Surf City Marathon President Ricardo

Soooooo, a lot of you were asking if you missed where I said whether I was doing the Full or Half marathon at Surf City. Well, you didn’t miss the announcement – I didn’t say because I wasn’t sure. surf city marathon review

Every year after Long Beach I sign up for Surf City and every year I party too hard during the holidays and stop training. Most years I end up not running or dropping to the half. Since I spent 2+ weeks in FL over the holidays and have been focused on living not running lately I once again was NOT ready to run a full marathon. This is a shock to no one. if the marathon was easy(source)

But, I figured I need to see where my fitness is since I just signed up for LA in 40 some days. The lil’ problem with having a blog is that people pay attention to your running schedule and you can’t fly under the radar and run a race ‘no pressure’. It’s pressure when you guys are curious to know how I did! So, to save myself from an ulcer I didn’t make a big ‘to do’.

20130203_110103 (600x800)

Plus, SR said I had to start running more full marathons because her New Year’s Resolution was to stop hanging out with lame-os. Since my friend balance is in the negative these days I took her advice

Yes, I’m wearing a man’s dress shirt as my pre-race gear. I grabbed it from Ben’s old pile of Good Will stuff he left on the floor.  image

I lined up with my new friend Superman – I mean Marathon Man and went in for the full marathon. marathon man runner

Okay to the good stuff….

NEW Marathon PR = 3:50:40

IMG_20130203_115030 (628x628)

PR Dance!!!! and/or my bad Michael Jackson impression.

20130203_110234 (800x600)

Coach Steve PR’d too!!!! He’s my favorite person in the world right now because his advice on fueling changed my life. IMG_20130203_110346 (800x800)

Fun fact: ALL the girls thought it was weird that I was running the full. Sheila even texted me last night tempting me to run the half and hit up Sharkey’s for Mai Tais instead. I was thisclose to taking her up on that offer. I kinda want a Mai Tai right now actually…

Fun fact #2: I emailed the girls last night this following, “We all know I am not prepped for this race. If I die please drag my sad carcass into the Pacific Ocean and call it a burial at sea.”

OC blog girls (800x600)

From left: Sheila, Kristin, Skinny Runner, Sarah, Margot, some Mexican

I am on my way to a Super Bowl party!!! I think I deserve a BIG PR drink – what should I have? I’m thinking a Margarita sounds amazing…

Question: What are you drinking today?

Thanks to all the RER readers who said “Hi!”. If you ran Surf City send me a pic and I’ll post it tomorrow!!! runeatrepeat at gmail dot com


  1. Allyson says

    Way to go! You are looking amazing too! Did I miss a post on recent weight loss? (Not that a weight loss would make you look amazing, but you do look like you’ve lost weight.)

  2. Tracey says

    Congratulations on the PR!! I would love to know more about Coach Steve’s fueling advice. Enjoy your Super Bowl party and margarita!

  3. Jaclyn says

    Congrats on the PR!!! That’s great. I see that you wore shorts. Are you shifting away from capris? Also, can you elaborate on your new fueling technique?

  4. says

    Congratulations on your PR! It looks like it was an awesome race! I’m drinking unsweetened iced tea today – which is basically water in my world. I drink a ton of it. Thank god its calorie free.

  5. Abby says

    Congrats on the PR! Would you please let us in on your nutrition plan and fueling strategies?? I would love to hear about how you fuel your long runs!

  6. says

    Congrats! Way to go RER! I had a glass of wine with dinner…it was yummy. I too would be interested in hearing about your fueling for long runs as well, please share. Thanks! :)

  7. Karen says

    That’s amazing! I’m running my first half-marathon in June and would love to read some tips about fuelling. You’re looking fantastic lately, and I know you alluded to it and were waiting to post about it, but you’ve truly got me intrigued. I hope you post about what you’re doing soon!

  8. Casey says

    Honestly, Monica, you are amazing. And gorgeous and sarcastic and hilarious and every other run-on adjective I could use. You’re hard on yourself just like I am and it’s so refreshing to see a REAL healthy living blogger doing what all of us wish to. Keep it up, seriously :)

  9. jodea @ says

    Congratulations! No pressure clearly works for you :) Hope you enjoyed that drink!

    I had a cider lastnight. After a month off the booze it tasted amazing. Almost worth the abstinence. Almost…

  10. Summer T says

    WOWZER! My one and only (is it possible I would even consider another) marathon was a 5:41! I think I lingered at aid stations visiting with volunteers too long :) You are inspiring!!! Love your blog each day.

  11. says

    That is incredible. GREAT job! Maybe you just do better with the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach. And it is very apparent that your previous training and base are SOLID as you keep doing this no or little training (as you say!).

    The Kidless Kronicles

  12. Carrie says

    Congrats on your PR! Will you please share Coach Steve’s advice on fueling? I could use all the help I can get right now.

    • says

      Yes, Pure Flow 2. I love them, but was wary about wearing them for a marathon – I think I need a ‘heartier’ shoe for such a long distance. But, I don’t have my go-to Ghost right now and they worked!

      • says

        Thanks, Monica! I ran two marathons in the original PF and had no problem with them until I slipped on a training run (they didn’t seem to have a lot of traction, their only downfall IMO). Since then, I ran my last full in Ghost 5 and those were great, too! 😀 Congrats again on the awesome PR!!!

  13. says

    Congratulations on the PR, that is so cool!!! I knew you would do great. I was out there cheering since I know tons of people who would be out there and it’s one of my favorite races. Yet somehow I managed to only see one person I knew guess I had to keep a better eye on the runners instead of my toddler running around.

  14. Carol Landry says

    Congrats from me as well and I, too, would love more information on fueling. Only 21 days (I think) until RNR New Orleans! I am looking forward to running in my favorite city (the half)!

  15. says

    WOW!!! Great job – you totally rocked that race!!! I hope you had at least one big ‘ol drink during the game last night to celebrate your new PR!!!

  16. says

    Congratulations! So awesome that you jumped in on it last minute and ran a huge PR. Way to go and I hope you enjoyed some well deserved partying afterwards.

  17. says

    Wow what an awesome time and congrats on the uber cool PR! I love my Brooks Pure Cadences because they’re so light! Maybe when I kick it full-marathon style, I’ll be motivated to go faster 😉

  18. says

    I must say that you are looking quite skinny these days, you also have a glow about you. Whatever you’re doing is certainly working. Congrats on the big PR, that’s awesome!

  19. Suzanne says

    Congrats! I hope you had an awesome drink! No drinks for this girl for another 7 months or so 😉 But I substituted donuts for drinks so it’s a win-win :)

  20. says

    Congrats on the awesome job!! I am running my first half in a month and could so use help on how to keep my energy up. I did my longest run yesterday of 12.25!!I absolutely love running now and can’t wait to see where it takes me. THanks for all the inspiration! You keep me motivated and smiling!!

  21. says

    Way to go!!! That is super exciting. I totally understand about not wanting all the pressure… but just know that we are happy for you no matter what happens and are just curious because we support you!

    I just have to say, you are looking SO great in all your recent posts! Not that you aren’t gorgeous always, but you look super in shape, your hair looks super healthy, etc etc. Just thought you may want to know =)

  22. says

    Awesome! Congrats on the PR! I thought I saw you out there pre-race (I ran the half but my boyfriend ran the full so I was there super early) – I should have said hi!!

  23. says

    You blow me away! I wish I had known y’all were out there… while I stumbled across the line an hour after you, I finshed my first full. Done and done. :)

  24. Angelica says

    Congrats on your new (3:42!!) PR! I came back to this post bc I was wondering if you could tell me where those shorts are from? I mostly run in capris, but these look good, too. Plus, it’s getting warmer. Thanks!

  25. says

    Ha, so this is like my 3rd comment on your blog today, only because i just found it and am reading through some posts. I mentioned in another comment I’m from Long Beach and Huntington Beach, so seeing posts like this makes me nostalgic. I miss Cali like crazy. Want to be your new bestie so I can start running more and go to Cali to do it. Haha. xoxo

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