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Last night I headed north to my old stomping grounds – Long Beach for a fun event. No, Snoop wasn’t having another house party…snoop dogg(image source)

Yeah, I was hoping to go over and make mashed potatoes with him…

The author of the Chi Running book Danny Dreyer, gave a free talk at the community center. It was a great combination of Chi Running info and his own running experiences. At one point he casually mentioned coming in 8th place at his first 100 mile race. Um, no big. 20130207_192358 (800x600)

After the talk Dreyer signed my book and we chatted for a bit. He is super nice and I wanted to talk to him for hours about all things running!

chi running

I just started reading Chi Running, so I can’t really tell ya how to do it. I can say the focus is on proper form and working with gravity – it’s definitely a technique you have to work on! I’m not done with the book, but once I am I’ll share my thoughts.image

 Coach Steve is all about Chi Running so you should really join the Sole Runners if you’re local or loco and come hang out!

I mean, c’mon – even Santa is a Sole Runner!


You can order Chi Running here.

By the time I got near home it was after 9pm and I was Hangry. I stopped at Whole Foods but the hot bar scene was tragic. Luckily, I noticed a sign for “$10 Pizzas on Thursdays”. Done and done.

This pic looks dreamy because I dream of pizza… don’t you?pizza dream

Yesterday was kinda hectic getting off work and trying to get to Long Beach in time for the talk. I know we’re all busy and it can be difficult to make health a priority when you’re on the go. I personally try to keep things as easy, breezy as possible so I am still digging the Nature Made vitamelts.


I’ve had this cough since the marathon that hasn’t gone away. I’ve bought some cough suppressant, but not feeling well has reminded me how important my immune system is to being able to do all the things I want to. That’s just one more reason to keep taking my Vitamin C VitaMelts to make sure I’m giving it the proper support. Smile

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And I hafta do this…

Question: If you could cook with any celebrity, who would it be and what would you make?

It’s at tie, I’d make cookies with Matt Damon or some kinda Shrimp with Tom Hanks Smile

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  1. says

    The chi running seminar sounds like it was really informative. I don’t know a lot about chi running, but I know a lot of people swear by it. Maybe I’ll try picking up a copy of that book. Your pizza looks amazing…now I want some pizza. :) If I could cook with any celebrity, I think I’d want to cook with Alton Brown. He seems like has a really good sense of humor about cooking and I think I would learn a lot.

  2. Shannon in Tustin says

    I’d make sandwiches with Benjamin Bratt. Anytime, anywhere…

    Let’s get back to the love talk on that $10 Thursday pizza thing…is that at WFM? Is it as big as it looks? Cause I fell in love with that big box of happiness you’re holding there.

    Deets, please.

    Happy Friday all around!

  3. Neal says

    I swear by Chi Running. Well, I swear by not over striding, midfoot foot strike and good posture and Chi Running is a good way to learn this things.

    I run through recurring foot pain until I developed plantar fasciitis. After years and a few failed attempts to return to running I read Danny’s book and have been running injury free for three years. For anyone who is struggling I can’t recommend the book highly enough.


  4. Erin says

    I have the book. I actually bought it about 6 months ago b/c I was experiencing some knee pain. I have read it over and over but find it hard to implement w/o a coach or someone watching me run. I try to do the lean and think about cadence. Can’t wait to see what you think. BTW, you are looking all sorts of FAB lately-just sayin’:)!

  5. Deb says

    I haven’t read the book, but I do have the DVD and love it! The technique is so “obvious” and once you get use to “falling” it becomes so natural. I still have a hard time lifting my feet in the “wheel” motion, but when I do I notice I’ve picked up a lot of speed – even though it feels like an effort. I guess it will come more natural in time. Overall … love Chi Running and I’m sure you will too. Cant wait to hear your review.

  6. says

    I am such a foodie that I’d have to make brunch with Bobby Flay. He has a recent recipe on Chocolate Lover’s Delight. For someone sexy, I’d say my husband… he’s just hot 😉 A celeb: maybe Drew Barrymore and brunch again with champagne.

  7. says

    I’d cook with Ina Garten from Barefoot Contessa, only I’d probably just pretend to cook and let her whip up something amazing :) I read Chi Running… good read and helped me with transitioning to minimalist shoes.

  8. says

    Thanks for coming out last night Monica. It is always great to see you. Danny is an awesome runner and speaker. The ChiRunning lesson offer is still on the table when have a couple hours to dedicate. I know LA is a big deal for you but I am looking forward to Born to Run 50k. It is going to be a hoot.

  9. says

    Hiya! I follow you on twitter, but I’ve only just recently began reading your blog… let’s just say I come here pretty often now 😉

    I would def wanna cook up something with giada! And maybe ramsay, but we all know that would end up too well…

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