Training for a Marathon– What to Eat


When I mentioned that changing how I fuel for a marathon changed EVERYTHING about the race – everyone wanted to know if I got into Lance Armstrong’s stash what I was eating?! Figuring out what/when to eat and drink while training for a marathon is a very very important part of training. And everyone is different – some people can’t handle certain types of gels/chews/drinks. I … [Read more...]

Coffee Ice Cubes for Iced Coffee


Just the Tip Tuesday… If you’re been reading RER for more than a day you may be aware that I love iced coffee a little bit… And I like my iced coffee like I like my men – Big and Cold. Wait. Never mind. Here’s the tip… pour the rest of your coffee into ice trays to make coffee cubes. This keeps your iced coffee cold and strong. Yeah buddy. Bonus: Use the coffee ice cubes … [Read more...]