Egg Pizza Recipe


I said Egg Pizza was on the menu for this week on Sunday and then saw a bunch of searches for “egg pizza recipe” on RER. Well, I don’t want to disappoint but it’s not an actual recipe. I just add a layer of egg to pizza. whomp whomp whomp. But it is delicious! My crust was a tortilla. Because I’m Mexican. And because I like tortillas and sombreros. I cook up a plain egg … [Read more...]

Thai Food and Mike Tyson


Hello! This morning I did a solid 8 mile run. I had planned on doing more but time got away from me because I slept in a bit after an um, interesting night. I credit the Thai food I had for dinner for my awesome run… I swear by salty carbs! The award for best pre-run fuel in a supporting role goes to… Yogurtland!!! I don’t know why they gave me 2 spoons. I didn’t share. … [Read more...]