Just The Tip Tuesday– Pick A Big One Win a Prize


Hello! After work I met up with Skinny Runner for a walk. It was nice to see her even though it feels like we practically live together these days… We walked for a record 5 miles talking about life, liberty and the pursuit. Then, we took pics of each other like nerds… We email each other our pics and she sent me these and a pic of Kim Kardashian on accident (I think). I … [Read more...]

National Vitamin Day


Happy Tuesday! I started my day with a short speed run. Nothing too big since I have another race this weekend. Yes, race #4 of 2013 is Sunday! I am on a roll with my New Year’s Goal to run 13 13s in 2013! But, since we’re talking Resolutions… I need to re-evaluate my other ones. I’ve fallen off the healthy eating wagon a bit and haven’t been going to yoga like I promised … [Read more...]