Just The Tip Tuesday – Marathon Recovery

Hello! I am back home and chugging along Smile

It felt great to get a full night of sleep in my own bed! But, I still needed (or wanted) massive amounts of iced coffee this morning. I have had problems with alternative milks curdling in iced coffee but TJ’s Almond Milk doesn’t curdle and tastes good. Sheck it out. <- not a typotrader joes almond milk

Just the Tip Tuesday 

Today I have a Running and an Eating tip for ya..

Race Recovery

I ran a marathon on Sunday so this is a recovery week for me. Even though I’ve been running more I still take rest pretty seriously. IMG_20130224_065129

After a hard race of any distance you should take it easy the same number of days that the race was in miles. If you run a half marathon you should take it easy on runs for 13 days, or 26 for a full.

You can change this up based on how hard you raced and how well prepared you were, but that’s the general rule.

Hal Higdon has a “Zero Week” plan for post-marathon recovery. So, today I took another rest day and tomorrow I’ll see how I feel.

My food tip of the day…

How do you recover from a marathon or half marathon?

I personally recommend massive amounts of beignets and chocolate. God Bless it. beignets

I found these ‘all natural’ Peanut M&Ms at Marshall’s last week, so that’s my snack of choice today:unreal candy

They are peanut M&Ms but without HFCS so you can justify eating more. Isn’t that nice?peanut m&ms

marathon image

Question: Peanut M&Ms or Regular?


  1. Patty says

    I never knew that about recovery. This makes me feel better because I have been taking it quite easy after my half marathon race earlier this month 😉 Thanks!

  2. says

    Regular M&M’s!!

    I never know how to deal with post long run hunger. I’m not hungry the day of the long distance run, but the day AFTER is absolutely insane and NOTHING is satisfying enough!

  3. Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers says

    Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you… No, wait, I always want the nut. Yeah you read that right. Ai yi yi!

  4. kc says

    Just noticing something, you said that you take rest seriously and that you’ll be recovering for a week but then you say you’re going to “see how you feel tomorrow.” Is this an error? I would really hope that with such a large readership you wouldn’t promote rest and then do the exact opposite. Rest is important and as “serious runner” you should know that. This comment isn’t meant to be rude but I just wanted to clarify what you said..

  5. says

    Peanut butter m&m’s!!! Omg they are my favorite!!!! Also-I haven’t had too many issues with the almond breeze curdling, not that I’ve noticed anyway….is it pretty obvious when it curdles?

  6. says

    I have a hard time resting after a long distance run. It’s so bad that I’m that stubborn. Hopefully I’ll be smart to take it easy after my marathon in March.

  7. says

    There has always been something magic about M&Ms, because of this blog post I am sure they soon will become the preferred recovery supplement after any sport. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  8. says

    Hands down, peanut!! I read somewhere once that they are they candy you should pick from the vending machine because of the protein in the peanut. I was that as an excuse to eat them with no regrets

    Recovery week is harder for me than tapering. Usually the Tuesday after a marathon I go out for a short run to shake my legs out. It makes me feel a little better :)

  9. says

    congrats on another finish, you are a machine lately!! :)

    I admit to not being the best at following any recovery plan. I just listen to my body and take it easy until I start feeling my energy levels and legs come back

  10. says

    I love your blog! I started mine about 2 months ago based on my goal of running a thousand miles this year.

    Hope you check it out!

  11. says

    I have a cold so I’m staying away from milk products but try a scoop of chocolate ice cream in your coffee or ice coffee or throw it in a Vita-mix and blend your chocolate ice cream coffee.

    Take another day or two off then join the Sole Runners in Palos Verdes for our 2 hour taper run as we prepare for the LA Marathon.

    Train Focused

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