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I got a new laptop!

So now I can write mediocre blog posts on a shiny new red computer! image

I got the one I was looking at last week. I was partial to it because of the color but wanted to be sure it had all my requirements (under inch thick, light, decent battery life, 15 in). After a week of research on laptops I decided to go for it and bought it tonight.

I’m super excited!!!

red laptop

(Note: A Mac was not an option because I need Windows Live Writer to write the blog.)

Then, I saw I hit 12,000 twitter followers today! You can join my team @RunEatRepeat and tweet me up!image

Hope your day was epic too. Was it? Do you have any breaking news to share?


  1. says

    I’ve a pink limited edition Vivienne Tam HP netbook which is a few years old – works fine for light work/application coz I usually use the PC in the office. Love the pink!

  2. says

    Breaking news for me — today I started using Twitter! Maybe I was number 12,000?? You can tweet me @PHLTailsTrails. Also, sweet computer! Happy blogging!

  3. says

    Congrats ont the twitter pimping girl!! Lots of followers!

    Love the new laptop, I have a macbook, but have been considering another laptop just for blogging. Windows live writer does rock!

    I use mars edit for my mac, not too bad!

  4. says

    i just don’t get why Apple can’t replicate LiveWriter. I know they have something similar, but it doesn’t even compare. Come on, Apple – just steal LiveWriter and call it something else.

  5. says

    Our epic news was that TSA called yesterday and they are sending our laptop (hopefully it really is ours) back to us….since my husband left it at security in Phoenix on Sunday.

    And being the good wife I’m not even going to remind him that I suggested that he NOT take it. He didn’t even use it while we were out there. Grrrrr

  6. kelsea says

    I got that same computer about a month ago…the mother board blew after a week….hope you fair better than me – good luck!! :)

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