Just The Tip Tuesday–#2 Most Important Piece of Running Gear

I think a good running shoe is the most important piece of equipment for a runner. But, a good running sports bra comes in at #2 for girls.

So, when a company hits me up to review their sports bra I gladly accept because they are expensive and I want to save you the trouble of buying a 50 dollar article of clothing that’s not going to do you any favors

Today I tried the Jockey Vavavoom sports bra. It’s $42.00 <- see, not an amount of money you want to spend on something unless you’re going to dig it.IMG_1126 (800x600)

Yes, you can buy a $16.00 sports bra from Target, but with those I usually double up so it’s really $32.00 anyway.

I like that it has a vent under the boob area to make it breathable. Also, being a member of the IBTC, I appreciate that it has molded cups so it gives the girls some more girth. 20130219_091301 (600x800)

And it has a clasp back – that is my new favorite thing in sports bras lately. I don’t like that it just comes in black or white – 2 sad color options, what is this?! back copy

Just the Tip: Take care of your sports bras by washing them on a gentle cycle and then hanging them to dry – NOT tossing them in the dryer.

I’m also taking this awkward blog post full of topless pics to announce I’m going to take Jillian Michaels 6 Week Six Pack challenge and starting today do her workout 3 times a week for six weeks and report back with my findings. I said I was going to do this at the beginning of February but never did. So, this is my new start!

Does anyone want to do it with me?

And finally – thank you to reader Monica who snapped this picture of me and my friends running RnR Pasadena this weekend! Who needs pricey race photographers when you have awesome readers like this!!!

running rock n roll pasadena

And another reader gave SR and I the head’s up that our picture is on the new Santa to the Sea Half Marathon ad. It’s kinda embarrassing, but kinda cool? I can’t decide.

 santa to the sea

Question: What is your #1 most important piece of workout gear?


  1. Tiffany says

    I’ll do it with you! Abs are my least favorite part of my workout. I would rather run another 5 miles before doing 5 crunches. I’ve done the DVD a couple times but that’s it, it’ll be cool trying to do it the full 6 weeks. My most important piece of workout gear aside from shoes and sports bras (you just can’t top those) are my pants/capris. If they don’t stay exactly where I want them to 95% of my workout I just want to quit- so far I only have 1 pair I LOVE (UA). So if anyone has suggestions I am all ears.

  2. says

    I agree that having a great sports bra for running is so key. I sometimes see women running on the sidewalk and I want to stop my car and tell them where they can get a sports bra that actually works. It has to be really uncomfortable and painful to have a crappy sports bra. The one Jockey sent you is pretty cute. Good luck with your abs challenge (although it doesn’t look like you need it, and I mean that in the least creepy way possible). A little core work never hurt anyone. :)

  3. Wendy says

    I love your new blog banner! I can’t do without my running shoes so I buy 2 pairs at a time when they’re on sale. I’m also guilty of buying the Target sports bras and am a platinum member of the IBTC, lol!

  4. Cori @olivetorun says

    SHOES. currently obsessed with my brooks purse cadence 2s in purple. You can’t go anywhere without your shoes!

  5. says

    I have to have a good sports bra but I also need something on bottom that stays put! I can’t focus on running if I’m constantly hiking up my pants!

  6. says

    Lookin good! What capris are you wearing in the pics?
    I like the length…
    I’m also needing new sports bras…champion has always worked for my ‘girls’ but the Jockey one looks cute!

  7. says

    I have the video, so maybe some accountability with you would make me actually slide the coffee table over and use it! 3 times a week? I should be able to swing that. I skipped my run this morning, so this will be a good filler for tonight!

  8. says

    I have Jillian’s 30 Day Shred but it is currently missing somewhere in the pigsty that is my house. So annoyed. I need to find it. You, however, do not look like you’re in need of any help in the ab department, so I’m pretty sure I hate you. And I mean that with love. =)

  9. jennifer says

    A good sports bra is #1 on my list. I am a DDD cup and I have to wear 2 or 3 high impact bras at a time. It stinks to spend $50+ on a bra that doesn’t work.

  10. says

    I have never splurged on a good running bra, and think I should after baby #2 cause trying to run while breast feeding is NOT fun. Problem is they don’t make them big enough for us overweight girls… My mother-in-law ordered me a really fancy Moving Comfort one and even at it’s largest size (speaking width not cups) it didn’t fit ; (

  11. Leah says

    Perfect timing, I’m 4 days into my Six Week Six Pack challenge! I’m loving it, I like this video way more than 30 Day Shred. I’ll definitely stick it out for 3 more weeks with ya!

  12. says

    I really need to buy this dvd and join along bc I have been slackng with my ab work. Most important running gear? Def shoes and sports bras. I am on a lifelong search for a bra that can contain the girls.

  13. MB says

    Running shoes and jog bras are tied in my book. I recently found the Moving Comfort rebound racer bra and love that one. You didn’t really review this bra, though. Did you actually run in it? Was it comfortable to run in? Other than the lack of colors, were there any drawbacks to it? What makes it better or different from other jog bras?

    • says

      Yes, I ran in it and liked it. I usually wear 2 sports bras (when I have the cheaper ones) and this was like the MC one where I only had to wear one. It’s comfy, no other drawbacks really.

  14. says

    I love that you guys are on the ad – how fun!! I recently bought a sports bra at Victoria Secret that I love for $26, so not too much. I usually buy the Old Navy sports bras when they go on clearance for a few bucks.

  15. Nicole says

    Okay girlie – you don’t need Jillian’s Six-Pack Abs! You’ve got great waistline definition! You look great!! 😀

  16. says

    You look smokin! You can tell you’ve been working hard already:-) I <3 that sports bra; you should talk them into a giveaway for your readers!!

  17. april says

    loved your review – i’m a member of the IBTC, too! i agree – it’s sad that companies think we only want black or white sports bras. i’d love a bright neon sports bra to match my pink brooks :)

  18. Angelica says

    Might I recommend a bra? Moving Comfort Fiona is also pretty pricey, but is the best! Clasp back, lots of colors and cup/band sizes, and adjustable Velcro straps–making it especially great for us nursing, running moms!

    Q about the gentle cycle: My workout clothes tend to stink unless I wash them on heavy/warm with vinegar. Does your wash keep out the stink?

  19. says

    I cannot live with out my Sparkly Soul headbands! I have so many stray hairs and those headbands stay put no matter what! I also agree that Moving Comfort bras are awesome! I wear the Vixen and love it!

  20. says

    Most important running equipment for me is good shoes! I am injury prone, currently injured again, and shoes help to keep my legs in order. Personally though, I have a hard time running without my garmin and some good tunes, oh and a good sports bra 😉

  21. says

    I’ll count myself blessed that I have no problem with my $18 sports bras from Target. I’m a C cup, so medium, but the C9 bras with the skinny straps in fun neon colors work great for me. One layer.

  22. Kristina says

    I have actually been doing the 6 weeks to 6 pack for about 4 weeks now, I do it 3 to 4 times a week and I see a big difference! I absolutely love it, my abs are showing and my back is more toned as well. I’m a big Jillian fan :) Good luck!

  23. Catherine says

    I’m in! Just ordered the DVD! I have been meaning to do more core work and this looks to be a good way to motivate me to get it done.
    I just got the Moving Comfort Juno bra and really like it so far. Was a little unsure about the adjustable straps, but it turns out being able to adjust them tighter really helped with the overall support and comfort when running.

  24. says

    I agree – good shoes & a good bra. I’m old school and would prefer one that isn’t a racerback. Although I’m trying to incorporate them into my runs since they are easier to find. Love that this one has a clasp in the back. Its “okay” putting on one without BEFORE you work out but (IMO) I struggle getting them off my sweaty body afterward.

  25. Gillian says

    Shoes definitely#1! Lost quite a few toenails before figuring out I needed bigger shoes. And had some IT band issues until I got some shoes with a little stability. Sports bras#2. I would love one that keeps things in place and doesn’t show nip. Thanks to 50 degree temps at start of RnR ive got a lovely race pic. Oops. I’m also in the ITBC (34b, note the use of the small b). Looking for a new bra so ideas welcome…

  26. Monica says

    You are looking fierce these days, girl! What have you been doing differently with your workouts and nutrition? Or is this just the same persistence and hard work paying off?

      • Monica says

        Good for you! Once you get to a good place healthwise, I think it’s smart to stay off the scale and let clothes do the monitoring. Keep up the good work! The results of your hard work are inspiring!

  27. says

    Ooh I might do the Jillian Michael’s challenge with you. I have the box-set of her dvd’s and I think it is the only one I haven’t tried. Is it any good? I love the Banish fat/ raise your metabolism one and the 30 Day Shred is the one I’ve done the most since buying it last year.

  28. says

    You look really great, once you complete that workout series you’ll be rocking it hard. I also have to wear 2 sports bras when I run and I don’t really enjoy it. My problem is that I chafe REALLY BAD from all of the movement if I don’t wear two and really cinch those bad boys in place. I’ve tried all of the gels, glides, etc and only thing that works for me is 2 bras. Don’t want to mess with what works because that chafing hurts like a *B*

  29. says

    I don’t always think about them as such, but I suppose my running shoes are my most importance piece of running gear as well. And for the longest time I’ve just been doubling up on those Target sports bras, so I’m really spending just as much by getting two rather than just buying 1 good one. Somehow it’s less painful though.

  30. cali says

    ooh I’m definitely in for the 6-Wk Ab challenge. I bought the DVD a while back and have done the workouts sporadically but have not stuck with it for 6 weeks yet

  31. Sarah Beth says

    I am in week three of Jillian Michaels “Ripped in 30” DVD
    ( I do this 5 days a week) and I can really see a difference in my core, arms and legs. Great work out. Maybe you could try it after your six pack abs.

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