What I’m Loving Wednesday–Watermelon Nuun

I have been very lucky thanks to RER, but recently I convinced myself a new product was made specifically with me in mind. This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me!!! (Dramatic much?)

Yes, I know RER has allowed me to meet some of my favorite people…monica and bob harper

(Yes, you too JackSht)rer and jacksht

and have the most amazing experiences…glam shoot subaru

But, if you know 1 thing about me it’s probably that I love runningmonica at commerce 5k

and I love eating –> watermelon. national watermelon day

Well, I recently heard a rumor that my favorite hydration company, Nuun was formulating a flavor with RER in mind Winking smile

Nuun is making WATERMELON flavor!!!!!!

I died of happiness a little when I heard.

Then, I came back to life and tweeted them with my excitement. Thanks to luck (and probably RER) a few days later this showed up on my door step…watermelon nuun

This is what their product usually looks like (below), so you can see by the packaging above it’s not even out yet! cola nuunI personally like Nuun because I’m a very salty sweater and it has more potassium and sodium than other sports drinks. I bought these flavors at the RnR Phoenix expo this weekend. 20130119_121739

I tried the new Watermelon Nuun on my 8 mile run today and I love it!

Running + Drinking Watermelon Nuun =

Match made in RER Heaven. Love.

watermelon from heaven

*Note: Nuun Watermelon is going to be a seasonal flavor so if/when you see it – snatch it up! Available in the Spring!

Question: What are you loving this week?


  1. Deb says

    Yumm. I haven’t tried NUUN yet, but sine I’m starting to run longer distances, it’s on my list of things to try. Love watermelon <3.

  2. Tara says

    I havent tried the NUUN, still trying to find what works for me, as I am just getting into longer runs.
    I never even brought a water bottle with me on my runs, since they were never more than 4-5 miles.
    I will now start to!

    Do you know if NUUN has ‘sample’ tablets to try, or only the full tube?

    • says

      I am pretty sure I’ve seen sample tabs at Road Runner events. They are packed like an alka-seltzer. They are also at a lot of expos and have big containers filled with Nuun so you can try a bunch of flavors!

    • says

      Amy–You should definitely try some other flavors. I love Nuun but don’t like all of the flavors. My favorites are fruit punch, lemon-lime, tri-berry, and grape. I also like to use 1/2 a tab of lemon-lime and 1/2 tab of tri-berry!! So good! Hopefully at your next race expo Nuun will be there and you can try all of the flavors.

  3. says

    I think I tried NUUN once at a race expo but didn’t really like it. Maybe I just need to find a flavor that I like. I don’t really drink sport drinks, though maybe I should to get enough electrolytes and whatnot. It definitely would have helped me last summer when I was training in the 100 degree heat. I was my own salt-making machine.

    I’m loving the weather this week! We had surprise snow shower yesterday, and got a light dusting of snow. It was very cold earlier this week, but today, it warmed up, so my run this afternoon was quite pleasant.

  4. says

    I’m NOT loving this cold Indiana weather but I am loving that I get to drink hot chocolate because of it.

    Everyone raves about NUUN so I bought a bottle of the tablets (tri-berry flavored) and sadly did not like it. For one thing it was too fizzy for me. I don’t drink anything carbonated or sparkling anymore so that might have been the reason. Wonder if I were to let it go “flat” then I’d like it better. I’d like to try a different flavor (that strawberry lemonade that someone mentioned sounds good) but don’t want to make the commitment of another bottle (it’s a little pricey). :(

    Have you ever consumed it flat?

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