Just the tip Tuesday – How To Get Curls

Hello and welcome to ‘Just the tip Tuesday’ – the  blog series where I make inappropriate references that force my mom to call and question my upbringing. And sometimes I give you a mediocre tip about running, eating or other. You’re welcome.

Today’s Just the Tip is about hair. On your head.

In my January Favorites vlog I said I loved my Remington Travel Hot Rollers. They work even though I have TONS of straight hair!


Soooo, a bunch of readers asked me, “how do you sleep at night knowing your blog is so random?”.

On a happier note others asked, “how do use the hot rollers?”

So super last minute I made this video – Hot Rollers Tutorial.

I’m using the Remington Travel Rollers.

Question: How’d you do your hair today?


  1. Sarah says

    I’m so glad you posted this video! I actually went out and bought those rollers because I have also been plagued with a lifetime of tons of straight hair that just won’t curl and I was convinced by your testimonial. I’ve tried them a couple times and had some pretty good success. :) I’m glad to finally be able to do something different with my hair!

  2. Kerri A says

    You are so friggin’ cute!! “You know how hairspray works… press this button!” hahahahaha
    Thanks for the tutorial – I have lots of crazy red hair too. I bought hot rollers years ago but have never had the patience to try to figure them out. This ALMOST has me ready to to give them a try!!

  3. Sarah M says

    Thanks for the video! You crack me up! I’m sure it’s weird to talk to yourself when shooting a video! I’m going to have to try those rollers. Your hair looks so pretty! Enough exclamations!!!! Ok I’m done.

  4. Kaelin says

    Love your tips!!! “You know how hairspray works….” haha!

    I have a lot of really long curly hair, which is a blessing because it’s wash and go. I have no patience for hours of “getting ready”. I do occasionally blow it out and curl it, so I will keep your hot rollers in mind next time I want to get all fancy! :)

    This summer I started braiding my wet hair into two french braids and sleeping on it (Laura Ingalls style). Then I’d take it down after it was completely dry and have a mass of glorious waves! It takes mine forever to dry that way, but its so worth the no-fuss ‘do.

  5. Caitlin F. says

    Um, can I just say that you are looking extra fabulous lately? I might need to invest in those hot rollers for my uber straight hair.

  6. says

    That was soooo quick. I have a hot curling iron that takes FOR-EV-ER to do my entire head. I may just have to buy these. Although I am blessed with curly hair, unless its tamed with an curling iron, its a whole lot of hot mess on my head.

  7. says

    I have the same hot rollers, only they’re like 15 years old. They still work, so I don’t have any complaints. Today I did a lot of working out so I didn’t really style my hair, just washed it and let it air dry since I’m just going to pull it into a pony tail and head to yoga tomorrow morning.

  8. says

    Hey b – if you can fit these into your bag for NOLA, do it! My hair doesn’t usually hold a curl, and I’m wondering if these will do anything or not and I don’t want to waste my money… k thx. 😉

  9. says

    Your hair looks so pretty! I actually have naturally curly hair, so I have the opposite goal…how to get it straight! Although I got sick of spending 20 minutes blow drying and using the flat iron every day so not I just rock the curls :) But you look gorgeous as always!

  10. Breanna says

    I have the same type of hair you do so maybe I’ll try these. I usually wash my hair and let it air dry and then flat iron out the ONE random wave in it (the rest is perfectly straight). Curling my whole head with a curling iron would take about 45 minutes. Maybe I’m just challenged, but I do have a lot of hair. Last time I tried rollers I couldn’t get the hang of it but you’ve inspired me to try again because it looks so pretty!

  11. Jenny says

    This was such a great post! You have the same type of hair I do and almost the same length so I found tihs really useful. I was skeptical at first that 10 rollers would be enough, but you have convinced me!

  12. says

    I’m slightly in love with your sweater. In a non-creepy way…

    My hair refuses to curl. I don’t even own a curling iron any more because even on the hottest setting with hair spray and lots of verbal encouragement, my hair will not hold a curl. Maybe I’ll give the rollers a shot. :)

  13. says

    I have the same rollers – they make my hair super curly…so much so that my b-f says I have “pageant hair” when I use those. Lately I’m sticking to larger rollers to just smooth out my natural wavy hair.

  14. says

    You have gorgeous hair!!! (I’m a bit, actually a lot jealous.)
    My hair is short, but I’m currently growing it out so it is just plain bad!!!
    On the few occasions when I have longish hair (I always grow it out after a few years then go back short), I like hot rollers.
    Love the random hair blog!!!

  15. Deb says

    I have super thin, straight, long hair. I usually either just wear it straight, but sometimes I use an awesome style found on cutegirlhairstyles : Cocoon Curls | Easy No-Heat Curls | Cute Girls Hairstyles . It is awesome! I can put them in my hair after a quick dry in the morning, and take them out when I get to work. Then I have super curly hair all day! Love this style. Thanks for sharing your ideas – you’re the best!

  16. Megan says

    I’ve not done a thing with my hair yet. It’s piled in a high ponytail thing with pieces hanging out from sleeping like this. It’s hawt.

  17. says

    My hair is in the boringest pony tail known to life today… but I threw on a headband to spice it up. Slept through the alarm… no time for primping!

  18. Jessie says

    FOR-EV-ERRR! I definitely caught that reference.

    Thank you for posting! I bought some rollers a long time ago and I think I threw them away because I didn’t know what I was doing?! Eh. But those travel rollers don’t look so intimidating. I don’t understand how girls curl their hair with a curling iron, it takes me way too long and I get impatient. I will attempt the rollers though!

  19. Mary says

    love love love it! also i just read yesterdays your post on valentines chocolate and i say the same thing to my dad EVERY YEAR haha unfortunately he actually listens. boo. :(

  20. Tia says

    “Today’s Just the Tip is about hair. On your head.”

    Hahahah I love that you felt you needed to really clarify that.


  21. Candice says

    Lol. Love the tutorial!! I am a curling iron girl but you kind of made me want rollers! I have to go to Walmart tomorrow and have a feeling I’ll be stuck in the hair roller aisle thinking about it. Ha ha.

  22. Sandy says

    So I have a tip for you. Maybe you will care, maybe not, oh well. :) If you take Biotin (a vitamin supplement) your hair grows faster and is healthier. I love your blog! You are amazing! And your running times are Awesome!!!

  23. says

    You have beautiful and amazing hair. My hair is super wimpy; fine & straight. Although when I let it air dry it gets a little bit of a crazy wave going. I’ve finally convinced the girl that does my hair to stop curling it because the minute I’d walk to my car…the curl was gone. Seriously! Typically I’ll use a flat iron to get rid of the fly-aways.

  24. Patty says

    Not to sound extremely stupid but do you just plug the case in to heat them up? I just didn’t see a cord in your video and didn’t see one online. Just curious. I used to use hot rollers in high school (I feel old) but haven’t used them in a LOOOOOONG time and like you said with long hair it takes FOR-EVER to curl your hair. Loved the video, you were cracking me up!

  25. Shannon B. says

    Love the blog, so my biggest mistake (so far) of 2013 is getting bangs cut into my hair after 20 years of NOT having bangs…WTF was I thinking. I had no idea how to fix them. I did indeed watch a you tube video on how to fix my bangs, I’m still not loving them, but at least I can get them to swoop over now!! :)

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