Thera-Gesic Giveaway


How’s your day? Well, no matter how your day is going – I’m about to make it better. Yogurtland is giving out FREE fro-yo from 4pm to 7pm. I’ll meet you there in 16 minutes! I still can’t believe I’m feeling so good despite running for almost 4 hours yesterday. But, I will admit at one point during the race I was running near a guy that smelled like Thera-Gesic and I really … [Read more...]

RER Readers Run and Music Monday


Hello! How are you? I’m feeling great considering I ran a full yesterday! I’m not sore at all and kinda feel like I wanna go for a run even! But, I’m not – I am taking a rest day. I am wondering though if I should be sore? Maybe I should push it more in races?? Hmmm. I did hit up the gym for some light weights (okay, mostly to see my friends) but that’s it. I rocked a … [Read more...]