Rock N’ Roll Pasadena Half Marathon recap

Happy Monday!

Sorry I’ve been MIA, but I had the most awesome weekend. I did a lot of sole searching and running and eating and drinking – this is the way life should be, right?!

pv run

My fun started Saturday morning with Coach Steve, he invited me to run a few miles in Rancho Palos Verdes with the Sole Runners. They are training for LA and this is a cut back week so the plan was 6 miles. We only ended up doing 3 super slow miles because we were ‘Sole Searching’ for Starfish in the tide pools

1361030529025 (408x306)


Plus, our third musketeer Dave from the ING Class of 2012 was in town and Steve wanted to take a romantic walk on the beach with him. They let me be the third wheel if I took pics for them.image

I wish I was kidding.steve and dave love

palos verdes rocksthird wheel

It was a gorgeous day and you could see all the way to Catalina. I love California. IMG_20130216_094525

After our 3 mile stroll we hit up the Hermosa Beach Pier for some lunch.1361045182422 (408x306)

These boys know how to have a good time. I’m not normally a day drinker, but when in Rome Runnerville do as the experts do…IMG_20130216_124220

After lunch we hit up the expo for our race kits. IMG_20130216_141355

Win of the day = I scored a beautiful piece of runner jewelry that I’ll post about soon! Love love love.


The Rock N Roll Pasadena Half Marathon

This was only the second time for this race and it’s relatively small by RnR standards – I want to say just over 5,000 people?20130217_085143 (800x600)

Lucky for me I scored a VIP wrist band and was able to hang out with the one and only Dan Evans before the race for a few minutes. You might remember him from a little show called The Biggest Loser. #NoBig20130217_070909 (600x800)

Apparently we’re close enough friends that he can make fun of my “hey I’m running” pose…that's not a good pose

See.20130217_073155 (600x800)

It’s kinda random that ING introduced Steve, Jen (not pictured), Dave and myself to each other in June for the #INGClassof 2012 and we’ve become such great friends! It is so much more fun to do races with people and then celebrate with them class of 2013

This was Dave’s 682nd race (give or take, I round up) and I asked him for some advice on racing. He said something about the key being pre-race mimosas and Dan decided to give it a whirl…

20130217_072057 (600x800)

Allegedly. 20130217_070843 (600x800)

This RnR Pasadena race is only a half marathon (no full option). It starts and ends at the Rose Bowl.

rose bowl

The course has a few hills, but I wouldn’t call it hilly all together. There are also a few out and back sections (I know some people don’t like that). You run through Old Town Pas and there are bands along the course per the RnR signature move. rock n roll pasadena

rock n roll pasadena

I wasn’t in great shape going into the race given the night before so I took it easy breezy and just enjoyed running with my peeps.

Race #5 / Half Marathon #4 of 2013 = 2:07:30

1361124465879 (408x306)

Thank you to Refuel for giving me a bib for this race and then providing me with all the choco milk my heart desires after!refuel choco milk

After the race I headed back the VIP tent and SAW DEENA KASTOR!!! I was too embarrassed to go up to her and now that will live on as the biggest regret of my life.

I also saw that lady from Grey’s Anatomy being interviewed! greys anatomy runner

We watched The Far East Movement play and I think this is my favorite post-race concert so far! They put on a solid, high energy show! image(Instagram RunEatRepeat)

Then, we got to meet the band! How cool is that?!

far east movement meet & greetfar east movement meet and greet

After the race we grabbed lunch…tacos for life

and hit up a hole-in-the-wall joint for Bloody Marys. 20130217_164558 (800x600)

So pretty!image

Dan was the post-post race concert.20130217_131837 (600x800)

Margis and pizza were the post-post race deliciousness. 20130217_170753 (800x600)

And I had a blast! The end.

Question: Did you run RnR Pasa – share your thoughts in the comments!

Did you run this weekend? Where/Why/How??


  1. says

    It looks like you had so much fun last weekend! I don’t think I could ever go on a run with a path that has tide pools along it. I would totally get distracted and never finish my run. RNR Pasadena sounds like an interesting race. I like to run some smaller races–sometimes the huge crowds are just too much–and it sounds like Pasadena has that smaller feel. Have a great Monday!

  2. says

    I loved the season that Dan was on The Biggest Loser – definitely one of the best. It seems like you had a party weekend with a race thrown in! Glad you had a good time!

  3. says

    The race looked like so much fun! I need to get out to Cali soon….I wish I could be running outside right now -these days most of my runs, including my long run this past weekend, only occur on the treadmill. It is freezing here in NY!

  4. says

    Your weekend seems like one of those weekends that you need a few days to recover from! I (shockingly) ran for a half hour on the treadmill yesterday solely for the purpose of justifying the Trader Joe’s PB&J Bar I ate.

  5. Gillian says

    I thought it was a fun race with a few hills (not too bad) and I didn’t really mind the out and backs. Actually because of the out and backs I got to see Deena run by and cheer for her! Btw I love your pink and black running skirts, are they Moving Comfort? I wore a Running Skirts brand athletic skirt for the race and the little shorts moved around a bit and annoyed me. 4 weeks til LA full mary!

  6. says

    No races for me this weekend but I did run whlie in Asheville on vacation with my husband (also named Ben) and then on Sunday I did my long run of 16 miles. I’m training for the Pittsburgh marathon in May.

  7. Deb says

    Wow – looks like you had an awesome weekend! I had a pretty good weekend (running wise) also. Our weather was expected to be pretty cruddy here (OC, Md), and Saturday morning was the small window of opportunity to get up and motivated for a run. I put in 7 miles!!! That is my longest run ever. Overall, I felt pretty good. Kept my speed s.l.o.w. to make sure I had enough gas to finish – and I did!! Confession time – I’m a copy cat with your running pose … hope you don’t mind…. I’ve already mapped out my SLR for next weekend – going for 8.5 (eek!).

  8. Wendy says

    I ran the RNR Pasadena half and ended up with a huge PR 1:58:21 (my previous best was from the Laguna Hills Memorial Day Half in May- 2:03:44)! I run that area pretty frequently so I’m familiar with the course. I saw Deena Kastor on the out and back on Green and gave her a shout out. That woman is amazing!!

  9. says

    That was just a wonderful weekend for ya’ now wasn’t it?!? I’m a bit jealous of you getting to hang out with Dan, he was one of my favoritest people on BL! I love seeing past contestants who keep up the good work and keep the weight off, he looks amazing. Are you running the San Diego RNR? We are going to be in CA that weekend and I want to sign up sooooo bad, I’m trying to convince my hubby that he wants to run it with me. It would be his first half, what better place to run your first real race than beautiful San Diego?!? I’ve just been wondering if you were going to be at that one, I’d love to meet you. You are so entertaining and fun!

  10. says

    Monica, You are a star! It was great to getting to spend some of the weekend with you. Running most of the Pasadena RnR with you was almost as fun as all of us hanging out at The Rancho. I might need a recovery week from this recovery week, or at least a nap toady. I’ll forward you my great starfish picture for your readers to see. More good times ahead for the #ingclassof2013

  11. says

    My husband & I did the IMS Arizona Marathon – the half distance. Good course & perfect running weather (although chilly to start). I got to meet “new” family and see old friends. I was a whirlwind/quick trip-Friday thru Sunday-but well worth it.

    It was state #11 for us on our quest for all 50.

    We met a lady whose husband was doing the full marathon. It was his 320th FULL MARATHON! He has completed a full marathon in every state 5 times. FIVE TIMES! And they were probably in their 60s so I’m feeling a little better about being able to do a half in every state even though I started at age 45.

  12. J T says

    My week-end was amazing as well, but for totally different reasons :)
    I ran my first ever race this past Saturday. It was just a 5K, but now I actually feel like a runner. Thanks for all the motivation!!!

  13. Jules says

    I did the austin (tx) half in 1:54, with my good running buddy/half mary virgin (we popped his cherry with this race). A hilly(ish) course but it was perfect race weather!

  14. Karina says

    Hey Monica! Long time reader! What earphones do you use when you run? I’ve been on the hunt for such a long time now for ones that stay in place. Thank you!! xox from DC.

  15. says

    yep I ran RnR Pasadena. Second year for me and I will be back next year. I love that race. One of my favorite actually even though the course is not easy. well not for me anyway. :)

  16. says

    Hmmmm, I thought about that race, but as a new racer I wasn’t sure. Would you you run it again if you had to pay? I find that’s the ultimate test. PS- I love Pasadena.

  17. says

    Loved the race this week at Pasedena, it is where I train so it was great to have a home court advantage…working on a knee issue that put me behind my desired time but ran with friends and enjoyed the pretty day…nothing like the bridge at mile 9. Go Team Refuel!!

  18. says

    I have to say that I am so jealous of you guys out in California wearing shorts and the sun is shining etc etc lol. I live in Massachusetts and it was 9* this morning! can’t wait for the spring!

    You look like you had so much fun!

    I ran this weekend 6miles outside with my lil doggie, “Gator” My fav go to distance lately for some reason. 😛

    Also, quick question for you, are those Brooks PureCadence?

  19. says

    Girlfriend, you are looking super duper fit lately! Just thought I’d let you know. I was supposed to run this but my cold got the best of me and I didn’t feel making the trip. Plus, I kind of suck at half marathons so it’s hard to find the motivation to get up early for one.

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