Starting a New Life…

So, I have some news for your today… I have decided to start a new life. To be honest, I didn’t really ‘decide’ as much as it has been forced upon me.oc museum of art girl

Let me back up…

Last night around 10:30pm the power shut down in my condo. No computer, TV, microwave, lights – it was like caveman times except I was eating M&Ms and I’m pretty sure they didn’t have those back then (can we get a fact finder on that though as I want to be historically accurate?).

Anyway, I hung out by romantic candle light for a bit before calling it quits and going to sleep. This morning when I woke up my phone and Garmin were both dying. So, I think I ran about 14ish miles? We’ll never know for sure.

Okay, that’s no big because I’m not Type A, but adds to the dramatic effect of the day.

The power was still off after my run and since my water heater is electric I had NO HOT WATER <- I am full of first world problems today. Boo-hoo.

Anyway, I went to the gym to shower. #Winning

At this point it was noon and the power was still off. I decided to live my life like they did back in the 80s and act like there was no internet. It was pretty weird.

Randomly I found myself at the Orange County Museum of Art. Orange County Museum of ArtOrange County Museum of Art

Then just when I thought my complete bullsht first world problems couldn’t get any worse….


And it broke, just like my little Mexican heart. broken cell phone tmobile

So there I was standing in the museum staring at my cracked cell phone that held all the people, answers, loves and secrets to my life. Gone. It’s all gone.

I considered putting my SD card into a new phone, but that wouldn’t make for a very interesting story blog post. Instead, I’ve decided to start a new life. Yep, everything in that phone is dead to me. I have 3 phone numbers memorized – my Mom, Nina and 911. That’s it. talk to you on the phone

Luckily, this story has a happy ending in that T Mobile sent me this other phone a while back to test out and I never switched over! Ha! I already have a new phone!!! #Winning again. tmobile new cell phone htc one

If you are reading this and still want to be in my new life you’re welcome to text or call me with your number. If you’re a complete stranger that wants to be in my new life leave a comment with your number and I’ll text you Winking smileflaky guys

Question: Have you ever broken your phone? Did you freak?

It’s funny that I didn’t freak at all, it was almost nice to think all the junk in there doesn’t count anymore…


  1. says

    Never broke my phone. But I have just abandoned all my old pictures and texts when I have switched to a new phone. Funny how you feel you can’t delete 2 years of stuff (yep, thats how often i upgrade) then it turns out you can go on without them afterall. Switching phones is a great opportunity to clean out old contacts.

  2. says

    Ugh I smashed the screen on my iPhone, it was not a good day. Lucky you had a back up like that. It’s crazy how quickly you feel lost and out of touch without the cell working, especially since we dropped our land line.

  3. Kelly says

    Love your blog!! I currently live in Texas, but my husband and I lived in Irvine and Rancho Santa Margarita for years before we moved here, so I love reading about what you do in that area!
    We are flying in for a visit on Monday, and if I wasn’t so intimidated, I’d try and get you to go for a run with me. You’d run circles around me!!!
    Good luck with the new phone!!

  4. Allison @ says

    I’ve shattered the screen on two iPhones (from now on, Otterbox forever!) and I’ve had my phone stolen from the nurse’s station at work by a patient. I freaked badly when I realized my phone was gone, but using the Find my iPhone app, the cops were able to recover it for me.

    It’s funny that you say you were reliving the 1980s because I recently stumbled upon some of my old Sweet Valley High books. Reading the escapades of Eighties teens with no cell phones is pretty odd when you contrast it with the pervasiveness of the Internet/electronics today! Half of the books’ plots would have been circumvented or prevented if cell phones existed.

    (I’m owning my love of the Wakefield twins)

  5. says

    Had my bag stolen twice…with the mobile in there…but hey, I’m still here! So all’s well despite losing the entire city’s numbers!

  6. Jessica J. says

    Can I email you my number instead so it isn’t out there for all the Internet weirdos? I totally want to have text convoy with you that go something like “my (water)melons are better than yours”. Reply: “yes but my psycho cat just mentally wrestled with yours” #toomamysaturdaynightbeers

  7. says

    Last weekend my phone dumped all my contacts. Not quite as bad as ruining it, but still pretty traumatic. I learned two things: I’m far too dependent on Pablo Junior (my phone) and I need to start syncing it to my computer.

  8. says

    The other week my iphone crashed and I lost all the phone numbers. I still had all the texts though. So I added all the people who I could figure out from texts and figured that if someone hadn’t texted me in the last year then their number wasn’t worth keeping. It was kind of liberating :-)

    However I’m not sure I could have managed if I had also lost internet and garmin at the same time lol!


  9. says

    I haven’t broken my iphone but I did lose it recently for over 4 hours and I felt completed disconnected from the world. It was an odd feeling. I had to run on the treadmill without my itunes, I also I kept hearing other people’s phones and I thought it was mine, kept thinking I felt mine vibrating in my bag, kept reaching for it to check for messages etc…all too dependent on technology! I am just glad I found it so I didn’t have to pay for another one!

  10. says

    I just woke up from a dream where I broke my iPhone in two! I was feeling pretty desperate in the dream.

    I have cracked the screen pretty majorly in real life. The thing I was most upset about was the ridiculous amount of money it takes to replace just the screen. Lucky for me, my friends husband really wanted to try fixing one on his own. So for $30 he ordered a kit and went to work. I was so happy!

  11. says

    I’ve had two problems with my phone… the first was a few years ago and it got a little wet when my water bottle leaked (which was in my bag with my phone) started to leak. I freaked out because when I turned the phone on I could see water spots on the background. Turns out iPhone “cleverly” made a water-spotted background and my phone reset to factory default for some reason. Yeah – it was really fun having the Apple Genius tell me that. *insert eye rolling*

    The other time was when my screen just stopped working. Literally, just black screen all the time. People could call me and I could talk on the phone but since I couldn’t see anything I couldn’t call/text/use apps etc… another trip to the Apple store but thankfully they replaced it since it was still under warranty.

    Glad that you got your phone fixed!

  12. says

    I’ve dropped my phone several times and although my heart stopped beating for those brief moments, luckily it has never broken. Not even a shattered screen. I’m close to getting a new/upgraded phone. It will be sad to not have all of my “old” pictures on there but will be fun to add new ones.

  13. says

    Wow – way to make the best out of several bad situations!!!
    I haven’t ever broken a phone (thanks to OtterBox) but a few months ago when I upgraded my phone the guy kept asking if I was sure I had everything I needed before he emptied the old one. I assured him it was fine. And it was….until I went to my Password app to retrieve the password for something – nothing!!! All my passwords were gone!! Oops.

  14. says

    I regularly leave my phone at home when I go out. I just don’t think about it… I really would only miss it if my car broke down.

  15. says

    I’ve lost a phone in a pile of leaves, dropped a different phone in the toilet (BEFORE anything took place;)), and I put ANOTHER phone through the washing machine (<this time around I felt like I was just bad luck and I went without a phone for about a week to punish myself).


  16. Billie says

    Umm, I have broken pretty much every phone I’ve had. Dropped one down a flight of stairs, another fell onto the subway tracks. The flip phone I had simply broke into two parts when i dropped it and I had another one in my grocery shopping bag when the container of buttermilk broke. I dried it off, but every time I tried to hit a button, buttermilk squirted out…I’ve simply accepted that I have the worst cell phone karma ever… and that I’m really clumsy.
    Love your blog by the way!

  17. says

    My phone went for a swim in a river once. Never did get it to come back. And DH dropped his brand new Galaxy, twice, just a couple of weeks after getting it. But it is limping along. No, neither of us really freaked. Everything on my phone (now) is backed up to the computer anyway.

    What was the deal with the power being out?

    The Kidless Kronicles

  18. says

    When I broke my phone the only thing I was really sad about were the pictures… Having 2 computers crash and a phone break, I’ve move on…but also finally. Bought an external hard drive. :)

  19. says

    On Monday morning I was heading to work. I had my gym bag, my computer bag, and my purse on one shoulder and my lunch and my phone in my other hand. I dropped my brand new iPhone 5 down the entire set of stairs. It cracked. There is now a huge crack across the entire front of the phone and it makes the screen that rainbow-ish color. Terrible. I haven’t gone into the apple store yet to figure out what to do about it but I feel your pain. At least you had a backup phone! I would love a text from you but don’t want to publicly post my number :)

  20. Shannon says

    Hey have you touched base with your SR buddy..her phone broke this weekend too! :(
    While all my phones have broke or took a swim, I am lucky to say the timing was such I was always able to get a new phone without penalty.

  21. Jenny says

    I dropped my Galaxy SIII one time too many and the screen went out. I had to use my mother-in-law’s old flip phone. The guy at Sprint not-so-subtly suggested an Otter Box and I’ve been fine ever since. 9403902893

  22. says

    Omg Monica I won’t leave u my number bc u prob already think I’m crazy when I tweet u! Hehehe

    So glad u had a happy ending! Hey are u coming to Blissdom?? I wanna meet if you are! :)

  23. says

    I would probably DIE if my phone broke. I have my entire life on my phone, but I am really good about backing it up frequently. That is a really bad day; I would want a start over as well.

  24. Natalie says


    I had it all planned out…I would leave my number, you would text me, the rest would be history…

  25. Kara says

    It’s funny you mention this, because I smashed my iPhone screen on a run on Friday! I normally don’t even take it with, but with all the snow melt, it’s been slippery. I only take it for emergency calls.
    I can’t live without it, so I ordered a new screen and will see if I can replace it myself.

  26. Micaela says

    I guess I’m the only one because no-one else has commented this, but I was SO sure when I saw the name of this post on twitter that you were announcing that you were cooking a mini-Monican!!!

  27. says

    I have totally broken my phone before.

    Step 1: Freak out!
    Step 2: oh this is kind of nice, a little peace and quiet for a little bit, no one can bug me right now
    Step 3: crap I can’t call my fiance or order my thai food right now.

  28. says

    I was at a race last year and some one else dropped my iphone and shattered it. Luckily it was the back and it still worked to play music because other wise I would have been livid!! He had to buy me a new one, poor guy.

  29. Rochelle says

    I had to much fun last weekend and dropped my iphone, broken screen immediately! I felt naked for then next 12 hours, bolted to the mall and had the screen fixed, best $75 i have ever spent lol!

  30. says

    Um yeah. I unfortunately dropped a 3-month old cell phone face first onto cobblestones. Let me assure you that the monkey glass on the HTC One S WILL NOT tolerate that. The thing smashed up real good — but the phone actually still worked beautifully. Go figure.

    I definitely agree that sometimes starting over with a phone is nice. I had to reset mine to factory settings recently and it was great to get rid of all the useless apps and stuff I wasn’t using anymore. Unfortunately when the same happens with a computer, I don’t appreciate it quite as much, tho. 😉

  31. Denise P. says

    Yeah I dropped my phone (the last “regular” one before I got a smart phone) on my balcony right after I found out my grandpa died a few years ago. That was a really bad day…

  32. says

    This is a jackpot of phone numbers for Cat Facts… i.e. where my friend texts people that don’t have her phone number stored and say “Congratulations! You have successfully registered to receive Daily Cat Facts. To stop receiving these messages, reply ‘432897jghgds87uj489324.’ ” And then she send random cat facts. And when they try to type the message to stop receiving the messages, she says “I’m sorry, that entry is invalid. To prove you are human, please respond with your favorite animal.” Pretty much everyone says dog, so she says “I’m sorry, that entry is invalid. The correct answer is cat.”

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