Skinny Runner’s Body Guard

I don’t know if you know this but Skinny Runner is kinda a big deal,

or at least that’s what she’s always telling me while we run costume races together…skinny runner half marathon disneyland

I mean, I know she is super rich because she always takes those luxury vacations to Alaska…skinny runner in alaska

but I didn’t really understand her awesomeness until she showed up on that Santa to the Sea race ad with some rando. santa to the sea

I guess her fame and fortune are getting a bit overwhelming because she recently was shopping around for a body guard. Apparently her 2lb. Yorkie isn’t exactly a guard dog.

She told me her body guard requirements were someone big, cheap and able to speak Spanglish (apparently she has a huge following in Colombia). So, I got the job! running blog

Yep, I will be body guarding (it’s a verb) SR at the Los Angeles Marathon expo this weekend. I’m trying to convince her to wear the mouse ears to the expo so we’ll be easy to spot. If not, you’ll be able to find me by the ridiculous body guard uniform she’s making me wear – we’re still negotiating the terms.

runeatrepeat and skinnyrunner[4]

SR, Kristin from Stuft Mama and I will be at the Pro Compression booth at the LA Marathon expo from 1-3pm this Saturday. Please come say hello!

I am super not ready for this race and am getting nervous. The last 2 full marathons I’ve done haven’t been ‘pre-meditated’ – just kinda last minute. I think I like that better because knowing a full mary is looming in the distance is scary!

But, I love running so I’ve decided just to let it kill me…

find what you love and let it kill you

Question: What do you love?


  1. says

    I wish I could come see you guys at the expo! You will rock the marathon girl.. you have been on fire.

        • Lauren says

          I know it exists, I go to grad school here now :-) …I am just sensitive since I see my country’s name spelled incorrectly on a daily basis :-)

          • says

            so then, you know it exists, and how many spanish speakers are there!!! I grew up in Czechoslovakia, (when it *was* Czechoslovakia) so I get the spelling thing, but there are nicer ways to say it. :)

          • Lauren says

            I don’t think I said it in a “not nice” way to begin with- I was just pointing out that there was a typo/error in the description. What I was trying to point out was that the country of Columbia where “Spanglish” is spoken does not exist (which is what was implied in the original post). I know that a university named Columbia exists. I also know that typos are made all the time. Usually though, when it comes to spelling Colombia, many people do not actually know how to correctly spell it (again, in my personal experience). Not sure why Monica could not have just said, “oops, typo, thanks for pointing it out, fixed it!” Instead other readers are telling her it’s Ok to get them mixed up.
            Anyways, I guess this being that this is my first time commenting on a blog I now realize that it’s not something I will do in the future!

  2. Pam says

    haha!! :)

    Good luck this weekend Monica! I locked up all the peeps that were doing the rain dances the previous years to ensure y’all have great weather!! :) :)

  3. Shannon in Tustin says

    my Kindle
    pizza & wine on Friday nights
    reading this blog (never fails to make me chuckle) 😀

  4. says

    I like 13.1, even though I will be running my first one in May. So excited!! I love all the info, especially since I am trying to figure out my own fueling right now. Thank you!

  5. Carlee Kannenberg says

    I like 5K’s!! Any fun 5K like the Color run or the Mud run or any fun race is right up my ally!!

  6. says

    hey this is my first time at your blog when searching for diet and fitness tips on big G.

    really like your candid way of sharing! And I look forward to learning more stuffs from you.

    cheers and enjoy your upcoming body guard run! =)

  7. Karoline says

    Oh gosh Monica..I LOVE this friggen blog. I’ve been reading it for over a year now and I still read every single post. I especially loved the last one because…I’m training for my first marathon 😀 I just ran 20 km for the first time this week and used my first gel shots. Have fun with skinny runnah!

  8. says

    I love my cat (who will kill me by getting under my feet), running (which will kill me by running way too many miles each week) and my boyfriend (who will kill me through his love of fast food)!!!

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