on having to buy new tires! Gonna have to see if I can get “White Girl Problems” on my Nook. Steak is just protein and iron!!! (love steak!)
    Ketchup and mustard mixed!

  18. says

    The last time I changed my tires it was because some random 60 something man come over when I was pumping gas and showed me how “when the coppery threads are showing like this, that means you needed to change your tires months ago.” Thanks wise one!
    So I did, because he seemed genuinely concerned for my inability to perceive the obvious.
    Also, Mustard. The answer is always mustard.

  19. says

    Did SR follow through on her “threat”? lol

    New tires suck. I had to replace 4 last year when I got a flat and then 4 months later hit a rock and had to replace one of my tires.

    Boston market used to have Hickory ketchup. Part smoky bbq and part ketchup. If I ever find it I will put it on everything!

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