The Virgin Diet

Okay, I get A LOT of emails about new products and diet books and viagra. I pass on most of them, but I have to admit that title of this new diet book  “The Virgin Diet” caught my eye.

I am a sucker for some good marketing so I ended up accepting it under the condition I may or may not blog about it.the virgin diet

Well, I read the book on the way to Miami (yes, like all of it except the recipes) and am here to tell you about it.

First, the Virgin Diet is named after the author JJ Virgin. I was a little disappointed by this as I figured the name meant you either had to A.) Be a good Catholic Girl or B.) had to do an extra Virgin olive oil enema to do this diet. Nope and nope.IMG_0667

Diet in a nutshell: The author theorizes that food allergies are the reason many people are overweight. For 21 days you completely eliminate the 7 high Food Intolerance foods – dairy, eggs, soy, corn, gluten, peanuts and sugar.

In the next phase you incorporate one of the foods at a time back into your diet for 28 days to see if you are intolerant. If you are intolerant you should go to the Museum of Tolerance in LA and open your mind.

Thoughts – It’s very overwhelming to think about cutting out all those foods for 3 weeks. Plus since you cut out so many foods she suggests you have a protein shake for breakfast everyday. Eh, not a fan of that in the winter and think it’s just processed food product instead of “real food”.

I think this would be best for someone that is showing signs of food allergies. Finally, she had me until eggs. Everything else I could kinda sorta see as a high intolerance food but not my precious eggs. I would like to try this diet if I had more willpower, but I’m no Virgin. Diet participant.

So, I baked some brownies and called it a night. The End. IMG_0787 (800x600)


  1. Meg says

    That seems kind of, no…completely ridiculous! I don’t see how cutting out possible food allergies would help you lose weight! Plus, I could NEVER give up peanut butter so…NO THANK YOU! haha and sugar?! Would that mean you’d have to give up your precious watermelon Monica since that has natural sugars? And no froyo?! Good Lord, who would try this?

  2. Rachel F. says

    Those brownies look yummy. I thought you were trying to clean up the eats…? Also, didn’t you say you that you had found something with your diet that was working for you, and you were going to blog about it?

  3. Michelle says

    In defense of the Virgin Diet… :) I read this book about 3 weeks ago, and felt like every word was written specifically about me. Needless to say, I was convinced that I had to try it. I admit, the thought of cutting all of that stuff out COMPLETELY… Sounded crazy. Way crazy. But. She provides not just recipes, but shopping lists, tips, tricks, and more (supplemental material on her website.)

    So, I am now on day 15. And I am LOVING it. I don’t even miss peanut butter or eggs… Which were the two things I was most worried about missing. (Granted, I don’t eat nearly as many eggs as you do.) I’m not doing quite so many shakes as the author suggests… I’ve been having oats with berries and nut butters for breakfast… After all, I’m in Ohio, and it’s way too cold around here for frozen shakes every morning.

    Anyway.. The point…. I am sold. I feel so good. The most amazing things so far for me: Sleep, and skin. I never have been a solid sleeper.. 5 hours or so a night on average, and generally, restless sleep. From the 3rd day on, I have been sleeping so sound, and so completely. 8 straight hours. No movement. And, I awake refreshed and energized. As for my skin… I’ve never had a lot of problems with acne on my face, but I’ve struggled with body acne for as long as I can remember… Shoulders, chest, back. It’s gone. Seriously. Not a trace. After about 10 days, I just noticed there was no more acne…. Crazy.

    There are many other things I’ve noticed … But I’ve gone on long enough, and this is not my blog. 😉

    But, I just wanted to say.. Amazing. I didn’t weigh myself when I started, but after less than a week, my clothes were already fitting better. I’m so convinced, that I may never add things back into my diet … Or, if I do, I’ll probably eat a whole lot less of them.

    It should also be noted.. After 3 days; no cravings. At all. (And, I’m a 200+ lb girl who hasn’t had a cookie, piece of cheese, or slice of bread in 15 days.)

    Give it a try. You might surprise yourself. :)

    • Tonya says

      I agree with everything said here except one thing…I miss and still crave my damn Starbucks!! Peppermint Mochas to be exact. I have been on the Virgin diet for 30 days and feel great! I thought I would never be able to kick the sugar habit… only real vice besides coffee, but I have so far. If you think you can’t do this, think again. In the words of my boyfriend( Mr. supportive) who said to me, “Tonya you have exactly 0 willpower”. I appeared to have proved him wrong….and maybe myself too!

  4. says

    That actually makes a lot of sense to me. If I’m understanding it right she means just cutting them out for a period to see if you notice an intolerance to them when they’re reintroduced? So not cutting them all out completely unless you have a reaction to them? I feel like a lot of people probably do have some allergies that react badly to their bodies like gluten or dairy, but they have never cut them out so they don’t know what it feels like. This happened with me… I am lactose intolerant but had no clue for 13 years of my life. I had an allergy blood test and was shocked when it showed that I was allergic to dairy. When I thought about it, it made sense. I could not eat cereal for breakfast or I would get a stomach ache at school…but I didn’t associate that with the milk until I knew I was allergic. Once I decreased my dairy intake I noticed a huge difference but I might never had known otherwise.

    Sorry that was a long ramble, but I kind of see the importance of testing things out to see if you have a reaction–but I’d rather just get an allergy test? :) haha

  5. Denise says

    Funny. I was putting together a bunch of “cleaner” eating recipes for my sister but needed to bake ten dozen cookies for my daughters school for their big Art day… Then I proceded to shovel 4 in my mouth while bookmarking ooh, protein salad, granola, and what not.

  6. says

    I have done food intolerance testing in the past and only needed to eliminate foods for 10 days before reintroducing them. Also when reintroducing them following the ‘detox’ as my Allergy Doc called it, your reactions are heightened due to you only having ate a very limited diet for the previous 10 days (13 foods, as much of them as you wanted but it was hell having little choice in my diet, but nutritionally sound with all food groups covered, the foods were simply foods that do not cause reactions). Reintroduction of some foods took only one tasting to cause a reaction whereas others could take 3 tasting or an evening tasting with the reaction appearing in the morning…
    I think for people who are worried that they have intolerances an Allergy Doc or intolerance testing kits are the way to go, made such a difference to me.

  7. says

    I would have to say that there is a LOT more going on (typically) than just weight gain if you have a food allergy. So I am not sure the theory is sound. But if you are showing signs of a food allergy or lactose intolerance, than cutting out that food group (or dairy/eggs) is an easy way to test it. But I don’t think it is the reason so many struggle with weight.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  8. Leah says

    I too was interested when I first saw the book but all that sounds kind of crazy! Give up peanut butter what?!? For me cutting all those foods would lead to serious binging as a I don’t do well with saying I can’t eat something. Now if I had an allergy of course I would try it out. But I don’t so pass me a brownie with some peanut butter frosting please!

  9. says

    I had a dream last night that I saw you while I was running and you helped me stretch out my hamstrings, and then we became best friends. I was a little sad when I realized it was a dream!

    Food elimination interests me. I’ve always wondered if some of my strange symptoms came from some sort of food intolerance. But since they are mild, I don’t wonder enough to actually try living off of chicken and lettuce for three weeks…

  10. says

    It’s so funny that eggs prevented you from trying this diet… I read about it recently and that’s exactly what I thought! Give up eggs and peanut butter? I would fall into despair before the three weeks were over, not worth it.

  11. says

    I had a nutritionist that had wanted me to do this – but she just called it a ‘caveman diet’ (this was 2 years ago)….anyways, I really considered getting rid of those foods…but I just could not part with my eggs or dairy!

  12. dana says

    sounds kinda like a modified paleo WHOLE30 expereince. for 30 days you cut out a ton of foods that are known to cause intolerances to help “reset” your body… I did the whole30… 100% strict for the whole time. When I slowly started incorporating foods back I realized that gluten doesn’t agree with me as much as I thought it did. That doesn’t mean I dont ever ever eat gluten, but when i do i now know how my body is going to react to it and how i will feel for the next few days.
    I highly recommend reading the book “IT STARTS WITH FOOD” by melissa and dallas hartwig…

    don’t be so quick to think you can’t cut out these foods from your diet… yes, the first few days are so hard, but it gets easier, promise. and the way you feel will make it all worth while. I have never felt this good in my life… I HAVE THE MOST ENERGY I HAVE EVER HAD. I AM NO LONGER BLOATED ALL THE TIME. AND MY SKIN IS CLEAR! NO ACNE!

    • Tonya says

      Amen sista! To all that continue to talk crap on this diet….enjoy your brownies, eggs and peanut butter…. and feeling like sh*t everyday. I miss all those foods too! I used to love to eat them every single day. What I don’t miss is looking and feeling old, bloated and tired, despite drinking tons of coffee, and eating way too much sugar!

  13. says

    Ok so I see her premise, but I agree – eliminating ALL of those foods for 3 weeks would be impossible for me. I might be able to do one food group for a week, but it’s too extreme. Like you, I have no willpower.

  14. says

    I always enjoy so much reading everyones comments! Love a sense of humor too! All kidding aside, I have to share that Jan. 1st my hubbs & I embarked on a Paleo/Caveman driven experience. I say we have been 90/10 on plan. We feel better than we have in YEARS! I have lost 19 lbs! Mind you 19 lbs I NEEDED to get rid of. My amazing lean, very active, swimmer hubbs has dropped 4 lbs & says he doesnt miss a thing of the old ways of eating. I NEVER thought we would be able to let go of so many foods but we have! Im a Tex Mex raised girl too! We’re talking Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Enchiladas, Tortillas & Rice w/everything & CHEESE, CHEESE, CHEESE!! Oh & don’t forget Pineapple Cream Pies! Honestly I choose feeling healthier than cheese. Did I really just say that out loud?!!!!!

  15. Jill says

    Hi, I don’t want to lose weight but I seriously feel I have food intolerances. The thing is that I eat (for a LONG time now) I eat eggs and dairy to excess daily, etc…so I do believe that eating the same thing in excess like I am will lead to food sensitivities (NOT “intolerances” but sensitivities)…so I need the courage to eliminate them for a long way, then gradually reintroduce so that the sensitivity is lessened….but I’ve little willpower. I also REALLy don’t want to lose weight…but I want to “clean” out the junk in my body and feel better and gain energy…I am thinking about the Virgin Diet OR “The Conscious Cleanse” (Brittany at Eating Bird Food is doing that one…but that tilts more with more beans and grains, less animals….what is a sample meal day on the virgin diet? is it A LOT of grains and beans cause I’m not a fan of those things…but also don’t want to overdose on animals either.
    Really want to spend money right, so would LOVE your thoughts…Thanks!!

    • says

      She emphasizes a handful of fruits, lean protein, almonds and veggies. I am sure it’s similar to a cleanse, basically cut out the processed foods and eat whole foods. I would suggest you talk to a doc or holistic nutritionist that could guide you through an elimination kind of diet where you pin point what foods make you have a reaction.

  16. Ashley says

    I used to work for a holistic medical practice right after college. I had never had any food allergies but they encouraged me to go through “food sensitivity testing”. I honestly thought it was a bunch of hooey but I showed sensitivities to Cows/Goats Milk, Peanuts, and Malt. I had always broken out into rashes after drinking really dark malty beers but never understood why. I also ended up eliminating diary and peanuts from my diet and felt a lot less bloated and fatigued during the day. I totally understand the principal behind this diet but it certainly looks extreme if someone builds their daily diet around those foods

  17. Colleen says

    I kind of buy into it. I could never lose the last 10 lbs until I did a cleanse like that. Now, I know you’re thinking…duh you lost weight b/c you were eating chcicken and brocolli only (yes), BUT as soon as I introduced 2 food types back into my system and gained the weight back immediately. Honestly…overnight. I removed them again and boom…the weight vanished in 4 days. It happens every time I eat those foods.

  18. Mallory says

    I appreciate all views but come on really…the reason many people are overweight is because they eat too damn much and they don’t move nearly enough! Case closed!

    • Mallory says

      And I would like to follow this comment up by saying weight loss is not complicated, it’s scientific and mathematical. Calories in, calories out. It doesn’t matter where you get your calories from or if they’re even good calories for that matter. If you’re burning more calories than you’re taking in you will lose weight. I’m so sick of reading about all of these bullsh*t diets.

  19. says


    I’ve just started reading your blog and am really enjoying it! You inspired me to start my own actually.

    Thank you and keep posting, I’ll keep reading!

  20. Lucie says

    I don’t think that is ridiculous at all…particularly for people with actual digestive issues and intolerances. Allergy tests are not reliable nor conclusive (proven by medicine research to NOT be accurate) , thereforer the only real way to determine sensitivites is to do an elimination test. The latest book “The Plan” might interest you also.

    I’m looking for a sensible elimination plan myself since I like structure, but am unable to afford nutritionists at this time. So…I’m looking for “how” to put together an elimination pllan. Does this give specific meal plans? I’d like to have specific meal plans! And all the recipes SIMPLE and doable because I don’t well with complex recipes and stuff. Hopefully meal plans, and if so are they NOT low calorie? Cause I actually don’t want to lose any weight but rather fix my digestive issues and add some variety to my life.

    I won’t buy her shakes, but I might try the Lifetime basic powder (rice, pea, chia, etc blend)…hopefully that is okay.

    I also think “It Starts with Food” is a great book, but I don’t believe that we all need to abstain from dairy, grains or beans…so I like the idea behind “The Plan” (that everyone is different!) and The Virgin Diet (because she suggests you can add them back in).

    Other than the questions above, can I also ask how many eggs you eat…I eat a LOT of eggs, (sheepish grin here). Like A LOT. I eat 2 whole ones + 3/4-1 cup eggbeaters per day…oops? I just LOVE egg yolks (whole) and then I also tend to make “muffins” that use the eggbeaters a lot…so I’m slightly ridiculous on the eggs.

    One last question: ever hear of the book “Brain over Binge”? I’ve heard lots of good things about it…I’m wary to get it cause its 10 bucks and I spend a lot on all these books anyway! But, i’ve read some of her blog and its interesting….the book is technically targeted to how she overcame bulimia, and I never was nor am I bulimic..>BUT I do have an issue with “losing control” with food very late at night. And…I ain’t a runner or exerciser…so…anyway. thanks for any tips!

    • says

      Lucie, I highly recommend the book Brain Over Binge. It helped me finally stop my own binge eating last year. I was able to understand that it was my “lizard brain” that was telling me to binge and her book helped me to realize that was just a junk message and to ignore it. Just a great book.

      I was fortunate late last week to speak with Kathryn Hansen over the phone about her book Brain Over Binge for my podcast. She’s a very neat lady and shared great details about her book and her personal life. Listen if you’d like at my blog or find the The Quit Binge Eating Podcast over at iTunes or on Stitcher. It was a great conversation! Kathryn’s share’s how she used AVRT (Addictive Voice Recognition Technique created by Rational Recovery) to recover from binge eating in the interview and shares loads of details so maybe you don’t even need to buy the book after hearing what she says.

  21. says

    I agree about the elimination thing… that is A LOT to handle. Sometimes for people, it can be overwhelming enough to just stay away from processed foods and eat real, whole foods. So why make it even more complicated by asking them to cut out a million other things? My philosophy – eat real food and move. The. End.

  22. Lisa says

    I started the Virgin diet a week ago. I had many reactions to foods but could not pinpoint the exact food because they aren’t always immediate. Food alergies and food intolerances are different. You can test for food allergies and their reactions are immediate. I did not find that eliminating the high Food intolerance foods to be that difficult. Having a shake in the morning instead of Greek yogurt took a little getting used to, but I need to do something and I need to feel better, so for me it is worth the small sacrifice for my health and well being. I am already feeling the difference. I recommend The Virgin Diet. Thanks Lisa

  23. Jeff says

    I tried the Virgin Diet (7 food elimination diet) and very quickly lost weight. When I started I weighed 232. I am now at 204 as of this morning. I did the 21 days like suggested and then did another 21 days because I was feeling so good and motivated. I am losing weight that I have been struggling for years to lose. You can eat a ton of food. No counting calories, no portion control, no gross frozen packaged foods. Just stay clear of the seven foods. I would recommend this to anyone who struggles with alcohol to try it as well. As a heavy drinker when I started this diet I now no longer have a desire to drink alcohol. Bonus!!

  24. Jennifer says

    You are ALL missing the point. The author is NOT suggesting to cut those foods out of your diet completely!! She is merely suggesting to cut them for 3-4 weeks and reintroduce them one at a time. I just started reading the book. My dad lost 25 pounds on this in just 4 months. Every symptom the author talks about, I have. I am tired of looking like I am 6 months pregnant! I am willing to give this a try!

    • Stephanie says

      Exactly! It seems the point is being missed greatly. Some commenters state that once you go off the diet and eat those foods again you’ll gain weight. Well of course you will if you are intolerant! If you are, simply cut out that item! I can’t seem how this diet is unhealthy….maybe the promotion of her shakes is a bit much (as you can buy some great pea/rice based proteins such as vega), but I don’t see how cutting out foods that are high in GMO’s (like soy and corn), sprayed with pesticides and chemicals and are greatly processed is any healthier. Not everyone will need this diet, but for those who have tried everything, can’t lose weight or are sick with gastrointestinal issues, low immunity, bad skin, chronic fatigues etc. this book is definitely worth a shot.

  25. Stephanie says

    Opps!…**but I don’t see how cutting out foods that are high in GMO’s (like soy and corn), sprayed with pesticides and chemicals and are greatly processed isn’t healthy.

  26. Kari says

    Food allergies and food intolerances are different. You can go to the allergist and get an allergy test (it’s an IgE response). There isn’t really an accurate test for intolerances … the blood test doesn’t necessarily work very well. So, you have to do the elimination diet, whether it is The Virgin Diet or a different one. I was recently diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esohpogitits, where my esophagus swells up when I eat something I’m allergic/intolerant of. I am currently trying to figure out what those things are and I am happy there is a book out there to help me figure it out!!

  27. Karen says

    Just purchased this book because I was fascinated that they were including material on lectins and nightshades. Anything that suggests low carbs and high proteins as a way of eating will most likely result in weight loss for anyone with excess pounds. I’ve considered paleo and other diets low in carbs but no one has ever allowed for food intolerances. I hope it’s a good read.

    • Anita Majerek says

      Hi, I saw J.J on a T.v. Special introducing her books, C. D’s and everything. I wrote it down and lost the information. The whole total cost was $240.00. I have leaky gut syndrome, osteoporosis in my left hip, osteopenia going up my spine. I had a accident four and a half years ago and have been suffering with a brain injury, neck injury, spine, lower pelvic floor dysfunction, neuropathy, etc… And the medicines I am still on and the many, many, many, I have put on was Killing me. I would love to afford her whole system and do the whole program. I want my life back and to be free of pain and healthy again. My skin, face, whole body has changed. So this not all about a diet, it is about health.

      • c.j. ball says

        I have been on the program and it has changed my life. It is just like you said “it’s about YOUR HEALTH” I also have several autoimmune diseases and it has made me feel wonderful. I would love to share my story with you.

      • Denise says

        I checked the book out at the library and bought some plant protein powder at fred meyers. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, just change what you buy.

  28. Choptop says

    Sig other and myself have been on the diet going on 3 weeks now. I am 62, good health, she is 50, some issues. Her idea, I came along for the ride and to give her support. Must say that I enjoy it, it is hard for me because I am used to stopping and eating, not very healthy, all day long, has been a change. She has noticed improvements in her issues, I just feel better. Have each lost about 8 pounds, started brother on it and he has noticed immediate positive benefits. Will stay on it in one way, shape or form, for the rest of my life.

  29. Teresa says

    Thank you for this! It saved me the cost of the book. And as for eggs, I’m right there with you….love ’em & not getting rid of them. As for a miracle weight loss regime, there’s really no substitute for the equation: calories in < calories burned. Period.

  30. Kristi Leidemann says

    I think there is value to this diet and I’m about to embark on it. Giving up 7 food groups for a couple months isn’t tragic, lol. If it helps me weed out what my body doesn’t need or want than so be it. I work in health care and can tell you that allergy testing ISN’T a perfect science with guaranteed results confirming or denying an allergy. There are many false negatives in testing.Eating allergenic foods or foods you are intolerant to over your lifetime is a very serious problem with real potentially dangerous outcomes. It is speculated that many autoimmune disease could stem from it, including MS, Lupus, arthritis and Lichen Planus. Interestingly, I met a Celiac disease patient last week whose only symptoms of gluten intolerance was a fingernail disorder. She never had any IBS or classic Celiac symptoms.She was tested for allergies years before and tested negative for gluten intolerance with two separate blood tests. Two years later she had a seemingly unrelated stomach ulcer and during endoscopy they confirmed the definitive diagnosis for Celiac disease. I think with this diet you can tell within a relatively short period of time which (if any) food don’t belong in your diet. I DON’T think the focus on it should be losing weight as much as being healthy.

  31. Kristi Leidemann says

    Oh, also I wanted to say that I had to laugh about the eating brownies remark after reviewing the book!!! I ate a half bag of Oreos back when I first read the Dr. Atkins novel years ago… LOL

  32. NatalieCasados says

    I too agree with the book. I am a young woman. Only 24 years old. Yet I have struggled with my weight for years. (I have never been truly OVERWEIGHT…I only weigh 145…but I HAVE struggled with a poochy tummy and a wide waist. I wear size 6 but my waist just isn’t as tiny as it should be.) Anyway, I did the master cleanse and immediately dropped 13lbs in 12days. I slowly went back to gluten and dairy and IMMEDIATELY my weight went back up. Yet I was running and swimming and watching my portions so well. So common sense says I have a sensitivity to something I am eating. I JUST started this diet 3days ago and I’m already down a pound. What matters MOST to me though is I am no longer AS bloated. I feel great. Sure I miss my corn torillas with avocado and eggs and salsa. But if I need to get rid of them in order to feel better and look better as a bonus, then so be it. My sister was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and my other sister most definitely is sensitive to it because the second she eats it she breaks out with cystic acne. So we will see soon what exactly the culprit is to my wide waist and my poochy tummy. But I am a firm believer in this.

    • Tab says

      I read your comment, and it made me think of my mom. My mom is very tall and very thin, but always had a bit of tummy pooch. After excluding gluten, she lost it! She also found out that the “ulcerative colitis” and acid reflux she had been diagnosed with completely went away, and turns out it was just her body’s reaction to wheat and gluten. She said she feels so much better physically and mentally. I hope you had success in finding out what your body disagrees with.

  33. Marilyn says

    I have a good friend that has been on the Virgin diet since the first of the year. She has lost 14 pounds, but more importantly, feels GREAT! Seeing her results, I started the plan five weeks ago. I didn’t purchase the protein shakes, but only ate allowed foods. The first week was very difficult for me, but I have lost ten pounds, and I too, feel much better. I have noticed significant inches lost in my abdominal area. I will definitely stay on this form of a healthy lifestyle. This is my first time responding to any blog or post—-that may indicate how strongly I feel about this healthy food plan.

  34. Christal says

    Ok, so I have know for 5 years that I have celiacs disease (which is a gluten intolerance) and have been gluten free ever since I found out…by the way that means NO cheating. I haven’t had products with gluten during that time. I have been on this JJ virgin diet for the several months now and have to tell you that I feel FABULOUS!!! I have lost over 15lbs and have lost more inches than anything else. ALL MY CLOTHES fit again, I have more energy and NEVER feel hungry. You can give up peanuts and other foods if you knew how much they ruin your body and can cause bloating. It is not just a weight loss diet it really is a diet that makes you feel better.

    I am back to my happy self, no more irritability, I laugh more, have more energy, no more bloat or gassiness. I did try her shakes and didn’t like them but there is a vegalight that is delish and it is nice to have something quick in the morning if I don’t have “time” to eat something. It really is just a clean way of eating.

    During the reintroducing stage, I noticed that dairy makes me bloated, stinky gas-i know too much-and really created brain fog. I put coffee pot in the fridge and I couldn’t remember where I put it. I did a lot of misplacing items while eating dairy. Eggs and soy seemed to be fine.

    I would recommend trying it!! While the “processed” protein mix may turn others away, try looking at the ingredients. I will never eat those 7 ingredients again because once I brought them back in I felt like crap. I can’t wait for it to get back OUT of my system after reintroducing.

    My mother and sister have also now tried it and love it. My mother’s high blood pressure went away,acid reflux is gone, and her bowel issues have disappeared.

    It really can be done and don’t look at as..I COULD NEVER….yes, you could if you felt better. Its not about how you look but how you feel. Food affects our mind and bodies in ways that are very interesting. It’s very chemical

  35. says

    HA! I love this! My friend is trying the Virgin Diet (my skinny-already friend I might add) and I took one look at it and thought, “Not for me.” Cut 7 foods and lose 7 pounds in a week? Okay, I could do that… but dairy is not a food – it’s a food group. (And I could probably cut MOST dairy, but not my precious half and half in my ONE CUP of daily coffee or my daily full-fat (yeah, FULL FAT) Greek yogurt I have for breakfast.

    Although… gluten-free still means I get to eat tortilla chips and guacamole right?! :)

    Anyway, I’m no virgin either and sure I’d be skinnier if I did the Virgin Diet, but would I be happy? I don’t think so.

  36. Dina says

    I think it’s funny people are saying they don’t want to cut out food groups, and they could never live without eggs, or cheese, etc. I think one big point in the book is that if you have such a strong craving/additiction to a certain food, that possibly there a food intolerance there and that food you “couldn’t live without” is actually bad for your particular body. I have a friend who eats very healthy but is addicted to peanut butter And gluteneous foods. Just watching her I know she has a problem with them and I could bet a million bucks she would lose weight if she cut them out. But she will defend her bread, pasta, and peanut butter in the grave as being ‘healthy’ foods part of a balanced diet. If you can’t live without a particular food, you should consider why does it have such a strong hold on you?

  37. says

    Ah, the virgin diet….. The elimination I could live with. The shakes…not so much. Mess, hassle, boring, looking like a drug courier at customs….. Next!

  38. Tab says

    I’ve been on the Virgin Diet for 2 1/2 weeks, and I’ve already lost 11 lbs. and quite a few inches. I was worried that losing that fast was really bad for me, but I’m eating until I’m full and even snacking (which she says you shouldn’t do). I’m not following the “no snacking” rule, as I am chasing my 3 kids 3 and under all day, and I need the pick me up. My skin is clearer, my thinking is clearer, and my husband commented on day 3 that I was more energetic and sharp. I had my 3rd child earlier this year, and I haven’t lost the weight as quickly as the first 2 times, and my brain has stayed super foggy like while I’m pregnant, but that has changed now :) Since starting this diet, I’m also less irritable, achy, and anxious feeling. I’ll start reintroducing foods next week, and see how it goes. I suspect dairy, eggs, gluten to be my culprits, as my little boy has intolerances to each of these things and my mom is extremely gluten intolerant. It’s been worth it, and I’m really interested to see what happens as I add items back to my diet. I haven’t really missed the corn, peanuts (and I LOVE peanut butter, so this was a shocker), gluten, or eggs. I do miss dark chocolate and putting a little feta or goat cheese in my salads. I also miss my non-GMO organic edamame that I like to snack on or add to my salads, but this has been absolutely worth it!

  39. Claire says

    I totally agree that the Virgin Diet isn’t for everyone (especially those who don’t like spending a lot of time preparing food and meal-planning) however, as someone who has tried to lose weight for the last decade or so, and been unsuccessful until now, I have to defend it. The only “extreme” thing about the elimination process is temporary – three weeks – so that you can get your body into a place where it can properly test the 7 foods so you know can track your results properly. Once you know what you react badly to, then you have the tools to know what to avoid in future and for most people, the outcome is that yes, you will permanently be changing the way you eat in future, which I think in most cases is not a bad thing. Do I miss having fresh baked baguette or a gourmet cupcake? Sure, once in a while I do. But once in a while I also indulge because I know that sometimes it is worth it, but now, I can look at a food and know exactly how it will make me feel if I eat it. So usually that 2 minutes it takes to consume the cupcake will result in 2 days of feeling itchy, breaking out, and being grouchy. Unlike so many other diets, this one doesn’t come with a huge dose of guilt. I now know how my body reacts to these foods and can make informed choices that ultimately result in my respecting it much more. I don’t understand your “processed food” argument re: smoothies. When I make one of the Virgin Diet smoothies, I put in: kale or spinach, berries, coconut milk, flax seed, chia seed, plant-based protein powder, half an avocado, and sometimes a bit of organic raw almond butter. What is it about that that’s so processed?!

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