Weird Walk Wednesday

Remember when I told you I always get into situations where my friends tell me, “That would only happen to you…” (<- like that time)

Well, I think it happened again. Today after work I took a walk while checking blogs on my phone. I was just minding my biz when these two ladies came towards me the opposite way on the path and stopped me…

Lady in blue “There is the most gorgeous man walking that we just passed! If you walk fast you can catch up to him!”

Lady in grey “Yes! Gorgeous gorgeous! He is walking a dog…”

Lady in blue “and his shirt says New York. If you really want fast you can catch him. You have to see him!”

Lady in grey “Hurry! Walk fast!”

So, what do I do?

Um, what any hot lukewarm blooded American would do – booked it!

Yes. I started walking even faster to see this guy.

Then, I realized this was crazy so I slowed down.

And did what any lukewarm blooded blogger would do – took a picture.


So, no I never caught up to him. But the idea of him is probably better than the reality, right?

And on the way back I passed the ladies again and they asked if I made it to him – ha! Good lookin out ladies, good lookin out.

In other news… Katy is predicting life casting is on it’s way out. I kinda agree that blogs that post every aspect of daily life can get boring (unless they’re my peeps), and I’ve been getting away from posting every single detail of my life. One of my friends who used to read life casting blogs said she stopped because, “I get it, they all like oatmeal.”

I’m trying to do my own balance with it. But then, you guys ask for more details? So, I don’t want to label what I’m doing or where I’m going either way. Some days I’ll life cast some days I’ll just live and some days I’ll write posts about how I awkwardly tried to follow some guy on a walk…


  1. says

    I can most definitely see how life casting would be on its way out. I tried that as “my style” for a while, and it bored me writing about my *own* life! haha
    I think I like to read blogs with a good mix of humor, stories, life, and facts/tips :)

  2. says

    I would have totally caught up with him if 2 completely random strangers stopped me, I would have to see what the fuss is about. I usually have different taste in men than other women so I would have been amused to see what they meant :)

  3. says

    We only want the details if they’re juicy 😉 In all seriousness, though, I’d like to see “lifecasting” go away and more topic-oriented posts with the occasional “hey I had a really awesome sandwich for lunch today” sprinkled in. Inform or entertain, I guess. I think the gradual shift that you have been making has been a pretty natural progression. It will be interesting to see what happens to the blog world this year!

  4. says

    I hadn’t even heard of life casting, but I know what you mean and I don’t think it’s. a bad thing if it’s going. I read your blog because you talk about running, health and fitness in a fun, accessible way. I really don’t mind if you don’t tell me every little detail of your life…!!! :)

  5. Deb says

    Weird things don’t happen to me – I wish they did! I need some excitement. That’s why I read your blog!!!! I will admit, that reading what someone ate every day is kinda ho hum, I DO LIKE seeing some cool recipes. You’ve had some good ones – btw. So, keep up the blogging and writing about your many adventures, regardless if you think they’re boring or not. I like them. I check in a several times a day to see if you’ve updated. It’s like a hit the jackpot when I see a new post! :-)

  6. says

    Agreed. I don’t need to see EVERY step you take during the day…unless it’s into that dog walker’s arms. I think you have a great balance on your blog, that’s why I’m excited to read it every day!

  7. says

    I enjoy your blog – I think you have a great mix of random stuff (like trying to walk fast enough to see a great looking guy!), running, race reviews and fun stories!!!

  8. Tara says

    Haa, I agree, Bloggers love their ONOIAJ!!!! (never had them!)

    Funny, that happens to me ALL.THE.TIME. But its never sweet little women, its usually wackos and perverts. My husband finds it humorous, and sometimes he and his friends make bets on who/how long it will take before I am approached by one when we are out.

  9. Teri says

    I do enjoy seeing what you’re eating because it gives me ideas, if only for variety. I tend to get locked into the 5 things that I make and when that happens over time, I tend to binge out of boredom. I appreciate the ‘life-casting’ aspect of RER — seeing your daily dedication to eating intuitively, allowing yourself treats, and of course running. Just having you as an example of what’s possible is very helpful, and seeing how it goes day to day – that’s the helpful part. It doesn’t motivate/inspire me to see a sleek woman in gym clothes…what really excites me is the backstory, how she got there. What it takes everyday to keep her there. And the rewards of being there, besides looking good in the gym clothes. :)

  10. says

    I could see that life casting is making its way out. Sometimes when I look at blogs I scan through and if it is all pics of what they ate that day I skip it. I like new recipes though, so I agree with someone else that said keep em coming.

    That’s so funny about your walk, how random 😉

  11. says

    I can’t write my lifestory every day… mainly because when I sit down to do it, I’m missing out on life. I also forget to take pictures of everything! So I just kind of do my own thing…

  12. Running a Healthy Mind & Body says

    I love the story about the cute guy. As with most of your posts I thank goodness I didn’t have any liquid in my mouth or I would have killed my computer. Since I am here I have been meaning to tell you to ignore all the haters that post negative comments and criticize you or what you are doing. I think your blog is great, you crack me up, honest and are realistic. Keep up the great work. You should be nothing but proud of of all that you have accomplished. Remember, “Haters will hate”. Best to you.

  13. says

    I don’t know…in this case the real thing might have been better than the thought of him. I mean, for two women to stop you the guy must have been prettttyyy gorgeous. Oh well. Pretty strange either way. I feel like I’m “that friend” in my group, haha.

  14. Casey says

    So, you basically stalked a guy on a trail?

    Aren’t you married? Or has Ben come to his senses and left you? That would help to explain the lack of his presence on your blog lately..

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