Quaker Popped Snacks Giveaway


Today has been a super busy day! I was very productive and that makes me happy. I just now got around to checking my email and saw Coach Steve posted a video from his experience at the Surf City Marathon. I make a little cameo at 2:36 – check it out! You know else makes me happy? A knock at the door and a big delivery of Quaker Popped snacks – see the picture below?! Yes. I … [Read more...]

Healthy 2 Ingredient Pancake Recipe


Run: This morning I started my day with a slow 4 mile shake out run. I always follow a hard race with a very easy run with no music so I can pay attention to what my body is telling me. When I hurt my IT band the injury showed up on my run AFTER the race, so I’ve learned to do this. You have to find your own training and recovery methods that work for your body. Today is … [Read more...]