Walking Wednesday and Running Video


Hello! I am behind on emails and blog work, but I had to get away from my computer this afternoon for a breather. Luckily my favorite walk it out partner was willing to meet me for a stroll. Yes I am rocking orange P-town socks. What what. Marni and Skinny Runner gave me an intervention on my NOLA beverage consumption, but we worked it out and our threesome is back … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Wednesday–Whiffits


Hello! This morning I set out for an easy 5 miler to see how my legs felt. My ipod and Garmin were both dead, but this is for the best because I like to pay attention to how my body feels after a race. I actually feel pretty good considering I wasn’t totally trained for 26 miles! My quads are a little tired, but I’m not sore at all. Weight Loss Wednesday - Diet Markers A … [Read more...]