What to Eat When You Run and um, Eat

Since this is my fifth blogaversary I thought I’d go back to where it all started.

No, not all the way back there…mexican flag thumb What to Eat When You Run and um, Eat

But to the daily food blog that RER used to be and show you what I ate today.

First, I ran. It’s this thing I like to do lately… 6 miles to be exact.IMG 7886 600x800 2 thumb What to Eat When You Run and um, Eat

Breakfast was egg and toast. Oh, and a lot of iced coffee until I spilled it EVERYWHERE. Like for real B – I managed to even get it on the curtains. When I spill something I go big. IMG 20130228 092621 thumb What to Eat When You Run and um, Eat

the most interesting man in the world spills coffee thumb What to Eat When You Run and um, Eat

Mid-morning I ate a lot of nuts. I have been eating excessive amounts of nuts lately. It’s okay. these motherfuckin nutz What to Eat When You Run and um, Eat


Lunch! A beautiful salad. But I’m Busted. I ate in front of the TV. I try not to do this, but I’m not perfect.IMG 6245 800x533 thumb What to Eat When You Run and um, Eat

This afternoon I ate the rest of my TJ’s greek yogurt with stevia and peanut butter. It was awesome. IMG 20130228 144148 800x800 thumb What to Eat When You Run and um, Eat

Then, I took a stroll and caught up with one of my friends on the phone. Kidding. I just held the phone to my ear and pretended like someone was talking to me so I didn’t feel lonely. 20130228 173735 800x600 thumb What to Eat When You Run and um, Eat

Dinner was a wet burrito was green salsa because it’s delicious.  And because I’m Mexican.IMG 20130228 182909 800x800 thumb What to Eat When You Run and um, Eat

And to celebrate RER’s 5th birthday I have an awesome dessert…

image thumb44 What to Eat When You Run and um, Eat

Dessert – Cinnamon Chocolate with fudge ribbons. I can’t. I just can’t explain how this makes me feel so happy in the world…IMG 1258 thumb What to Eat When You Run and um, Eat

Whew! No wonder I stopped blogging my eats, takes all night.

Question: When was the last time you ate in front of the TV?

I’ve been eating solo a lot lately so I used to reeeeeaally try not to but I’ve been slacking.


  1. says

    I eat in front of my computer all the time (which is basically my TV). I don’t watch live TV anymore unless it’s a basketball game.
    Looks like you had a wonderful day :D

  2. says

    I feel like I *HAVE* to eat in front of tv/computer. It kinda makes it really enjoyable for me?! lol

    i can’t believe i’ve never tried cinnamon chocolate icecream. hmm! this needs to change.

  3. says

    I usually have my meals (dinner weeknights and lunch weekends) in front of my netbook coz I’m single. It allows me to catch up on my emails, FB, tweet, chat etc.

  4. Fiona Jesse Giffords says

    When I was young every time I used to eat in front of the TV only and my mom was freaking out. And now I understand it such a bad habit. Now I only eat in front of the TV if at all some good or special programs are going on.

  5. says

    It always seems to be that the tv is on in the background but I am not watching it. I tend to eat a few meals in front of the computer. I try not to! I try to make sure my son and I disconnect from technology at dinner time, but it doesn’t always happen!

  6. says

    I don’t watch too much tv, but I tend to eat meals and snacks in front of the computer. One of my Lent goals is to stop eating in front of screens, so I’ve been making myself sit at the table. It’s a hard habit to break!

  7. says

    I eat in front of the computer on a daily basis. Kids napping = I can eat lunch in peace + catch up on FB or Hulu Plus or whatever the heck else.

  8. Jamie says

    I’m at home on maternity leave and have been watching WAY too much tv. It’s snowy and cold and I’m home alone with a tiny baby who is either sleeping or nursing.

  9. Shannon in Tustin says

    Please help a fellow Mexican by telling her where you bought that ice cream? Well, you might be helping more if you did NOT tell her…but she promises to share with the children in the house (share the love/calories).

    I’m so glad you blog; it’s a fun spot in my day.

    Happy Weekend!

  10. Sarah K. says

    Your meals look delicious. I’m glad you’re real and eat enough to fuel your runs and workouts. I often see blogs where girls eat 1200 calories and go on these 15+ mile runs and think, “How the hell do they do that?” If I don’t eat at least 2000 calories a day, I feel like I’m so weak on runs and don’t have enough energy.

    Thanks for keepin’ it real. You look fantastic by the way. I wish I could eat chocolate cinnamon ice cream and still look as fab.

  11. says

    That ice cream looks FANTASTIC. Cinnamon and chocolate– 2 of my favorite things– as ice cream– another fave? Sign me up!

  12. says

    I’m super guilty of eating in front of the t.v. with my boyfriend. We don’t even have a dining room set up. sad, i know. When we eat in front of the t.v. it feels like a race of who can finish before the commercials are over. Ughhh…I need to stop….We need to stop

  13. says

    When you eat at the table you can do a sort of eating meditation if you are alone and undisturbed. Enjoying every mouthful and imagining where it is going, etc. Meditation of every kind is healing, and sometimes our digestion needs a little care and attentive healing.

  14. Rachel says

    I eat dinner in front of the TV most nights (but never other meals). I like to blame it on the cats – by the time I get home from work + gym/errands/dance class, they are desperate to sit on my lap, and get very noisy if I try to sit at the table instead of the couch. And it’s too hard to eat, pet the cats, and hold a book at the same time, so it’s TV.

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