Weird Walk Wednesday


Remember when I told you I always get into situations where my friends tell me, “That would only happen to you…” (<- like that time) Well, I think it happened again. Today after work I took a walk while checking blogs on my phone. I was just minding my biz when these two ladies came towards me the opposite way on the path and stopped me… Lady in blue “There is the … [Read more...]

Love Enchilada Casserole,Long Sleeves, Will and Beyonce


Hi, how’s it going? This morning I did an easy 6 miler with music… until my headphones broke. Boo. But, I am excited about my new long sleeve tech tee from the Surf City Mary. You know I need to bundle up here in SoCal I have been pretty busy lately and have been using my crockpot once a week to help save on cooking time. On Monday I made Crockpot Salsa Chicken (<- … [Read more...]