Rock N Roll Phoenix Expo

Hello! I’m running Rock N Roll Phoenix Half Marathon in the morning! Is it weird that I want to run the full? Yes. Yes it is.

No pics from last night because it was epic.

This morning I got it together and hit up the expo…IMG_0563 (800x600)

IMG_0570 (800x600)

IMG_0571 (800x600)IMG_0574 (800x600)

And visited some friends aka Pro Compression. procompression

rock n roll arizon expo

After the expo we went to eat… Someone insisted on Grapefruit Mojitos and far be it from me to turn down the alcs.Grapefruit Mojitos


It was a completely gorgeous day so we sat outside…eating outside

I am a big fan of RnR races, I know they’re expensive but they’re so well organized and fun! I’m kinda pumped for their international races – Norway anyone?rock n roll world tourI got super inspired at the expo and I kind of want to run across the USA – any ideas on how I could pull that off?!


  1. says

    I’m so jealous of your grapefruit mojitos! And the RnR!

    Running across the USA would be so cool. Have you heard about the world relay?? It’s a relay race around the globe!

  2. says

    Hey there,

    I just wanted to say that you’re amazing and such an inspiration with all the marathons and half-marathons you rock!
    My number 1 goal is to run a half-marathon, and reading your running adventures helps keep me super motivated to achieve that. :)

    Also, keep up the fantastic blogging! Your blog is definitely up there in the first ones I go to every morning, and I really enjoy the humour and fun in your posts; as well as the healthy livign aspect, and running, which are things I’m extremely passionate about.

    Keep up the good work!


  3. Marie says

    Would be awesome to run across the US – or aim towards running a race in each state? Imagine all the “free” sightseeing! And you should totally look into doing the int races, perfect “excuse” to travel! Come to Norway 😀

  4. says

    I don’t want to be jealous but I am SO JEALOUS!!! (not of the running expo ..ha! OF SITTING OUTSIDE ON SUCH A GORGEOUS DAY!!)

    It’s zero flipping degrees out side right now..but, wait…factor in the windchill and it feels like MINUS 8! High of MINUS 4 tomorrow and with the wind chill it may be MINUS 15???? I would be rich if I had a dollar for every time I told hubby I want to move out of MN!

  5. Victoria says

    I loved RnR Philly! It was such a perfect, FLAT route! :-)
    Good Luck today! Can’t believe you want to run the full!

  6. says

    Wow! Is this already #2 out of the 13 in 13? You are on a roll!!!
    Running in Norway would be amazing!
    Hope you had a great race today!

  7. says

    Good luck! I’ve only run one RnR race, the Brooklyn one last year, but it was great! I’m drooling over the thought of running the Lisbon race.

  8. says

    This Indiana girl is longing for warm weather. It was warmer yesterday but SO WINDY! Hope you had a great race. I’m looking forward to doing the IMS Arizona Half out there next month. Until then, I’ll sit next to the space heater.

  9. says

    I think that I’m going to run the RNR Pittsburg this summer. Everyone seems to really love the races & we love Pitt. I’m crossing my fingers that my plan will work out!

  10. says

    I hope the race went well!

    Have you ever been to Norway? I nearly starved when I visited because I couldn’t afford to eat. It is so expensive! I’d vote for RnR Ireland if I was going international…simply due to costs!

  11. says

    You live in SoCal, right? So you go outside, turn to face East, RUN! Keep running until you get to that other ocean. I’ll bet you have enough blog friends that you could run from home to home. Of course, the Mojave is pretty big…

    Okay. Probably need more planning and support than that idea. Never mind.

  12. Carol Landry says

    So excited to hear about how much fun the R&R races are. I just signed up for R&R New Orleans for my second half marathon! I live about 2.5 hours west of New Orleans so we go there frequently. Let me know if you have any questions about the city. I am hoping I can see you at the expo to say hello. I’ll likely have my husband and kids with me too! Congrats on the PR!

  13. says

    Haha, thinking about Forrest-Gumping it across the U.S.? Sounds like an adventure. That would be so fun to run a race in a foreign country. My sister and her friends are thinking about trying to do a marathon in Munich, Germany next fall during Oktoberfest. Looks like the expo was pretty cool, I really need to get myself some compression gear.

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