Kleenex Care Packs


February 14th isn’t just Valentine’s Day, it’s also my lil mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! She is awesome and raised me to be nice and kind and blah blah blah. But she was also a little ‘tough love’ when it came to being sick or hurt. For example… When I was a kid, screaming at the top of my lungs that my brother was killing me she would say, “Do we need to call 911?” I … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Wednesday–Ruby Dvd Giveaway


I have been a big big fan of Ruby since I first saw her reality show a few years back. I don’t know why it really struck a cord with me, but I adore her. She had a show a few years back that documented her life in the South and weight loss. Ruby was always open about her struggles on the show and worked with a trainer, dietician and therapist (<- very important for some … [Read more...]