RER Readers Run and Music Monday

Hello! How are you?

I’m feeling great considering I ran a full yesterday! I’m not sore at all and kinda feel like I wanna go for a run even! But, I’m not – I am taking a rest day. I am wondering though if I should be sore? Maybe I should push it more in races?? Hmmm.

I did hit up the gym for some light weights (okay, mostly to see my friends) but that’s it. I rocked a headband – so that’s how you know I wasn’t taking it seriously. Red/big hair don’t care.Big hair dont care

Music Monday –

We need a slow recovery song today… “I belong with you You belong with me You’re my sweetheart”

RER Readers Run!

I asked for your pics of the Surf City Marathon / Half and you delivered.

Reader Shannon spotted me before and during the race! I guess red hair don’t care and is also easy to see in a crowd?!photo (1) (800x600)

Sarah and Sarah from The Fit Foodie ran the half repping for Oiselle! (photo taken by Striding Mom) photo (1) (738x800)

Julie looks pretty Happy herephoto (1) (600x800)

Dione’s husband Jeff ran his first half at Surf City!!! (He’s second from the right.) Congrats!!!surf city first half

Another Monica knows how to party too…surf city marathon beer tent

SoCal Rachel bustin out the bling:socal rachel runner

Surf City was Jen’s 2nd Half image (571x800)

Katie from ran her first full at Surf City!

Debbie and her husband trekked here from Virginia to run the half for their anniversary! Isn’t that super cute?  Congratulations!!!photo (2)

Anyone want to run a race for my RER anniversary with me hand in hand all romantic like?  <- My blog anniversary is coming up soon! Just sayin’

Speaking of – did you know you can get married on the Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas course?!

I took this pic of some of the couples before the race in Vegas. I love the idea of it but am not sure it would make for the most romantic ceremony? married during marathon

Question: Would you get married during a race? Yes or No?

Would you celebrate a milestone with a race?

Yes, I would celebrate a milestone like that for sure – I love how Debbie and her husband ran a race for their anniversary!


  1. says

    I’m impressed that you’re not even sore the day after PRing! I don’t know that I would get married at a race, but I would definitely do a milestone race. I actually kinda want to run a race for my bachelorette party, but I think only one of my bridesmaids (who’s a triathlete) would do it with me.

  2. says

    Celebrating a milestone with a race would be so much fun. I just got my husband into running… maybe I can work on getting him excited for a big race!!
    Elizabeth @

      • says

        Eric ran cross country in high school & loved it. He stopped running when he moved into the frat house and I’ve never been able to get him back into it. If you figure out a way to tell a man he should start running again without insulting his manly physique, let me know!

  3. Gavi says

    I wouldn’t get married at a race, but my husband and I ran a 5k together before we got married (we called it to the trot before the knot!). He’s not a big runner, so it was really special to do the race together. Congratulations on your huge PR!

  4. says

    If you we’re feeling it during the race then you probably pushed hard enough, right? I know nothing 😉 I wouldn’t get married during a race (since I’m already hitched and hubs isn’t much of a runner and I’d feel dumb, but i think it’s cute when others do) but I’d definitely celebrate a milestone with one!

  5. says

    Married during a race? Erm…. no. Besides the fact that I’m already married, it’s just not my thing.

    Celebrating a milestone with a race, however, heck ya. I’m already considering a destination HM for my 35th birthday. We’ll see. =)

  6. Shannon in Tustin says

    Thank you for the shout-out, Monica! That was my first and I hope someday to have the time to train for another. Fact is, with two busy kids, those long training runs really suck up the entire day. It was a fantastic experience and I am thrilled to have set, stuck with and met such a huge goal.

    Double congrats on the PR. 😀

  7. Heidi says

    I saw a proposal at a race once!!! Cuuuutest stinkin’ thing ever!!!

    And heck yes to a milestone race! I have the dirty 30 sneaking up on me and that would be a run way to celebrate!

  8. says

    I am all about non-traditional weddings. If running were something significant to my relationship I would be all into it. However, the dude only runs the occasional 5K race with me so I would not make him do a long race with me to get married during it since it means little to him (except of course that I like it). He’d be up for more of a hike and I’d be down with that since that is something we do together a lot.

  9. says

    My brother and sister-in-law ran the Muddy Buddy on the first anniversary which i thought was cool. I’d run a race to celebrate a milestone (my hubby and I are doing our first 15k for his 34th birthday!) but I don’t think I’d get married at race mostly because I like dance floors :)

  10. Colleen says

    My husband and I do adventure races together (Tough Mudder, etc). We’ve coordinated these trips around anniversaries/special occasions. We even named our newst puppy after an adventure race! I would not get married during a marathon, but I would consider ending our vows at one!

  11. Jenn says

    HEadband bump big sunnies skinny runner is that u? Reader pics at races skinny runner! Keeping husband off blog for privacy skinny runner. Running skirts?

  12. says

    Monica, I thought I posted yesterday how proud of you I am but maybe I forgot to hit submit. I am a little sore today so I am getting a massage. I know you have even faster races in you. I promise to help you but remember the Born to Run 50k, your first 50k, is about us having a fun time, not about a running time. Yesterday was great run before LA. Take it easy for two weeks and lets talk about your training plan for LA. I have some interesting ideas for you. Maybe we could do a joint video on race fueling for your readers. Congrats again.

  13. says

    That’s awesome you ran a full yesterday. Definitely important to take a recovery day (my biggest struggle is remembering how important that is). Tough to get married during a race..unless it was a really, really short run, it seems like jogging in a white wedding dress wouldn’t be conducive with anything too long. Might be fun though!

  14. jennifer says

    I suggested to my husband to get married during a race (would be the second marriage for both)…but he said no. However, he said that once I run my first marathon he would run WITH me. That alone would be special since he is much faster than I am.

  15. says

    I am doing the San Fran 1/2 marathon on my 34th birthday this year!! I am so excited!!!

    I don’t want to have a wedding so if my man wanted to run with me and get married in Vegas I would line up with all the other crazy people!! :)

  16. Denise P. says

    Well after doing some looking into venues and prices for my future wedding, yes a run through wedding might be for me.

  17. Allie says

    I wouldn’t get married during a race; my wedding was way too fun! But I would definitely celebrate a milestone with one. I ran the Holiday Half in December the day before my birthday to celebrate. I wanted to get a t-shirt or a crown or something that said “it’s my birthday!” but I didn’t get it together in time.

  18. says

    Hopefully I’ll be doing my 50th half marathon the year I turn 50. It won’t actually be ON my birthday (it falls on a Friday in February) so I’m going to “Save The Date” and run the One America 500 Festival Mini Marathon here in Indianapolis. It was my very first half in 1997 so I thought it would be appropriate to make it my 50th.

    Sadly I had to take 8 years off from half marathons (from 2000 until 2008) because of my job at the time. But glad to be back at them now!

  19. says

    Aww, love the shout-out and picture of me and Sarah repping Oiselle on the run!

    It was great meeting you at the expo. Let me know if you’re ever up in the PNW in my neck of the woods. :)

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