Fitness Fashion Friday and Green Eye shadow

Hello and Happy Friday!

This Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day and in honor of the occasion I thought we’d all drink green beer and wear green eye shadow and do some Irish river dancing. Agreed? Good.

Green eyeshadow St. Patrick's Day make up

So, in the spirit of drinking too much and wearing too much makeup I used this green eye shadow quad to do a vlog. Then, it came out crappy and is taking forever to upload so we’ll just pretend like it didn’t happen.IMG_1512 (800x600)

Before:green eyeshadow red head makeup

Light color under the brow line.

Khaki on the lid.

Green in the crease.


Black eyeliner and mascara.

Drink some green beer and convince yourself it looks good.


After:green eyeshadow red head makeup

green eyeshadow red head

Since the LA Marathon is on St.Patty’s I will not be wearing any makeup but I will be wearing a RER shirt and Pro Compression striped socks.  I also hit up the Target $1.00 bins for a head piece, but the odds of me ditching it my mile 2 are very very high. procompression stripped socks

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Question: What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Tricia says

    Running NYC half marathon,, i debatig on buying head piece as well but it def wont’ last past the first mile

  2. says

    My running group calls our Saturday before Easter run “The Easter Bunny Hop” and we try to wear bunny ears. They last about twenty steps before we toss them!

    Good luck on your marathon on Sunday! Have fun!

  3. says

    Aweee bummer! I wanna see the vlog! I tried to rock some green eyeshadow today too but… didnt quite work. Got the green nail polish though! My daughter’s 9th bday is on St. Patty’s Day so we will be celebrating!! :) You should put some green food coloring in the toilet and tell Ben a leprechaun peed in it!

  4. says

    Where did you get the PRO Compression socks!? I had searched online the past couple of weeks and they don’t have them on their website. Boo!

  5. says

    Enjoy the marathon! I just painted my toenails in honor of St. Paddys! This weekend consists of me teaching a ton of group ex classes and making a really big announcement to friends and family! :o))

  6. Tracy says

    I fully intend on using all (or just too much) of that green eye shadow I bought way back when (with the intention of using often… thought it would look good effortlessly bc my eyes are green. ish. Wrong, btw.) on Sunday! Have a great race!

    My cat’s name is Vegas, too! I was shocked to read you had a VegasCat too! Totally jacked my original name. Ha! I forgive; I forgive! …I was so proud if my creativity though.

    Spent my slow day at work reading your blog! Love it!

  7. says

    Well, today (Saturday) was spent in a day-long zzz work course. Tomorrow – will probably head to Klang to cheer on friends who’re running the KEC race.

  8. says

    You have gorgeous eyes (with or without make-up)!
    Good luck in the marathon!
    No races for me but I did run 22 miles this morning.

  9. says

    This weekend will be lots of green beer, the Kansas City Irish Festival and Parade, some corned beef, and turning four-leaf clover green with envy of all my LA/Chicago friends running such awesome looking marathons this weekend (oh, and watching KU basketball, because in addition to being St. Patricks, it’s also Big 12 Tournamet time!)

  10. says

    I ran a half marathon in Chicago on Saturday. Running south on the Lakeshore Trail wasn’t bad but something told me NOT to ditch my throw-away. Good thing I listened to myself. The last 6.5+ miles had us running North on the Lakeshore Trail; straight in to stong winds (that never subsided), snow & sleet. By the time I crossed the finish line, I was “fuh-rozen”! It was brutal.

    I’m predicting you had better weather in L.A.

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