How to Fight the Funk

Hello and Happy Thursday!

I don’t know what it is, but I have been extra tired all week and this morning I woke up in a funk. I didn’t feel like running or working or blogging or being happy. Boo. b

I even put my shirt on inside out. Monica, get it together!

inside out shirt

I wanted to just feel sorry for myself, skip my run and eat a dozen donuts for breakfast but I decided I should at least get out for a few miles. I told myself, “It doesn’t have to be a long run or a fast run, but you’ll feel better if you do something.”

Plus it’s Pi day so I figured I should do some kind of exercise that will help me justify celebrating the day properly…i love pie a little bit

So, I did a very slow 5 miles and do feel a little bit better now Smile

And I am on a mission to get out of this rut! I think part of it is the time change making me tired and part of it is I’m stressed about my workload this week. On my run I thought of ways to be happy!

How to Fight the Funk:

> Get some exercise – but pick your favorite kind so it’s pleasant not torture. Anything works – walking, bowling, snorkeling. Just move!

> Call a friend and tell them, “I have some super bad news… hope you’re sitting down… your mom………..‘s birthday is in June right? Because I was thinking we should take her out to Chippendale’s…”

> Walk your dog. Or take someone else’s dog for a walk and don’t tell them. Then, when you get back they’ll think their dog was lost and you found him! You might even get a reward.

I apologize but I didn’t announce the winner of the bike giveaway. Lately, I’ve been contacting the winner’s directly in reply to their message for quicker turnover. Anyway it was Kary in Iowa!image

Winner of the Clif Shot Blocks: Rhonda


Winner of the  RER Reader of the Day award – goes to Tabatha who sent me this picture of her cat looking unimpressed by my last Ask a Monican on the big screen. runner vlog is big*PSA: Please don’t watch Ask a Monican’s on the big screen – it may be harmful to your eyes.

Question: How do you fight the funk?


  1. Karoline says

    I felt the same way..and have the past couple days..Lots of homework, work, and life load right now..I fought it by making a smoothie this morning, reading the good ol’ bib and talking to HIM about it;) ANnnnd going for a 5km right now!

  2. says

    Ahhh girl I feel you. Today before teaching a class at the gym, I brewed a cup of coffee (single cup – in the Keurig) only to come back and grab it and find out that I’d put the cup under the brewer UPSIDE DOWN. Yep. coffee every where. LOL.

  3. Colleen says

    I’ve been in a slight funk, too, and I blame the time change. I don’t know why b/c I’m happy with the time change–the dark, gloomy winter days have passed. Anyway, exercise is always the answer to get me out of a funk!! In fact, my husband sent me a text this am while I was at the gym and asked if my endorphins were improving me mood. Haha!

  4. says

    I love the suggestions for kicking the funk!

    Hmm, maybe my emotional funk can be blamed on the time change? (I’m kidding, it seems everyone is blaming everything on that lately so I feel like I’m missing the bandwagon.) As far as kicking the funk, planning a vacation whether real or imaginary seems to do the trick!

  5. says

    Glad to know I’m not the only one in a funk this week! I blame the time change. A few weeks ago my internal alarm was going off at 6AM every morning, hasn’t happened once this week. I’ve been barely making it out the door with enough time for a 2 mile run.

  6. says

    Ugh.. I am totally in a funk today too!! I didn’t have a good night last night, didn’t sleep well, and was just angry at the world this morning. I think I need some California sunshine.. and fish tacos… and beaches… and vodka.

  7. Jessica says

    I thought this post (“fight the funk”) was going to be about stinky running clothes! I’m more in the stinky kind of funk right now. Good problem.
    Love the picture of the cat, she’s all “red hair don’t car” with a little “is this chick for real?”

  8. says

    haha…walking a friend’s dog…and not telling them :)

    I get out of my funks by going to the Bible or going for a run with no headphones, somewhere new & distracting… Hope you get to feeling yourself again soon!

  9. says

    I fight the funk by doing things that make me happy and trying to think as optimistically as possible!
    I haven’t been able to run since sunday…and I have my first race (3 miles) in 2 days! Eep! Getting my butt to the gym tonight!!

  10. says

    When I saw this on my twitter feed I thought it was going to help me get the smell out of my shoes 😉 We should have done a funki-fied run together today because I did a little over 5 slow, hilly miles to change my ‘tude. Oh, that and caffeine. It always works.

  11. says

    When I’m in a funk, I’ll tell myself that it will “just be a walk” & then usually I end up running anyway. My dogs ALWAYS make everything better and honestly, some times I just need a nap.

  12. HannerNanner says

    I’ve been in a funk, too, mostly because I had walking pneumonia for almost 3 months and didn’t get my training completed for my St Patrick’s Day half marathon. But you have inspired me. I’m going to be a Hannahcan, and do it anyway! Even if I have to walk (blech), I’m going to complete this race and get my medal! This year I signed up for the “dolphin challenge” which involves running 8k on the 16th and the half on the 17th. I’m not sure I’ll be able to walk on Monday, but I’ll be able to say I completed my races!
    How do I get out of my funk? My competitive streak also steps in and makes me get off my duff and get moving again.

  13. Gillian says

    I was feeling in a bit of a funk too since my week has started out crummy with super long work days and no time for a run. But after reading this I am going to get out there today instead of giving up on this week. Hoping to shake it off before that little race on Sunday 😉

  14. Erin says

    I have been in the same FUNK this week! I have blamed the time change too-but I am fighting my way back from injury/illness and my body is just not feeling as good as I know it can and I’ve had it! I feel like sometimes I want to give up and throw in my running sneakers-I’m sick of PT exercises and crappy runs! I need to fight my funk too:)!

  15. says

    Have to say, tips two and three TOTALLY cracked me up! Especially number two, although I’m not sure what that says about my sense of humor… :) Glad to hear I’m not the only one who goes through those dratted funks, and I have to say – ususally a stop in a RER helps me get over my slumpy days. What doest hurt – pictures of pie!

  16. Mia says

    Oh gosh. Today was a TOTAL funk day. Was going to run it out, but didn’t. Tried to donut it out, but that didn’t work. Wasn’t until i tripped and got myself into such a ridiculous/embarrassing/hilarious situation that i couldn’t stop laughing at myself, that i got out of it. Laughing at myself is always a good de-funker for me.

  17. says

    I call up an-always-cheerful-and-dependable-and-funny friend, Pui San ( and bitch about things. Poor gal!

  18. Shannon in Tustin says

    Funny, funny, funny post! :)

    I am blaming the time change. Hate it! Don’t mess with Texas…or momma’s sleep!

    I had no pi or pie yesterday; sad sad sad.

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