Applebee’s Under 550 Calorie Menu Giveaway

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Valentine’s Day.

On the one hand, I LOVE ‘just for the fun of it holidays’ (see: Cinco de Mayo). I love specialty candy and decorations that make a random Thursday in February extra special.

Buuuut, I also realize getting a whole box of candy on a random day in a cold winter month means I’m going to eat all of it before the end of the week.

Wait. You don’t eat all your candy by the ‘end of week deadline’?!

And because no matter how many times I say,

“Dad, please don’t get me candy this year, I’m trying to cut back on sugar…”

He will still get it for me. (Because he realizes I’m just saying that because Vday is better than Christmas morning when you’re getting See’s Candy!)

Luckily, restaurants like Applebees are creating lower cal menus so you can have your candy and eat dinner too.

Their new under 550 calorie menu sounds really good too! I love me some portobellos!image


Look good? Well you’re in luck – a rep from Applebees kindly offered one RER Reader a $50 gift certificate to enjoy dinner.

To enter: Leave a comment on this post answering…

Do you have a Valentine? Plans for V day?

Open to residents of the US. Contest ends 2/12/13 at 8pm PST. I have the cert so you’ll get it right away! Please check if you live near an Applebee’s.


  1. Kaelin says

    This is exciting!!! I live in the middle of BFE and Applebee’s is the closest chain restaurant, just 30 short miles away! So we spend a LOT of dinner times there. I get really tired of their food, but their new lower-cal menu is actually decent. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Happy Valentines :)

  2. Gabrielle says

    My husband is my Valentine….but, unfortunately, we’ll both be working late on the day most likely. All the more reason to celebrate late!

  3. Katie Mc says

    My boyfriend is my valentine but ill be spending the night with my sister who I’m helping to move. $50 to Applebee’s would be perfect for us!

  4. Emily says

    My 3 single girl friends are my Valentine’s this year. We’re hitting up Happy Hour at our favorite restaurant then going to catch a movie!

  5. says

    Woo, this is great! Applebee’s rocks. I have plans for Valentine’s Day, but I don’t know what they are yet! Boyfriend is surprising me, so we’ll see haha

  6. says

    That would be a negative, but I’m bound and determined not to be the bitter, single girl who hates V-day this year, and instead be happy for all those who have someone who loves them, even if I’m not included in that world. Isn’t that grownup and classy?? I think so.

  7. says

    Love this! I live in Virginia, and my Fiance’ is coming to visit me for Valentines Day from New York! I don’t know what to do for him yet! But I am so excited to see him! Long Distance is hard work!

  8. Christine says

    My hubby is my valentine! Although we don’t do much at all I get him some candy and he buys me my favorite soda :)

  9. Tiffany says

    I’m a single lady and I love it! Going to go our to a bar with a friend :)

    PS. That chicken and portobello dish looks so good.

  10. Tammy says

    This year, Valentine’s Day is going to be a ladiessss’ night! Chocolate and wine. We actually don’t need a holiday as an excuse…

  11. Amanda W says

    My valentines are my husband and 2 year old son. I think we’re gonna hit up a local farmers market that just reopened.. They go into the evening, have local restaurants and all kinds of other vendors, as well as live music and a beer/wine garden!

  12. Patty says

    Plans for v-day?? Well I’m not sure what “He” has planned but I have a few nice shirts I picked up for “Him” at Nordstroms rack with my $20 gift certificate they send me in the mail. Now aren’t I a nice little wify?

  13. Leah says

    No Valentine here.. my bf of 3 years and I split up in November. But he was super lame anyway.. last year on V-Day I was making him a cake and he saw me and so he awkwardly went and bought flowers. Uh.. thanks?

    Spending this V-Day with my single-lady friends watching a zombie comedy movie.

  14. Anndinga says

    My awesome husband is my valentine. This year I am making super and doing fondue in our crockpot. And then we are going to learn how to dance from YouTube videos :-)

  15. Lindsey A. says

    My hubby rocks my Valentine socks! No plans until the weekend, though, when grandparents will be visiting for our son’s bday so FREE babysitting!

  16. camara says

    in high school we would always go out to eat at applebee’s! now anytime i go i get hit with nostalgia. would love to win this!

  17. Kelly says

    We did a valentine’s dinner this past weekend. I made homemade red beans and rice (one of his favs) and enjoyed a quiet night at home. It honestly was a perfect night.

  18. Megan k says

    I am going out for “Gal-entine’s” day (What we single girls call it) with three of my girlfriends! We’re getting each other cards, candy and going out to dinner. It’s going to be a fun way to celebrate the holiday!

  19. Donald Sorah says

    I have an awesome Valentine who has partnered with me to lose nearly 200lbs between the two of us. We eat at home most meals as we find it much easier to eat well. Unfortunately I will be away from home conducting an honor band on Valentines Day, but we will make up for it the next weekend on a wonderful date (maybe to Applebee’s?).

  20. says

    I have a Valentine–my husband of 17 years. Been “dating” for 23 years so he’s been my Valentine for that long. :) We don’t have Valentine plans, maybe we will go out for dinner on Friday.

  21. says

    I have a valentine, he’s awesome (but we’re celebrating a day early because he has to work) and going to a comedy show. But on my actual Valentine’s Day I’m hopefully going to be getting in my second run after an injury, woo hoo! And Applebee’s does have some good lower cal options, which are great!

  22. Nicole says

    My hubby is my Valentine. :)

    I’m not a big fan of Applebee’s, so if I win… Make it good, Applebee’s! You’ve got one last shot!


  23. Jordan says

    Love the giveaway, not so much the holiday haha. No valentine this year, but I hope to go out with my co-workers after work to this quirky little creperie!

  24. ali says

    My husband is my Valentine! We have nothing planned. Most likely I will cook something special for my husband and 2 kiddos and we will give the kids their little gifts. We definitely do not make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. I love the candy though!

  25. Kristina m says

    Valentines day is my husband birthday so he refuses to celebrate anything but his birthday. He said as a kid it was all about candy and pink cookies he was kinda forgotten haha. So we will have dinner at home then Friday going out with friends for dinner and drinks

  26. Michele says

    I cook a romantic dinner at home for my husband. Restaurant getting crowed on special days so I prefer staying at home and go out another night.

  27. Avery says

    I’m babysitting this Valentine’s Day evening…the babysitters collective I work with charges once and a half for Vday! Bringin in the big buckssz.

  28. Laura C. says

    My boyfriend and I are getting cupcakes from one of the local bakeries that won on Cupcake Wars and then probably having dinner at the local brewery. His and Hers activities!

  29. says

    No plans with my boyfriend yet, but a lovely dinner at Applebee’s would be nice :) I haven’t been there in a long time. I really like the atmosphere of the restaurant. By the way, I totally agree with the candy, it’s gone in a day or two. I’m not good at pacing myself.

  30. says

    My valentine is my fiance! We usually get each other chocolates and go out to dinner, but this year I asked for a fruit basket to keep it healthy!

  31. Beverly Aragon says

    Hubby is my Valentine! Plans include our regular Thursday evening spin class and then heading to the casa to enjoy some shrimp cocktails and margaritas.

  32. Carolyn C. says

    I will be leaving little Valentine’s Day notes for my “Schweetie” (AKA hubby) and my three boys. It won’t be a huge expense…. just some love notes They all like little surprises, so I’m trying to think of something that expresses my love but is also easy on the pocketbook! Thank you so much!!

  33. Hillary says

    Boyfriend is the valentine. We are planning to have our date this weekend to avoid the crowds, overpriced entrees and heart balloons!

  34. Mallory says

    I have a Valentine! His name is Duncan (Hines). I have a love/hate relationship with him because he feels so good but the next morning I’m filled with regret. Oh well ; )

  35. says

    I’m on work travel now–but I get to fly home in time for vday dinner! Not sure what we are doing yet–but I’m all up for a light, healthy dinner with a bowl of ice cream and a movie on the couch!

  36. Julie says

    I love Valentine’s so I can pick out a sappy card for my husband. Our plans are usually enjoying a nice dinner together.

  37. Christine says

    Staying home with my boo making Georgian soup dumplings!

    I have never been to Applebees but recently moved close to one. I want to try it! I love these types of restaurants.

  38. Anadel says

    My husband is my valentine and has been for the past 8 years :) Nothing special planned for Vday yet. Maybe a long walk!

  39. Dayna says

    My valentine is my amazing fiancee. :) The only plans that we have this year is to sit at home and enjoy each others company.

  40. Audra H says

    My boyfriend and I are in college and go to schools hours apart. I think I’ll convince a roommate to be my date instead. Wine, chocolate, and girl talk sounds like a nice Valentine’s day to me!

  41. Sarah says

    My hubby of almost 13 years is still my valentine! We have no plans… I work 72 hrs in the next 8 days, so we’ll celebrate next week ☺

  42. says

    Planning to surprise the hubby with a personalized V-day gift basket filled with his favorite beers, beef jerky, candy and cookies! Probably will also make something nice for dinner.

  43. Samantha says

    My valentine is my boyfriend. We are both college students and both have tests friday morning so we will be spending V day eating in the school cafeteria and studying for hours. :)

  44. Jordan says

    My boyfriend is my Valentine but he is working late so I will use the holiday as an excuse to eat candy and catch up on “girls.”

  45. Traci L says

    My boyfriend is my valentine! We always say this quote from Paper Hearts “Love is taking someone to Applebee’s and ordering some hot wings!” because we think it is so cute.

  46. says

    I just got married in October so I do have a valentine :) and we are spending the weekend in the mountains.

    P.s. seasonal candy just tastes so much better, doesnt it??

  47. Diana H says

    I do have a valentine, and I’m actually flying cross-country to visit him this weekend for a belated V-day celebration!

  48. karen f says

    We are moving so Ill spend Valentines in an empty house, cleaning bathrooms and countertops while my husband drives the kiddos to grandmas. And who says romance is dead?

  49. Katie M says

    There are no romantic Valentines in my life, but there are lots of people I love :) My Valentine’s Day plans include work, a run, and a great yoga class.

  50. Cortney says

    My hubs of 10 years is my valentine, he’s been the love of my life for almost 14 years :) we are planning to make a fun Valentine-themed dinner for our 3-year old and 5-year old. I would love to win an Applebee’s gift card!

  51. says

    My Valentine works in a different city during the week, so we won’t be together on Valentine’s Day. But, we’re planning on going to the state fair this weekend to celebrate (I love the baby animal bar and requested this).

  52. says

    I have a Valentine. My hubby. We’ll be married for 15 years this year. No plans for V-day this year. He has to work. :( I was bummed at first, but the bills have to get paid. LOL. I wonder if he’s trying to get out of it…jerk. JK. He normally makes up for it. 😉 Happy Valentines Day!

  53. Jenny says

    How exciting! I’ve actually never been to AppleBee’s and didn’t know they had such healthy menu options! My boyfriend will probably spoil me with See’s candies as well, and I hope to practice some control with them. But I wouldn’t hold my breath. 😉

  54. Amy says

    I have a valentine (my husband!) but since I’ll be working, we’re going to have to celebrate another night-oh well! less crowds!

  55. Robbie Alba-Estrada says

    I do have a Valentine, my husband of 16 years. However, my Vday plans don’t include him! Taking our 10 yr old son to Cirque du Soleil, which was part of his Christmas gifts :)

  56. says

    I do not have a Valentine, nor do I have plans other than working 12 hours….I just went through a divorce in October and now a break up! I am done with boys for awhile! I would love a night out with the girls!

  57. Kellie says

    My husband and I usually don’t exchange gifts, but I love buying candy for the kids and giving it to them in the morning. They get so excited.

  58. Jennifer says

    No exciting plans for valentines day, just getting cozy at home with my hubby! It’s way too cold in Michigan to want to go ANYWHERE!

  59. Pam says

    No Valentine and I’m fine with that; well, except for the looks of pity from coworkers. I’m going to go to a Zumba class.

  60. says

    Oooh! Awesome! Yes, I have a Valentine! :) We’ll be celebrating our first this year! I have no idea what he has planned. All he would say is, “bring nice clothes!” I’m excited!!

  61. says

    My vday plans are to do a fun girls night with my single friends. We’re doing a Bachelor marathon viewing party & lots of wine, dessert, and salad to balance it all out 😛

  62. Becca says

    The hubs and I are hitting up the special V day menu at one of our fave restaurants and then seeing the new Die Hard movie! Those Applebee’s meals sound tasty, hope I win so I can try one!

  63. says

    I just got broken up with so I dont have a valentine this year :( Actually Ive never had a valentine. I dont have plans for valentines day this year anymore :( O well such is life

  64. Jeanna says

    My husband is taking me out for dinner (not sure where yet, it’s a surprise) after my 14 hour shift at the hospital :)

  65. Diane says

    My husband and I are going out to dinner on Saturday. I’m feeling old and want my fancy dinner on a weekend! 😉 We’ll have a pretty normal night on Thursday.

  66. Leonorh@foodfaithfitness says

    We are going out to dinner on Friday with another couple. Looking forward to it as we haven’t been out with friends in a long time.

  67. Melissa says

    My husband. We normally would celebrate it on a weekend night but we decided to actually celebrate on the actual day and go to a fancy dinner! (Which is sooo not like us!)

  68. Christina says

    My husband and I are going to see a play. We’ll go out to dinner on Saturday when it’s not ridiculous to get a reservation!

  69. Alison says

    I do indeed have a valentine, my lovely husband!

    Not sure of our plans yet, but since he has the day off from work maybe he’ll take it on himself to surprise me. :)

  70. Christine says

    My valentine is my husband! Our plan is to have a low key dinner at home (unless I win the gift card!) and watch a romantic chick flick!

  71. Holly says

    AH! Awesome giveaway!

    My husband will be out of town :( We are going to celebrate on Saturday. He wants to go to a car show. I said fine if I get to pick where we go for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!

  72. Tracy Mahaffey says

    My husband, 9 year old son, and Dad will be my Valentines this year. We will be in the car…driving ALL day…to Daytona Beach. On Sunday I will be running my 2nd half marathon! My first was in Key West last month. I’m all about any excuse to leave the cold in Ohio!!

  73. Laura says

    I love Valentine’s Day. My fiance is in medical school so we don’t get too spend as much time together as we would like – but we make time on Valentine’s Day for a nice dinner. Any excuse to spend time with your love is good in my book!

  74. andrea says

    My hubby and 14 year old daughter are my Valentine’s and we always go see a sappy movie on V-day, this year we are going to see Safe Haven and probably grabbing some dinner:)

  75. Kat says

    My husband always wants Applebees but we never go for one reason or another…this would be the perfect reason to finally go!!!!

  76. says

    I have a podiatrist appointment on Valentines Day. haha. My boyfriend and I don’t celebrate but I do plan on getting my daughter a little something. She has all her valentines and candy ready to hand out at school too, so she’s really excited:-)

  77. Kay Marie says

    No big plans this year as the husband has school that night. I’m hoping for a nice card…and maybe some flowers?

  78. Deb says

    Oh, yum! Both of those new entrees look delish! I think we would get both and share! Nothing better than sharing …. Yep, I have a very special Valentine – actually 3! My hubs and I have been married 31 years, and I have two awesome sons. I am very lucky! 😉

  79. Jess says

    I am lucky enough to have two valentines this year, my husband of almost 5 years and my almost 2 year old son. No plans this year but my husband can be counted on for flowers and chocolates!

  80. Elizabeth says

    Yes I have a Valentine, my boyfriend and my dog. We’re not sure if we want to go out or not. Haven’t decided yet.

  81. jessica says

    I will be carbing it up on Valentines Day getting ready for my first marathon on Saturday, which will be fun because we are making it a mini race-cation without the kids :)

  82. Monica says

    I love that restaurants are getting on board with these lower calorie options! My valentine is my husband and we haven’t made plans yet. Probably dinner with the family!

  83. Kim says

    Well its a Thursday so my boyfriend and I will do our usual run, which is fitting because working out together is one of the things that brings us closer to each other. Then we’ll probably do our usual weeknight thing….bottle of wine, delicious dinner….I know, we’re exciting!

  84. Tricia says

    I have two valentines – my husband and my two year old little love. We do not have plans and unless we get a free babysitter we won’t be making any special plans either.

  85. Chelsey says

    Chocolate is the only sweet I can eat very slowly and savor so I eat one piece per night, if I had any other sweet (ice cream, cookies, cake) they would be gone so fast!

  86. Christine S. says

    I do have a valentine and we are going out to dinner for sushi! We live less than 2 miles from an Applebees so this would be a perfect way to grab some dinner and try out their new menu!

  87. Amanda says

    I do have a Valentine…I think it will be low key this year but its always special. Its also Our 3 year Wedding anniversary!

  88. Katelin says

    I know we are going to dinner at a restaurant this is known for fresh local ingredients but not sure after that. He is making it a surprise! It is our first Valentines Day together :)

  89. Dannielle says

    My boyfriend is away in Pennsylvania for work for a a month ) : Valentines Day also happens to be our 6th month anniversary…so we decided to celebrate when he gets back! Applebee’s would be an awesome way to celebrate…since I could actually pay (I’m still in nursing school and he’s entered the real world..which means i’m poor)

  90. Shannon says

    Unfortunately I will be traveling on Valentines Day :(. Although my husband and I are going to take our children out to dinner Wednesday to celebrate instead.

  91. Emily says

    I have swim practice @ 6am, work all day, and class until 9:30.. so my poor gf will be a bit neglected, but I am sure we will celebrate Friday!

  92. Pauline says

    I do have a valentine, and our plan is dinner at home and then shopping for a great camera together so we will be able to take amazing pictures during our honeymoon in Europe this summer.

  93. Elizabeth says

    My valentines are my 2 kids. I’m planning to make them their favorite dinner (steak & mac n’ cheese) and just enjoy our time together around the dinner table.

  94. Angela S. says

    Do you have a Valentine? — Yes, my husband. We met on V-day and have been together ever since, so this will be 15 years together in total, married 11 of those years.

    Plans for V day? — yes day date, we both work full time and have a 6 1/2 year old, so the only date time we get are taking a vacation day from work and going on a day date.

  95. Rebecca says

    I do have a Valentine, my sweet husband of almost five years :) We’re not celebrating on the day (Thursday, ugh, and we both work M-W night in addition to our day jobs, so we’re usually beat by the time Thursday rolls around!) but we’re doing an overnight trip this weekend :)

  96. abby r says

    sounds delicious! i have a huge exam on friday (on the kidney!) but afterwards my boyfriend is visiting and we are testing out ski slopes in west virginia.

  97. JenS says

    My hubby is my valentine but I have to work late on the 14th. We will just be celebrating at home with a nice dinner and bottle of wine this yr.

  98. Meg says

    My husband and I will have a nice dinner at home for V-day and will go out this weekend. I have a dentist appt that morning, which really doesn’t start the day too well!

  99. Meggan says

    I love low-cal menu options! I will be going out to national harbor with a bunch of my single girlfriends and I can’t wait!

  100. lexi says

    I am just like you, Monica. I don’t really like ” valentines day ” but I do like the specialty candy and stuff like that. It’s all cute! Soooo… since I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day I guess I don’t have a Valentine :(. I’m so morbid.

  101. says

    My valentine is my husband. This will be our 17th Valentine’s Day together! We don’t have plans on Valentine’s Day since I have to work that night at Weight Watchers. However, I enjoy eating at Applebee’s while hubby is not a fan. 😛

  102. Carly says

    My Valentine is my hubby! We have been together for 7 years so we don’t really make a big deal out of the holiday anymore. But we probably will use it as our excuse to go out to eat this weekend!

  103. Amanda says

    My hubby is my valentine. It is our first married one together! But we arent really going the valentine’s route this year. We have tickets to see Mumford and Sons which just so happens to be that day! SO BEYOND EXCITED!! Happy <3 day to you!

  104. betty says

    i have a valentine, but we’re not going anywhere. we don’t really celebrate. i got some red tulips to decorate the house this weekend, but thats about it. we may go to the melting pot on sunday for the early bird dinner because we’re old and hate crowded restaurants on v-day.

  105. says

    I feel the same way about V-day! I love all of the cute decorations with the hearts and the seasonal candy, but I hate the day itself. I would say my fiance would be my valentine, but I despise the day so much that I refuse to celebrate it, except for sending my family valentines (which I still need to do..oops!) and gorging on candy.

  106. Harper says

    The boyfriend and I are not really V-day people. Due to work we actually won’t even see each other which is sad because we also enjoy random reasons to eat.

  107. Sara says

    Yes, my hubby. No, not really. I pretty much despise V-Day and always have. If you love me, tell me every other day, I don’t need a special day :)

  108. Cassie says

    My husband is my Valentine. But we don’t have any big plans for the day, we will probably enjoy a quiet low key evening at home.

  109. Cindy says

    First of all I lOVE your blog. This is the first time I have left a comment though! My husband and I will be taking an elderly, lonely friend out for V-day. Not too romantic, but it feels good to spread our love to others! We will have many other nights alone.
    Cindy in Nebraska

  110. says

    I do have a valentine, for the first time in years actually. However, I have no idea what the plans are. I refused to make them and said it was all on him. :)

  111. says

    this is the first year i can say my husband is my valentine! (: we are going to a local organic spot that i got a livingsocial coupon for 1/2 off! i know, i’m cheap. but when you’re on a tight budget, you’re just thankful to be going out at all!


  112. Abbie says

    I usually have a girl’s Valentine’s night. This year my boyfriend is taking me to dinner and an art gallery. I feel a bit guilty not spending time with my friends, but I’m excited for a fun evening :)

  113. Christina W says

    I have a new little valentine this year, my daughter! We’d like to share the day with her, so instead of going out we will be cooking at home. I better get some chocolate though!

  114. Ali says

    Yes I do, my loving boyfriend :) and no plans as he is on call for work every Thursday. Probably stay home and make dinner….or use an Applebees gift card for some carside to go? 😉

  115. Brittney says

    My valentine is my Hubs, we typically do the opposite of Romantic dinner and go get pizza or Chinese food! It is also our tradition to get the cheesiest Valentines gift we can find, I have one to many singing stuffed animals collected!

  116. Becky says

    My valentine is my fiancé and we are going to spend the weekend in jackson hole doing some cross country skiing to celebrate!

  117. Jess says

    My valentine is my husband 😀 I think we are going to just relax at home and finally watch ‘The Walking Dead’ once our son is asleep! Hopefully there is dessert involved too.

  118. theresa says

    my valentine is my 22 month old son <3
    i plan on spending valentine's day maybe making a valentine with my valentine or just giving him an extra snuggle and kiss that day! :)

  119. Lori J says

    We have 3 kids aged 5 and under so maybe I’ll make them a special dessert and hopefully the hubby and I can have a nice dinner after the kids go to bed 😉

  120. Rebecca says

    My husband is my valentine. We don’t usually make Valentine’s Day plans since neither one of us is all that romantic. We do exchange mushy cards though; we’re not totally stone-hearted!

  121. says

    Normally my valentines plans involve consuming lots of chocolate without guilt….but my recent challenge to give up processed foods, including refined sugar, takes me out of commission this year. Im currently trying to ripen some bananas and avocado (as in watching them like a hawk on my kitchen counter and hoping they both turn perfectly ripe on thursday) so I can make some chocolate pudding with them!!!

  122. stephanie**s says

    The husband and I plan to stay home, open a nice bottle of wine, and cook some fancy foods we normally dont afford :)

  123. says

    For the past 19 years I’ve had the same Valentine – my husband. LOVE HIM! But we are going to have a nice dinner at home this year since we leave at the crack of dawn for Arizona Friday morning. (Arizona Half Marathon here we come.) I’m sure on Thursday we’ll still be doing last minute packing and cleaning since the house/dog sitter will be coming over.

    Love me some Applebee’s as well. They are my go to “night before a race” meal place, especially if we are out of town.

  124. Johanna B says

    Love me some Applebee’s. My two Valentines this year will be my two grandsons. I plan to spoil them rotten with candy and kisses.

  125. says

    I do have a valentine, my fiance! :) For Valentine’s Day we’re going to a beyond delicious dinner at Charley’s Steakhouse. One of my all time favorite restaurants that is well worth every time I plan to spend there. If you’re ever in Tampa or Orlando and can try it.. DO! And get the carrot cake!

  126. Shannon B. says

    My Valentine will be my son, as my hubby has to work late. We love Applebees as it is one place that is loud in general, so if our son lets out a loud noise or giggle, it is seldom even noticed!!

  127. Kelly says

    Girl’s V-day with wine, movie, and chocolates on Wed. And on the day, my semi-new Valentine and I will have a special dinner.

  128. Heather says

    I do have a valentine (my boyfriend)! But he has class on Valentine’s Day evening so we won’t get a chance to spend it together (maybe a Valentine’s Day lunch will be romantic…), so I plan to make a pint of cookies & cream my Valentine’s date 😀

  129. Kathi J says

    My Valentine is my hubby (and my two sons!).
    I have plans to cook for them, and eat their chocolate while they’re not looking. And go have a girls weekend on Friday-Sunday!

  130. Becky says

    That chicken looks good! I work on Valentines so my husband and I will celebrate on Saturday with dinner and a movie.

  131. Denise says

    I’d say Valentines day is a so/so holiday. I think if you have a lot of expectations you will pretty much get screwed unless your significant other is on the same page. I always do something little for my kids and husband (boxes of Sees candy) but I’m not decorating my house or painting the walls red or anything.

  132. Collette Whitley says

    My hubby is my Valentine. I let him plan Valentine’s Day. :) But I’m going to do a fun special dinner the next night with the kiddos too.

  133. leahk says

    my boyfriend was recently laid off from work so we will be doing Papa Johns on the couch.. still romantic.. but would love to eat out!

  134. Michelle says

    My husband and I don’t participate in Valentines Day. However, my kids absolutely love it! Instead of buying them candy, we are going to have a great dinner with heart shaped cheese ravioli (Costco) and strawberries with whipped cream.

  135. Shani says

    We don’t have major plans this year (or any year) I just enjoy my husbands company no matter if it’s Valentines or not. Plus we have little people :) So I will just give my hubby the shirts I bought him, and then we will eat chocolate while watching some random show! (once the munchkins are asleep)

  136. says

    My hubs is my Valentine, but I plan to spoil our daughter crazy on Thursday too. I’ll be teaching sugared up kids all day, hitting up VDay spin class, & then making our fave meal together!

  137. Maren says

    I have only tried something off the under 550 calorie menu once and it was soooo small haha! That’s what you get for ordered low calorie I suppose :) It was delicious though! And those portobello’s look amazing. My husband and I have no plans. He bought me my plane ticket for Blend Retreat for Vday! :) Hope you have fun plans!

  138. Michelle says

    I will be getting a tattoo removal laser treatment on V day with my Valentine. Boo. But I get married next month and don’t want that silly tattoo showing!

  139. says

    Another Vday is upon us, and another year that I have no Valentine. Oh well, it’s bound to happy one of these years right?!? My Vday plans consist of early morning Spin class, then 9 hours of work, and then topping the day off with Zumba after work. So exciting!

  140. Danielle says

    I’m usually not one to go to Applebees. I like to hit up the local places more, but I do appreciate when they put together healthier options.

  141. says

    I have a love/hate relationship with menus that provide calories counts. It usually gets me to order something healthy, but sometimes you just want the mozzarella sticks and a margarita the size of your head, ya know?

    That said, I still want to try these. I have a Valentine but we don’t do anything special … we’re kinda old and lame.

  142. Valerie says

    My Val Day plans include goin out to breakfast with my boyfriend before my friend flies in for a weekend visit! I get the best of both worlds that day: friend love and true love!

  143. Crystal says

    We’re doing red velvet pancakes for breakfast and a heart shaped pizza for dinner. Nothing fancy, but the kids will love it.

  144. Autumn says

    I do have a special Valentine, actually two. My husband Bryan and my daughter Brooke. We live in NW PA and are headed to Flrodia on Valentine’s Day for a much needed vacation with warm weather and sunshine!! No clouds or snow:)

  145. says

    My valentine is my husband of five years. We have a valentine’s tradition of grilling out for dinner. Grilling out in February in Wisconsin is a nice treat! :) I also make waffle brownies. Ingenious.

  146. Patty C says

    My valentine’s day plans are pretty low-key, the bf and I are going to a local film festival and will probably go to one of those paint-it-yourself ceramic places!

  147. ginger says

    My husband is my amazing Valentine. :) We plan to just chill out at home on Valentine’s Day, but we’re going to a steakhouse at a later time – I’m running a Valentine’s-themed 10K this weekend!

  148. Suzanne says

    My husband is my valentine every day. I don’t buy into the valentine’s day cards, flowers, going out to dinner…I think it’s a Hallmark holiday and that we should express our love every day of the year!

  149. Emma says

    My husband is my valentine! We don’t do anything on Valentine’s Day, but we are doing a mini vacay this weekend at a nice hotel.

  150. Nicole says

    My hubby is my valentine. We tried two weeks ago to get reservations at the melting pot but it was a no-go, so were cooking at home! I want carne asada tacos… well see what the surprise is- probably something fancy like lobster. oy.

  151. Ashley says

    My fiance and I live in a town with not a whole lot of restaurant choices, but there IS an Applebees, so that might be where we end up on Valentine’s Day anyway!

  152. Karin says

    My hubby is my valentine :) I will likely cook at home. We usually do a steak and shrimp cocktail and some champagne. I would love to check out the Applebees under 550 menu!

  153. Kristen says

    I’m my own valentine. I am going to get my hair colored on Valentine’s day after work. That’s my treat to myself:)

  154. erika says

    My husband and I will hit the gym for a date and probably cook dinner at home! Love clearance V Day candy the day after!

  155. says

    I do have my husband for my valentine….we don’t really do anything because its during the week. But he loves loves loves lasagna so I made lasagna roll ups this weekend and froze them to have for dinner this week.

  156. says

    Wow I’m surprised that Applebees has so many fans after they fired that waitress for no good reason! They are definitely blacklisted for me. I’m married but my real valentines are my BFFs, we started a new tradition of seeing Nicholas Sparks movies together – romance is so much more fun with girls!

  157. Leigh says

    My boyfriend and I actually celebrated valentines day on Sunday because he is a hockey coach and has a game Thursday night. Buuuutttt…we do love to eat out!

  158. JulieA says

    My husband/Valentine and I will be spending V-day night with our pooches. We are going to cook a new recipe and cuddle on the couch, watching our endless supply of DVR’d shows. Perfect night.

  159. Rachel says

    Spending Vday-day with dinner at home with my boyfriend, then continuing the celebration of love this weekend in big bear.

  160. Sara Kruse says

    My husband is my valentine, but we don’t normally celebrate. I’m one of those people who can’t stand that we have to have a special holiday to tell people we love them. I’d take him to Applebee’s tho if I happen to win. On Friday.

  161. Katrina says

    I definitely have a valentine — my husband! We’re either planning to go skiing for the day or to a movie, which is special for us because we NEVER go to the movies!

  162. sally kate says

    I have to work on Valentines (if I can kick this laryngitis!) and unfortunately my boyfriend is sick too and can’t drive 4 hours to come see me :(- so I definitly deserve free food!

  163. Colleen says

    Yay I just ate off their light menu this past wkend!!! My husband is my Valentine and he surprises me wih a different type of date each V-Day!

  164. Brianne says

    My boyfriend is my valentine but unfortunately we are long distance :( so I will be having a lot of wine while skyping this Valentine’s day!!

  165. Ashleigh says

    Those options all look delicious! My boyfriend and I are going to stay in and cook together to celebrate Valentine’s day :)

  166. says

    My husband and I decided to forgo the whole out to eat song and dance this year. Usually we make reservations for somewhere nice but we are over the V-Day hoopla and decided to just have a night in with pizza from our favorite spot and make chocolate covered strawberries together. Wine will most definitely be involved and will cost 1/3 of what a bottle out would :)

  167. Asiana says

    My valentine and I are still undecided about what restaurant we will going to on thursday. Applebees would be a great option because its less than a mile from my house!

  168. Jill says

    V-day is the same as any other day at our house! With kids, schoolwork and all that great stuff maybe we can fit in a movie, and some good snacks when they all go to bed!!

  169. Brittany says

    Love this!! My valentine is this great guy I just met, can’t wait until Thursday :) our plans our pretty low key (trying to be budget friendly) maybe take in and a movie. Thanks agian for the chance!

  170. Shannon says

    My husband is my valentine. My brother-in-law is coming in to town and staying with us on Valentines Day, so we are celebrating on Wednesday with dinner out somewhere :)

  171. Lindsay H says

    For Vday I’ve got a special menu planned out to make for the hubster. Parmesan Chicken, salad, garlic bread, chocolate covered strawberries and oreo brownies. Whoo! I think I gained weight just typing that…

  172. marie says

    DH is my Valentine, and we’re going to make a special VDay dinner (duck, bok choy, & German chocolate cake) together and then watch a mushy movie.

  173. says

    I haven’t been to Applebee’s in forever. No big Valentine’s Day plans for me. I teach water aerobics on Thursdays so I will probably teach my class and maybe indulge in some chocolate :)

  174. Katy says

    Girl! As someone who worked at (multiple) Applebees thru highschool and college – proceed w/caution when eating there! They put lots of *questionable* ingredients in their food (and I’m not talking the HLB snobbery) and their sanitation is a whole nother bag of… yuck.

  175. Beth says

    For the first time ever, yes, I do have plans! Always been single/working/far from my boyfriend on Feb 14 – excited to have a real valentine this year!

  176. Marisa says

    Making heart-shaped pancakes for my kids <3

    My mother in law is flying in the night before, so will be spending the evening with her and my husband – takeout, wine, and cards

  177. says

    No plans on the actual day, but we’ll probably do something on the weekend. I’m planning on making chocolate dipped strawberries for my hubby though – doubt that he has even thought about it. :)

  178. Robyn D says

    This is a great giveaway! Yes I do have a Valentine…unfortunately he travels during the week for work, so Valentine’s Day he will be gone. BUT, we do have plans for Friday night!

  179. Patty says

    My husband is my valentine (and my dog :)). Our birthdays are both 6 days from Valentine’s day so get a little overloaded with celebrating so we always cook a nice dinner at home and open some good wine.

  180. Linda says

    My Valentine is my husband of 44 years, Jeff. I will be making him a special dinner at home that day. However, we’ve been wanting to try those new Applebee’s new dishes. Then we’d have 2 celebrations!

  181. Lindsay says

    I do have a Valentine – my hubby of 10 years. But we’re lame and probably won’t do anything or go anywhere. Unless I win this gift certificate, that is!

  182. Karen says

    I’m lucky enough to have more than one Valentine – my husband and awesome two kiddos! I plan to make heart shaped pizza with veggies for dinner and play some Wii with my special family! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  183. says

    Valentines Day will be celebrated by working out with my hubby then ordering Chinese (not so healthy!) followed by strawberries drizzled with DARK CHOCOLATE! :)

  184. Laura says

    Valentine’s Day can be such a loaded holiday. Should you be sad if you are single or happy with all the love in the world? Was this holiday created to generate chocolate sales or to remind everyone to stop and appreciate those that they love?

    Personally, I choose the path of love. Even as a single lady I love Valentine’s Day! It gives me a chance to take a look around and tell all those people in my life who I truly love, that I love them. As such, I am going out with all of my amazing, strong, independent friends and we are going to celebrate together, with a few drinks, some good food, and a lot of great stories. I am in NYC, so I hope to find a good hidden location, with a calm atmosphere.

    My general plan is just to appreciate those around, so LOVE to you all!

  185. Lesley says

    My Valentine is my sweet husband of almost 11 years! We don’t have any official plans yet (we tend to be last minute types) but maybe he’ll surprise me with something? :)

  186. Erin says

    My valentine is my hubby of 20 years:) We don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day. Yesterday was National Peppermint Patty Day, he surprised me with my favorite, giant York Peppermint Patty:) Pretty sweet<3

  187. says

    Do you have a Valentine? Plans for V day?

    I’m going to VEGAS!! Hubby and I leave tomorrow for an extended weekend in Vegas. We plan on seeing some shows, walking the strip, shopping, and spending some quality time together (that we’ve been missing out on – dang RUNNING!!)

  188. Jennifer says

    Spending the evening with my husband and cute toddler! I’ll be letting the husband take over bath time, and we’ll pick up some sushi and redbox for when the little one goes to bed.

  189. Jill says

    Love when restaurants feature calorie counts! Makes healthy choices so much easier.
    Vday staying home with husbo & baby boy! Perfect night:)

  190. jennifer says

    No plans here for Valentines Day. My hubby went back home across the country to be there for his mother while she had heart surgery. He was suppossed to come back tomorrow but storm Nemo postponed the surgery and he ended up having to stay another week :-( Hopefully we will get a chance to go out sometime next week when he is back.

    Those Applebee 550 calorie meals look more yummy then the regular calorie laden meals too!

  191. Kristy H. says

    I have the same love/hate relationship with Valentine’s day. My husband and I will be going to a nice resturant without the kids. I usually make up a valentine basket for my kids and make a yummy treat for dessert.

  192. Anna says

    I might make heart shaped pancakes for my toddler but no real plans.

    I want to add that after Chelsea welch- the Applebee’s waitress got fired wrongfully – and then how applebees pr failed -I don’t think I could support a franchise just yet.

  193. Jenny says

    I haven’t been to Applebee’s in forev. I was supposed to make dinner for my Valentine, but he might be working late. Reality tv and chocolate here I come!

  194. Julie says

    I do have a Valentine, the hubby of course. We have no plans so far, but I will off work early and think I will have dinner ready and take him to a movie. Unless I have an Applebee’s gift card then we will go out to dinner and see a movie. Would be a much nicer night that way : )

  195. Evelyn says

    I do have a Valentine; several actually (3 boys, 4 cats, 1 dog and oh, yea my hubbie). LOL!

    Our plans this year have been dampen by my husband’s grandmother’s death; the funeral is on 02/14. Boo!

    We will celebrate Valentines over the weekend.

  196. Rachel G says

    I am cooking dinner for my boyfriend and he is making me breakfast on the day of. I hope he doesn’t get me any candy my Girl Scout cookies just came in today and I’ve got more than enough sugar!

  197. says

    I have a Valentine and we’ll exchange gifts. His better be damn good because he got me a CARD last year. That’s it. I bought him gifts and baked a Valentine’s Day treat. Felt like the biggest tool.

  198. Heidi says

    My Valentine is my hubby, but we are celebrating late and not fussy because I have Boot Camp class from 7-8:15. Late dinner at home and some champagne and we are good to go!

  199. Rebecca S says

    I have a valentine and as of right now we don’t have any plans. Hopefully he can be home early from work so we can order a pizza and get dessert!

  200. Katie B says

    I do have a valentine. We are going to eat pancakes for dinner and maybe drink some wine after that. So it’s a pretty standard Thursday.

  201. Jill Hartley says

    We are staying home and making one of our favorite (unhealthy) meals… lobster tails, shrimp, mushroom and caramelized onion risotto (baked)

  202. Stacey says

    I do have a couple of sweet valentine’s. My hubby of 12 years and my 2 little boys :). We don’t have any real plans for the day other than making sure my oldest son’s valentines are ready for his school party on Fri.

  203. Ellen says

    For Valentine’s Day this year I would like to spend the day withy family a New Years’s resolution I made for 2013. Being away for college, I plan on going out with my sisters to a restaurany to give my parents a day off on this day.

  204. says

    My boyfriend has planned a surprise dinner for us for Valentine’s Day (all I know is that it is 25 minutes away and involves all locally grown food!). I’m also planning to give kid Valentine’s to everyone in my office – like what you do in grade school. Cards will be accompanied by a piece of chocolate. :)

  205. Nicole says

    My boyfriend is my Valentine and our tradition is I cook him dinner while he spoils me with flowers, candy and gifts even though I tell him every year DON’T get me anything! haha so I guess men don’t listen right?

  206. says

    Unfortunately my v-day plans include laying low and prepping for my reconstruction surgery on Friday morning. I had my double mastectomy on Oct. 22 and Friday is reconstruction day! While I am excited to have another step behind me, I’m bummed that the hubby and I can’t go all out for love day.

  207. Laura says

    I do have a Valentine and, actually, we are going out to celebrate tonight. Tuesday’s are our ‘date night’. I love Applebees, btw!!

  208. tara says

    No valentine for me… I’m a busy medical resident and on call…love to treat myself to a dinner out over the weekend!

  209. Marisa says

    My hubby is away again (the military has taken 14 of the last 15 Valentine’s Days away from us), so I’m going to spend the evening with a bottle of wine and cuddling with my dog. We all know that she loves me best!

  210. heidi says

    Spending it with my 4 loves: husband, son, daughter, dog (listed in order of when they came into my life….. Its all about pigging out on chocolate fondue for dinner, and yes I mean that is dinner, kids get a kick that chocolate is the actual meal :)

  211. Claudia says

    I love Applebee’s! My single friends and I were already planning on going together for our little “galentine’s day”!

  212. Tracy says

    I will cook a special dinner for my husband for Valentine’s Day but he will have to wait until the weekend. I am too tired to cook elaborate meals during the work week.

  213. Denise says

    My husband is my valentine ;D we typically celebrate our anniversary on 2/19 and just roll valentines into it…. We haven’t made plans yet but something awesome will be decided!

  214. shelly says

    I do have a valentine! and we are getting a couples massage on Wednesday and then I will be making a special dinner at home on Valentines day :)

  215. LeeAnn says

    My hubby is my Valentine and we will go out to dinner probably Friday or Saturday, since we both work M-F, and its no fun going out to dinner if you have to go to work the next day!

  216. Emily S says

    I have to teach a class that night. But, my husband and I are exchanging gifts under $20 and then this weekend we are going to make a nice meal together.

  217. Myra Huber says

    My husband is my Valentine. We will probably celebrate on Saturday because it will be more relaxing than trying to go out on Thursday.

    Love your blog!

  218. says

    Yes, I have a Valentine, I’d better after being married nearly 33 years. :)

    My husband actually remembered to make reservations at a restaurant for Vday–a bit late so he had to call around to find somewhere that we could eat earlier than 9 p.m. I expect we’ll also get in a workout that day to balance out the food intake reasonably well. Haven’t tried the new under 550 menu at Applebee’s, most of their stuff is so high in both calories and sodium that we rarely go there any more. I’d love a chance to give them another try!

  219. says

    Yum! That chicken with Parmesan looks super yummy!! I would love to take my hubby to Applebee’s! Let me wear the pants and plan date night! Take charge ladies!

  220. Hannah M. says

    My hubby is my Valentine! I think we are going super low-key this year and getting Hibachi takeout with lots of white sauce!

  221. Stacie says

    I share a birthday with Valentine’s Day, so typically my husband and I celebrate the weekend before or after for my birthday so it doesn’t get forgotten….so, we don’t have any “plans” per se…just to be together :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  222. Gracie says

    My hubby is my valentine! This is the first year we’re both gainfully employed since we got married so I’m hoping we really get to celebrate this year!

  223. shana s. says

    I do have a valentine, who I am marrying in 25 days! Sadly, I do not have any valentine’s plans, because he is away for work. If I win, I will take my best friend on a hot lady date!

  224. Dana says

    My husband’s basketball league has a game and I have a six month old so we are probably not doing too much this year.

  225. says

    I do have a valentine! We haven’t celebrated the past two valentine’s days (long distance probz), but he’ll be here late Thursday night this year and the cert would make for a great V-Day reunion!

  226. Maureen says

    Since it is the middle of the week and going to work the next day probably not going out but might have a nice dinner at home.

  227. Holly B says

    I will be tagging along with my boyfriend as he drives down to Charlotte for a job interview (we live in Ohio). So, mostly driving and probably a fast food dinner on Valentines day 😉

  228. Lynsey says

    My valentine is my husband, but we don’t have plans. We have never really celebrated vday except for like the first one when we were dating…it was that awkward should I get him/her something? Then we both discussed how vday really means nothing to either of us. So, there’s that. :)

  229. says

    I’m not a huge fan of V-day…but I am a fan of love so I celebrate regardless. :) The hubs and I will just be cooking dinner together at home. Keeping it low key and romantic! :)

  230. says

    My husband is my valentine, but we’re old and lame and don’t ever do anything exciting to celebrate! Maybe getting a food gift card will give us a reason to go out to dinner! 😉

  231. Anne says

    No plans this year, just broke up with my boyfriend who I moved across the country to be with. So its an exciting valentines day because it’s my “fresh start new and improved” valentines day

  232. Denise P. says

    Oh 2 minutes before 8 and I’m sneaking in here. I do have a Valentine this year, hopefully my one and only forever. He’s taking me out for a swanky dinner somewhere in LA.

  233. says

    What a great giveaway!! My valentine is my hubby of 15 years. We just got back from an amazing 2 week trip to the Keys so we will be laying low on Thursday planning our next adventure!!

  234. says

    My valentine is 300+ miles away in Chicago, so I’ll be spending Valentines day without him. I’ll probably hang out with me friends Thursday night. Go to happy hour, or something.

  235. tara says

    Oh yes big plans……forget about the candy, I am getting money! We have a date with our tax accountant…so romantic!
    I am really not into valentines day at all.

  236. Jen says

    Having dinner as a fam with our four kids then once the 3 youngest are in bed my husband and I are going out for dessert. We cant get too crazy and stay out late cause I have to get up at 4:30am to run 12 miles.

  237. Jill says

    My Valentine is my hubby of 11 years. No plans yet, but we’ll see what he decides. It usually involves chocolate since he knows I think flowers are a waste of money.

  238. Stacey says

    I DO have a valentine, unfortunately he is deployed and in Kuwait this year. So, I will be working and then more than likely treating myself to dinner, a bottle of wine, and maybe “Safe Haven.” Romantic, I know….

  239. says

    I do have a Valentine[s] – my husband, Alfred [11 yrs together, 7 married!] and my 2 year old daughter, Lillie!
    We don’t typically celebrate Valentine’s Day, so we don’t have any plans other than staying in & watching a movie on a couch while we devour ice cream & cookies.

    So, basically, a typical weeknight for us.

  240. says

    Nothing special here. I might make something fun for the kids, but the hubs and I will probably just watch tv…no one’s gonna tell us we have to love on any certain day-we love every day! 😉

  241. Erin says

    My Valentine is my fiance! We have been friends since 6th grade and have been together for 10.5 years (yep, really). Finally making it official in August, so it’s our last “single” Valentine’s Day. We actually don’t celebrate it since we’re still doing long distance (both in school) but I’m excited to hang out with my girlfriends! :)

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