Sunday Set Up Grocery Haul and Taper Week

I was such a productive bee today! As soon as I woke up I walked to the store for some milk so that was my exercise for the day. Sundays are normally a rest day for me, but it’s nice to take a lil walk Smile

After breakfast I did a lot of cleaning. Then, I hit the store for a complete grocery haul…healthy grocery basket

In my basket:

  • Asparagus
  • Organic Spring Mix
  • Zip Fizz
  • Salmon canned
  • Celery
  • Fuji Apples
  • Salsa
  • Broccoli
  • Mahi mahi burgers
  • Egg whites
  • Eggs (I eat a lot of eggs.)
  • Turkey
  • Babybel cheese

banana hammock fruit basket

And I cooked up some chicken for lunch during the week – I am all set!way to burn the chicken ms. cook

The Los Angeles Marathon is a week from TODAY so even though I didn’t train specifically for it I am treating this week as a Marathon Taper week of sorts, meaning…

A LOT of this*:IMG_0833 (800x600)

*Carb Loading

and A Little of this*:IMG_2080 (800x533)*Rest

So, my workout plan for the week is – 3 days of running, 2 days of Jillian, 1 day of Rest.

And since it’s been a while – here are my favorite searches from the week… Someone googled this and found Run Eat Repeat:

  • “tina fey butt”
  • “depressed during marathon taper” – Perfect timing! Me too. Oh, you wanted advice? #Fail
  • “after i perspire i smell like fritos”
  • “am i hungry or horny”
  • “is it cheaper to buy whole watermelon or container pre-cut” – Whole! It’s so easy to cut too, watch my Watermelon Loving / Cutting vlog and it’ll take 2 seconds. Okay maybe 2 minutes.

Let’s Talk: Name one thing in your grocery cart this week!


  1. says

    I just bought and tried PB2 (peanut butter) for the first time this weekend. It’s my new favorite addition to smoothies.. I created a new recipe with it that I posted today if you’re interested in it :)

  2. Gillian says

    Noosa Australian yogurt. Oh my this stuff is gooood! It’s got real cream in it so I only eat it as a treat. Hope to see you at LA. I think everyone is going to be wearing green/shamrocks but I will try to find you. I’m shooting for sub-4 :)

  3. says

    I’ve never had them before (only the regular Sweet Potato Fries) but I bought some Alexia Sweet Potato Puffs. They look similar to a Tater Tot and I’m anxious to pop those puppies in the oven! Plus they were on sale AND I had a coupon – BOOM!

  4. says

    How many marathons have you run? How many have you actually trained for and what training plan did you follow? Was there ever a marathon were you didn’t taper and did it effect the race?

    Just asking since I just attempted my first 26.2, came up short at 23. Any advice you have for someone trying to make it to the 26.2?

  5. Tor says

    I hope you know you that you only counted 6 days in the week for exercise. I hope you know there’s one more day in the week.

  6. says

    How many eggs a week do you eat in an average week? I ask because I just googled it today, but I was a little concerned my own consumption might be a bit much. Found out it is. Oops! So I am trying to taper, too. My egg consumption that is! It’s going to be hard. I love them!

  7. says

    Iron-enriched cream crackers, coffee, body lotion, facial cotton wool…and 2 types of crisps: Lays’ Salt & Vinegar and the local Mister Potato’ Rice Crisps in BBQ. Hehehehehe

  8. says

    Oh I have two weeks of peak training left so I left Costco yesterday with my cart ridiculously full! Hummus, lots of veggies, tzatziki, and I couldn’t pass up the sale on Naked juice :)

  9. says

    I second the egg addiction, haha. It is totally normal for me to eat 6 egg whites a day!

    I love the feeling of a freshly stocked kitchen!!

    Good luck with your taper!

  10. says

    Beets are one thing that are always in my cart or fridge – roasted beets make everything better! :) LOVE your cart! I am trying out your “egg pizza” today for lunch, great idea!! Question of the day: WHERE did you get your fruit stand???? I LOVE IT!! #dyingtoknow
    Good luck this weekend!!

  11. says

    I’ve never tried canned salmon- sometimes out of the ordinary foods kind of scare me off and I’m a baby about stepping outside of my comfort zone, especially when it comes to canned meat (hint: canned chicken is pretty gross). How do you prepare it? Do you make it like canned tuna? One thing on my grocery list this week is chickpeas- I want to try one of the “crispy chickpea” recipes I’ve seen all over Pinterest.

  12. says

    Unsweetened almond milk.
    I buy that canned salmon at Costco–not too thrilled with the sodium content but it’s tasty. And you don’t have to fish out (ha, ha) the bones and skin like some canned salmon.

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