Sweet Relish


I didn’t even tell you with words since I did a Silent Saturday post this weekend – but I went out to LA for my friend Lisa’s birthday this weekend and had a blast! We rented a limo and drank champagne all fancy like… … enjoyed scotch and vodka outta glass containers that are hard to hold / pass in a moving vehicle so I was covered in scotch after the first round… … [Read more...]

Skinny Shamrock Shake Recipe


Hello! Since I mentioned it was “Shamrock Shake Season” I got a few comments about them being a little high in calories. Yes. It’s true, but it’s okay. Listen, I am all for 80% healthy eating, 20% Fish Fillets and Shamrock Shakes. And/Or being responsible 80% of the time, partying 20% EVERYTHING in moderation. Shakes included. I don’t see anything wrong with enjoying … [Read more...]