Sweet Relish Giveaway to Fight the Feet Funk

Happy Tuesday! This morning I went back to Dana Point to lead another fitness group. Today we did a 5K run/walk. I stayed with the back of the pack to make sure no one got lost so it was pretty slow going – that’s good because my quads are very tight.  dana point marina

Someone please come hold me down and make me foam roll. I need it so bad. exercise instructor in all black

I always think it’s funny to wear all black – like a Ginja Ninja! Hi-ya!ginja ninja I didn’t really kick anyone today, but tomorrow’s workout class is supposed to be tough so the exercisers might want to kick me! I’ll update you in the morning Smile

So, I recently discovered Sweet Relish the site that helps keep your shopping list and wants organized. sweet relish fitness page

Well, a company rep sent me a box of fun things that are relevant to my running and eating wants! I love presents in the mail – don’t you?sweet relish giveaway box with running gear

sweet relish giveaway box with running gear

Sweet Relish Prize box:

  • Mini Massager
  • Key holder
  • brush on SPF
  • Socks
  • Shampoo bar
  • Stuffitts
best running gear to fight smells

I love everything they sent but am super excited about the Stuffitts. They are drying inserts you place inside your stinky shoes overnight. They dry them and help take out any odor.

stuffitts for smelly shoes

Sweet Relish is giving one RER reader all these goodies too! After I posted about “fighting the funk” on Friday a few of you said you thought I was going to talk about getting ‘the funk’ out of your workout gear – well, at least I can help you get it out of your shoes!

To Enter answer the question:

Do your shoes stink? 

*Please don’t try to smell them if you are at work and may be judged…

Contest closes 3/20/13 at 6pm PST. Open to residents of the US and Canada. 


  1. Jessica says

    My running shoes are ok, not too stinky. But I have a couple pairs of cheap-fancy shoes that aren’t real leather and whew! those stink!

  2. says

    I don’t think mine do. I switch between two pairs of running shoes and I only wear them for running. My husband’s slippers on the other hand (foot) are another stinky story!

  3. says

    Okay, this probably sounds super lame, but I need those odor fighters for my WORK shoes, let alone my running shoes. I walk from our parking garage to my building and with the snowy/rainy weather lately, my shoes are soaked by the time I reach my office. No joke, I literally was embarrassed to sit there all day, especially because they were now WET and smelly…I didn’t TRY to smell them… trust me.

  4. Dannielle says

    My shoes aren’t too bad (says me, my boyfriend says otherwise)…. unless I run in the rain in them, then as I might as well just throw them in the trash and/or use them to keep enemies away ( ;

  5. Tiffany Kaluzny says

    My shoes aren’t too bad, but they are also only a month old. My boots however are so bad that I just want to throw them away! Blah!

  6. says

    My shoes do smell funky. I try not to wear the same pair more than a couple of times a week but my feet sweat profusely. Would love to win this box of goodies.

  7. Jayne says

    I’m currently alternating between 4 different pairs of Mizunos so they aren’t that bad. I totally smelt the ones I took off yesterday in the gym chnage room.

  8. Denise says

    I have super sweaty feet. I have orthotics that were made by my physical therapist and I throw them in regular shoes when the shoe is too flat and think how gross am I that my running grossness gets all over my normal day. About a month ago, I hurt my back, and needed my husband to help me with my shoes. I couldn’t bend over and I could tell he was disgusted. I told him I was sorry. ha!

  9. Jess says

    I don’t think my running shoes are too bad, but my “boat shoes” are the worst smelling things ever. I have to plan my day ahead of time if I’m wearing them because I don’t want to end up at someone’s house and have to take them off.

  10. Shannon in Tustin says

    Mine don’t really stink, but I sometimes pause before putting them back into my workout bag–they really do need A.I.R.! And I always leave the shoes I wore during the day right outside the closet overnight and put them away in the morning. (can’t hurt, right?)

    My daughter uses dryer sheets in her super stink shoes (Tom’s and Top-Siders) cause they are FOUL!!!

  11. GA says

    I’m lucky to live in the desert where the dry air keeps things from getting too stinky. On the flip side, things like extra sunscreen come in handy!

  12. Kara says

    Heck yes my feet smell!! My job requires some serious hiking!! We can do upwards of ten miles a day and yesterday the temperature on our vehicle read 107!!!! I have the case of smelly everything by the time my workday is done!

  13. Chenoa says

    Yes, my shoes stink so bad my husband tried to put them outside to see if that would help air them out, but no luck! lol :/

  14. Jennifer says

    My running shoes, no. And generally no, unless I have a cheap pair that I wear and then yes, they cannot be helped!

  15. Rachael J says

    I made the awesome decision to run a 7k with my new shoes outside and it was wet/sloshy/rainy! So it wouldn’t surprise me if they end up smelling now. Oops. I also forgot to waterproof them first :/

  16. GraceG says

    My shoes stink because my feet reject socks. Accordingly, my shoes are always banished to the outdoor porch.

  17. Meg C. says

    Probably! I try to keep my face far enough away so I don’t find out! Those things would be so much better than newspaper! And handy for traveling.

  18. Tara says

    Normally, no my shoes dont smell, but once I do a run in the rain, they are just never smell right again!
    These are adorable, I would love to try them ou t.

  19. Deb says

    Yes, my workout shoes stink soooo bad! I wear vibram fivefingers–no socks–of course they smell like stinky feet or maybe a little like Fritos…

  20. Kaelin says

    Ummm, yes. I don’t like wearing socks with most of my work/casual shoes, so they get stinky. My running shoes don’t stink though.

  21. Leah says

    I have one pair of shoes I designate my stinky shoes. I wear them when I run in the rain or when I travel to places where I know it might be rainy or I might run on the beach. They are FILTHY and they are also my favorite pair of shoes. :)

  22. says

    Oddly enough, my running shoes don’t stink… but my favorite boots do! Hmm… maybe it’s time to spend more time in running shoes…

  23. Ellee Wakasugi says

    YES! :( My feet sweat like crazy so my flats and Toms are off limits when going to someone’s house… JUST IN CASE I have to take them off at the door… the horror.

  24. Jamie says

    I’m ashamed to say that some of my shoes do stink. My running sneakers and some flats that I have worn without little socks. I sweat out of every pore on my body!

  25. Colleen says

    Uhhmmmm…well….yeah! I sweat hard in those bad boys! :-) Sweet Relish is a GREAT idea, I’m going to have to check it out!

  26. Sarah says

    Mine do – especially the shoes I wear without socks. You think I’d learn my lesson and wear socks, but that’s too much of a hassle!

  27. Megan says

    The flats that I have worn almost every day at work for the past 3 years definitely have smelled better. My workout shoes surprisingly don’t smell tho!

  28. Eleanor says

    Luckily, my shoes do not smell. At the moment. Once backyard volleyball starts up and my oldest shoes become dedicated mud court shoes, they’ll get pretty bad.

  29. Meghan says

    I signed up for my first 5K and am excited. I could use these treats to combat my shoes as they get funky from training.

  30. Shannon B. says

    I wear different shoes pretty much every day (office job) so they get rotated enough they don’t smell. My running shoes in the summer start to get a bit icky! However my hubby and son’s shoes smell terrible!!!

  31. Meredith says

    My feet sweat a lot, so my shoes definitely start to stink after awhile, especially in the summer! My spin shoes are the worst, though.. yuck!

  32. Genevieve says

    Went to give my running shoes a good whiff. You know what stinks?? This god awful cold I have that won’t even allow me to smell the horrendous odor that I know these wonderful shoes have!

  33. Krystina says

    My running and working out shoes don’t stink, but my flats that I wear without socks all end up stinking after enough wears!

  34. Beth Ann says

    I don’t think my shoes stink. My running visors, however… Sometimes I smell corn chips when running and that’s when I know it’s time to wash the old visor. So maybe I do stink…?

  35. Nicole says

    My shoes arent actually too stinky… Mizunos seem to breathe pretty well… My interest is the shampoo bar- is it like dry shamppp or something you use in the shower?? :) I am all about working out and not showering… ya gross, probably shouldnt admit that.

  36. Jen says

    It’s been alternating between 20 to 45 degrees up here, some days it snows and other days it rains.

    So they stink AND they need to be dried!

  37. says

    My running shoes definitely do smell… but my normal everyday shoes don’t. What smells the worst is my Uggs… they’re absolutely disgusting!

  38. Sarah says

    Nope, my shoes don’t stink. We have an electric boot dryer for our ski boots and I use it for my sweaty running shoes in the off season :) But the goodie bag looks cool anyways so I hope I win!

  39. Rebecca says

    OMG my shoes always stink … it’s pretty awkward. My running shoes are probably actually my least stinky shoes & flats are THE WORST. My husband always heckles me because my feet are WAY stinkier than his are 😛

  40. Patty C says

    My shoes smell because sometimes I wear wool socks and I feel like they preserve the odor longer than other running socks!

  41. says

    Yes, my ballet flats that I wore a LOT last summer without socks. I would find myself in situations where I might have to take my shoes off….I was SCARED !!!

  42. says

    Dana Point looks gorgeous! When I go to California, I definitely have to run there!
    Stuffitts looks awesome! My running shoes normally don’t smell too bad. However, to save packing space they doubled as my touring shoes in Asia for five weeks. Needless to say after running in them then walking all day in the heat, they smell terrible!

  43. betty says

    omg those would be amazing! i’ve been fighting stinky feet since 6 grade gym class :( girls use to make fun of me in the locker room.. then i’d beat them on the bball court. hah oh well.. i still do, tried powders and everything.. maybe these will help!

  44. Lisa says

    My runners don’t smell,I find that any shoes I wear with socks are okay. My daughter’s UGG boots (she wears them with bare feet) are the shoes that stink in our house

  45. Amanda W says

    My work shoes don’t usually stink, but my tennis shoes get a bit of funk. And my husband’s definitely get stank!

  46. Emily says

    Um, yes. They stink. I’m jealous of those who don’t have stinky shoes. I’m curious about that key holder.

  47. Heidi says

    My running shoes don’t stink stink, but they don’t exactly smell fantastic. I like to run on trails and it has still been slushy and wet the past few months here in Pittsburgh, so my shoes get wet pretty often and sometimes have a damp/musty smell :( But they stay in the garage when they aren’t on my feet so at least I don’t have to smell them!

  48. Samantha says

    Girl please, “My shiz (oops I mean shoes) don’t stink!” Ok I didn’t think they do but according to my hubby and kids they do. BOO. They have tobe kept in the garage. Lol I would have a happy family if I won the inserts. Lol

  49. Emily says

    Yes. My running shoes smell very bad. It is mostly the fault of my shoe inserts, though, as they have been around for years…not pleasant to think of the amount of sweat they have absorbed!

  50. says

    Pretty much always yes. And when they don’t, it’s because I’ve stuffed them with newspaper and they smell like old newspaper … which also stinks. So I guess I should amend my answer to yes, absolutely, always.

  51. Jennifer L says

    I’ve never noticed them being stinky, but I’m sure you held them up to your face it wouldn’t be pretty.

  52. Sarah says

    Mine are not too bad yet because they are brand new and only have maybe 20 miles on them… but they will. 😉

  53. Lara Ryan says

    I can’t believe I am actually going to admit this in writing – in public! Yes, my feet stink. I recently just said my sweaty feet is top on the list of things that I would change about myself if I could. I can’t wear shoes with bare feet or they will ruin immediately. It’s so sad, especially in the summer. Which is why I LOVE flip flops! I need to try these Stuffits. I think my family will be grateful too. :)

  54. Shauna says

    UGH!!! Yes my shoes are way stinky! I knew I had a smelly shoe problem when my cat walked up to smell my shoes after a race stuck her nose in there and made some disgusted kitty face and then proceeded to sneeze…So, the Stuffitts would definitely be appreciated around my household!!!

  55. Nicole says

    My shoes kinda stink. My gym bag tends to stink more….wouldn’t mind anything to help keep the stench away!

  56. says

    all of my shoes stink. I have had a foot stank issue since puberty. I’ve used baking powder with some success, but would love to try the inserts!

  57. Cearley Fontenot says

    My running shoes don’t really smell too bad, unless I run in the rain and don’t air them outside..but what are really bad are my high heels/wedges/flats that I wear to work…like its embarrassing if someone walks into my office and I have my shoes off! Also, random thought, poor gynecologists probably have had their fair share of stinky feet in their face..I always try and remember to pack a pair of socks in purse for those visits..LOL probably way TMI!!

  58. Patty says

    I don’t think my shoes stink but honestly I’ve never smelled them. I guess if I can’t smell them when I am putting them on they can’t be that bad! :)

  59. dana says

    such stinky shoes I have!! you know its bad when your dog LIKES smelling your shoes… becuase its a fact that dogs only like stinky smelling things 😉

  60. Lori says

    I think my shoes are ok, but I usually take them off right after I run. My husband’s shoes are a different story. His work shoes are stinky. I would like to try these in his shoes.

  61. Christiana says

    Just invested in new running shoes so not yet, but my trainers are getting a bit funky, guess that means I’m getting some good workouts 😉

  62. alisha lilly says

    It’s a little (whole lot) embarrassing how much my shoes stink!! But what can I say, guess I just use them a lot.

  63. Kate Lewis says

    I would love to say they don’t…..but let me tell you I have left them in the car after a run (you know to put my flip flops on!) and my car has smelled like a men’s locker room the next day!

  64. Mandie says

    My running shoes only smell from those amazing runs where I got caught in the pouring rain! (thats what I like to think anyways) … :)

  65. Amy W says

    I haven’t smelled my shoes in a while. They have an upper that lets air (and dirt and sand) through, so they may have enough air flow to not be too stinky. I’ll have to check them out when I get home.

  66. Erin says

    I don’t think I want to get that close to them. I don’t think that they are too bad, but honestly how could they not be?? :)

  67. says

    I don’t think my shoes are too bad usually, but my husband is a landscaper and his workboots STINK! He usually leaves them at work but when he brings them home – ugh. So gross.

  68. Jaclyn says

    My shoes stink sometimes. They get more wet from sweat, so I use newspaper to help dry, but the odor is still there.

  69. Abby says

    My Brooks actually do not stink, but I never put them in a gym bag or any confined space. Blessed with unstinky feet? :)

  70. Julie Conner says

    My new running shoes don’t smell yet but all of my other shoes do! They should make anti-stink socks.

  71. Ranee witzig says

    Yes. My shoes stink. My husband makes me leave them in the garage. Those bad boys are never allowed to see the inside of the house.

  72. says

    No. My shoes do not stink. My three son’s shoes on the other hand……..I will need many many stuffits to combat their problem!! Ha!

  73. Emily L. says

    I don’t think mine are abnormally smelly, but I do have a bad pair that I always wear trail running– that way I can run through puddles all I want!

  74. says

    unfortunately I do have stinky shoes…. I hate it!! As a girl I shouldn’t have stinky shoes, but living in Texas there is heat and more heat so I can’t help but sweat!

  75. Allie says

    My shoes aren’t too stinky. But when I run in the rain they get funky! And I live in Oregon, so that is unavoidable right now!

  76. Erica D says

    I’m not aware of my shoes smelling, I also don’t check them daily. I do however take them off as soon as I’m done running so my feet can breath.

  77. Denise P. says

    Yes my shoes stink, especially the ones I don’t wear socks with. My parents were relentless about my stinky feet/shoes when I was a kid. We tried every kind of powder, odor eater, smell good ball thing there was to no avail.

    I want that Moji soooo bad!

  78. says

    My feet definitely smell! I just was honestly about to febreeze the insides because teaching in them all day does not do nice things!

  79. Suzanne says

    I don’t check them, but I know my Tom’s do when I don’t wear socks with them. Found some no show Nike socks that I can wear with them though, so I think that problem is solved.

  80. Elena P says

    Oh hell yeah. I don’t think you can call yourself an accomplished female athlete until you can’t stand the smell of your own shoes :)

  81. Kristy H. says

    I’m surprised that they don’t. Now the rest of my body after a workout, that’s a whole other story.

  82. Gina G. says

    I think my running shoes have a normal level of funk to them. My husband’s however…they are in a class of their own. I’ve tried the baby powder, dryer sheets…nothing works!

  83. Angelica says

    haha my shoes might smell tonight since Boston sucks and is covered in snow. I keep stepping in puddles :( Since I’m short the puddles come up to my waist..jk. They ARE getting pretty big though

  84. Wendy says

    YES!!! My running shoes stink. I have two pair and switch off between them, but they still stink. They make my closet smell funky too (I know…TMI)!

  85. Katie says

    YES! My running shoes wreak, my crossfit shoes stink, but my work boots (Air Force) mighhttttt smell the worst! Oops : )

  86. Christine says

    I keep meaning to try the trick of sprinkling baking soda into shoes as soon as I take them off to ward off the stink.

  87. tania says

    oh man my gym shoes are horrendous!
    ive tried baking powder, even febreeze!! nothing works!
    sexy isnt it?! lol

  88. Kelly R says

    My shoes totally stink. I might be the only one who can smell them, but I think they are gross. It doesn’t help that most of my runs lately have been in wet or damp weather.

  89. Jacqueline says

    My shoes aren’t too bad but I could always use a little extra odor control! Great giveaway, Monica!! :-)

  90. Jenette says

    Ummm literally as I read your last line (while at work) I laughed out loud because I was thinking to myself “do NOT smell your shoes at work”! And yes, they do stink! My husband makes fun of me because I buy Odor Eaters to sprinkle in my shoes. I have no shame, no one wants to smell that!

  91. Missy says

    My current shoes don’t, but the ones before these smelled so bad I wasn’t allowed to bring them in the house!

  92. Vernie says

    I am guilty of wearing my casual/work shoes without socks which in turn makes them VERY funky.

    My running shoes aren’t too bad, but I haven’t ran in awhile due to this darn cast I’m in. Too bad they don’t make some sort of stuffits for casts!

  93. says

    I think my shoes are pretty neutral since they’re kinda new…Usually if my shoes are wet for any reason, I stuff them with newspaper, so those stuffitts would be quite an upgrade lol.

  94. Ashley says

    My work shoes are BAD, but I feel like that comes from my dress socks. My running shoes are surprisingly stench free!

  95. Megan says

    I don’t think they stink but I’m not going to be putting my nose too close to them anytime soon. 😉

  96. says

    My husband doesn’t call me STINKY for nothing. In the early dating days with my husband I took care of him after he had a minor surgery. He was dopped up really good so I told him to tell me a story. I thought I was going to get some good dirt out of him. Instead he grins and tells me my feet stink. So, yes, I have a very unattractive nick name and yes, my shoes stink. :)

  97. TrinaH says

    My running shoes smell moist since I just ran, but not smelly. Maybe its the benefit of my head cold and I am in denial?

  98. Jill says

    I have never smelled my sneakers – but I sweat a ton when I workout – so I’m sure they stink.

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks.

  99. says

    I have never had a problem with running shoes getting stinky but my leather flats can get a little funky if I am walking around in them a ton!

  100. says

    First, I love RER! You’re down to earth and give me tons of inspiration to continue my running and blogging goals. Thanks for everything you do, Monica! Second, hmmm… I can handle the stench but it’s nothing I would subject someone else to even if I really didn’t like that someone else.

  101. Kellie says

    my spin shoes are the worst. I stick them in my gym bag after class and don’t take them out until the next class to air out.

  102. Karen says

    My shoe funk is actually pretty horrible…it doesn’t help that I’ve been running in the rain/snow lately (where is global warming in the northeast when you need her)

  103. Donnie says

    Currently my shoes smell like pink lemonade nuun. I accidentally spilled my water bottle on them on my way to the track (still sub-zero temps & snow in suburban Chicago). Had no time to clean them, so I blotted them with paper towel (first wet, then dry) from the bathroom (couldn’t find a hand dryer, boo) & proceeded to squeeze in a 35 minute run in them. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  104. Amanda says

    I don’t think my running shoes stink. The shoes I wear all day at work, that’s another story! I guess that’s what I get for buying cheap ballet flats!

  105. Natalie P. says

    I’ve actually never had too stinky shoes or feet, my husband’s are another story!
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!!

  106. Angie Willie says

    My running shoes smell like … running shoes. They do keep some smell because my feet sweat like crazy but I have a couple pairs of running shoes I wear/rotate so they have plenty of time to air out. My regular shoes don’t really smell…. but I also have a million bagillion pairs so I guess I rotate those too :)

  107. Jenny O says

    My running shoes don’t – but my high heels and flats always stink?? Guess its cause I don’t wear socks in them?!

  108. says

    My shoes stink pretty bad but I would use the stuffits on my boyfriends running shoes. You can smell them from across the apartment and he hates wearing socks which does not help.

  109. Kristina m says

    I’m not a smelly feet person but my husbands work shoes are nasty I make him keep them out side when he gets home. :)

  110. Ali says

    It’s not like they smell good but they also don’t smell bad enough that I have to put them outside or anything. Pretty sure the key is good socks!

  111. says

    So like a total picture stalker I was wondering what shoes your black brooks are? Green Silence? If so… do you like them? I recently got these after running in Saucony shoes and I’m not quite sure what to think! Definitely taking some getting used to…especially in the toes/toenails!

  112. Gillian says

    No, my sneakers smell like roses! Just kidding. I’d say it’s more like sweat and salt and whatever electrolyte drink I spilled all over myself at the LA marathon! Stuffits look like a great idea :)

  113. LeeAnn says

    UGH! Yes, my shoes stink. So bad. I can actually smell the stinkiness from my socks-which were stuck in my stink@$$ shoes all day – right now as I type this! My running shoes are actually ok, but its those darn cheapo work shoes I wear – the cheaper the shoe, the stinkier they become. I need to win this prize!!!

  114. Ariane says

    My shoes usually don’t stink, but lately my winter boots have been pretty funky! I think it’s time for spring to come here in Canada!

  115. Christine S. says

    I immediately thought of that Outkast song…I know you like to think your Sh*t (shoes?) don’t stink…and I’d like to think mine don’t but who thinks their own scent smells bad?? :)

  116. Laura Price says

    I rotate through 3 different pair regularly and sometimes toss in a fourth so I’d like to think they don’t! The joys of being obsessed with having pretty running shoes.

  117. Libby says

    Ughh I’m like a man they smell awful. I’d air them out more if I didn’t live in a land where it snows for more than half the year.

  118. Tracie says

    I am sure my running shoes don’t smell like roses, but I am sure my dress shoes for work are even worse since I don’t wear socks with them half the time. My feet probably hate all the torture I put them through.

  119. Lisa says

    My Vibrams are pretty gnarly. I hear you can put them in the freezer to cut down on the smell but can’t bring myself to do it…

  120. Anne C says

    Um yes. My feet sweat even when I am cold and not running. So my running shoes are pretty icky pretty soon after buying them

  121. Krista says

    I really need new running shoes.. so probably
    and I don’t wear socks with my uggs.. so those probably do too…..

  122. KK says

    I’ve had clammy feet since I was little, and – I don’t even know what this means – my family called me “hunky feet”. God I’m cool.

  123. Meghann says

    My shoes aren’t smelly I have lady shoes :) but I am comparing them to my bf’s so… who really knows?!

  124. says

    My shoes didn’t stink until I went for a trail run. It started to rain. By the time I got home every step was a “squish” “squish” (which still makes me laugh to myself). After they dried, The smell was something of another realm. Some, Evil that which we don’t speak of lol 😉

  125. says

    I’d like to hope my shoes don’t stink–but I try to avoid running in the rain with them. If they do get wet, I dry to for them with stuffed newspaper.

  126. says

    My shoes do stink! I actually wore my workout clothes to class today because I was going to the gym after. I was hoping that no one would smell my stinky running shoes! No one said anything so I guess they didn’t! I think they smell so bad because my feet sweat a lot. My mom makes fun of me because they sweat, so nice of her 😉

  127. says

    My shoes don’t stink but it’s not Because I’m all sunshine and roses. It’s because I get new ones every other month. I toss them in the pre-stench era.

  128. says

    No, I don’t think so … but I’m still pretty darn glad they are so far away from my nose (which is probably why im in denial about my foot funk).

  129. Kate says

    Haha great question! I’m not sure since I don’t try to get my nose too close to them. But they most likely do :)

  130. says

    My running shoes only really smell after running in the rain/snow. I usually stuff them with newspaper to dry them out, but I’m curious about how the stuffits work.

  131. says

    My shoes don’t smell… at least not badly. My feet don’t sweat that much, though the rest of me does when it’s pretty warm out.

  132. Katie M says

    My current pair of shoes don’t stink…YET. I just started wearing them a few weeks ago, and so far they’ve been living the cushy treadmill life. But they will be exposed to the wilds of the outdoors soon, and then they will begin to show (smell?) their true colors.

  133. Kristy says

    I work at a running shoe store so trust me, your feet stink! Even though I nicely say “no, no,-they’re fine”! Really they STINK! And yes, mine do to!

  134. Julie says

    Cool stuff!

    Ever since I ran through snowy slush and my shoes got soaked, they stink bad every time I use them now!

  135. says

    My shoes, unfortunately, stink right now. :( we’ve had a lot of rain/snow recently, and though I’ve been trying to keep them dry, they’ve developed a certain…aroma. Sure wish they didn’t, though!

  136. @buBbarunner says

    If you didn’t make the remark about not smelling my shoes, I would have totally done it. I suppose it’s like the tree falling in the woods and no one hearing it. I leave them in the garage right after the run so I really don’t know. At any rate, a very informative topic.

  137. Jackie K says

    Right now my shoes are only a little stinky, but the BF has some doozers. Running in wet stinky shoes the day after it rains is the worst!

  138. Lara F. says

    My running shoes, not out of the normal. My boots, heck yes. But that’s the shoes and not my feet. Haha. I guess that’s what I get for buying super cheap boots.

  139. Emily says

    Stinky shoes? Maybe a little, but really only after they get soaking wet. Stinky sports bra? Now that is a different story!

  140. Amy says

    thankfully, my shoes don’t stink-but I only wear them for running, and always wear socks! my running tshirts are another story, though…

  141. Christina says

    I’m sure they do…but I never smell them :) I remember growing up that jelly sandals smelled the worst!

  142. Kari Ann says

    My shoes dont stink BUT girl my man’s are another story! Smells like funkdaroid stank! He puts baby powder in them before he wears them. Bless his heart!

  143. says

    My running shoes aren’t too bad – all that ventilating mesh helps – but I have a pair of converse sneakers that are possessed with something evil.

  144. Michelle B says

    My feet can get stinky, but since I have switched to wool socks – smartwool! – they really are ok! I strongly advise against any cotton :)

  145. Hadas says

    My running shoes are not so bad but I have a pair of walking shoes that smell so bad, but I love them so much, and they are not washable.

  146. Valerie says

    Sometimes they stink a little. It’s not consistent. I rotate shoes in order to give them time to air out. But there is one pair that I would wear all the time if I thought it would be mutually beneficial. I don’t want to put more than 300 km on them before August where I want to use them in my 60 k walk to fight women’s cancers.

  147. says

    They have the sweet smell of successful training runs! tee he he. But in all honesty, I rotate pairs often and leave them in the garage to air out, so they’re not as bad as my ex bf’s shoes (gag).

  148. Kristin says

    I am sure they stink, but I’m not brave enough to smell them here at work without looking crazy. Though maybe they would send me home for a mental health day….

  149. LiseyB says

    Yeah! It isn’t very often that contests are open to both Canada and the US, this thrills me…..
    You may not believe me, but my shoes actually don’t smell that bad! My husbands, on the other hand, need to be left outside. I prefer that my house doesn’t smell like a dead body…

  150. Allison W. says

    My tennis shoes aren’t too bad, but my ballet flats stink! I’ve tried putting baking soda in them, which helps a bit.

  151. says

    Yeah, I don’t think they smell bad but probably only because my nose is used to the stench. I’d ask my husband but I need him to continue thinking I’m made of roses and unicorn farts otherwise I’ll never get another kid out of him.

  152. says

    Um…yeah! I blamed my daughter’s feet last night while we were getting ready to go to the gym. I went to put my shoes on this morning, and what do you know, there’s that odor again! It is my shoes, not her feet. Sorry Isabella!

  153. Rachel S. says

    My running shoes don’t but I have had some sandals that do. I guess it’s because they are on the cheaper side.

  154. Becky says

    My workout shoes don’t smell, but several pairs of my sandals do. Nothing worse than having to throw away a pair of shoes due to smell!

  155. Autumn says

    Not yet, but I am training for a half marathon, my first, and I think they will end up being stinking. Did not realize how much my feet would sweat on long runs!

  156. says

    My everyday work shoes kinda stink…but luckily my running shoes are only about 2 weeks old, so they haven’t gotten enough wear to be too stinky yet. I’m trying to combat that with moisture wicking socks…so hopefully my feet will be able to air out enough!
    I’ve always been curious about those roller massagey foot thingies…Do they feel good?

  157. Sandy says

    My shoes stink. My four year old will come up to me if I have just taken off my shoes and tell me how much they stink. He has a really sensitive nose, but it cracks me up when he tells me I stink. :) I want some Stuffits.

  158. Leanne says

    Never noticed a stink to my running shoes, but I’m sure if I got close enough they wouldn’t smell so great!!

  159. Samantha says

    I do not sweat a lot, but for some reason my feet do! I switch out my shoes, but they all smell pretty bad. I would love to use the Stuffitts!

  160. lexa says

    For some reason I got a message stating that I had a duplicate comment. So if this shows up again sorry. My shoes stink. I would love to try the Stuffitts.

  161. Lauren says

    I’m going to say that no, my shoes don’t stink. And I’m going to go ahead and not get a second opinion on that.

  162. Sarah B. says

    Only the shoes I wear without socks! I always wear socks with my running shoes, so they stay pretty stink-free.

  163. Lara says

    My running shoes aren’t too stinky… but I have two pair and try to rotate them. I think that’s the key to keeping them stink-free longer.

  164. says

    I have really sweaty feet, but oddly my running shoes don’t smell. However, my toms? Eck. I even put baby powder in there and they don’t help.

  165. Lindsey says

    My running shoes don’t stink, but thats probably because they haven’t been used much lately….my slippers on the other hand…lets not go there lol!

  166. Katie says

    Sadly, yes. I even spray them with shoe spray. Bad! I get embarrassed at the gym when I have to take them off and people are near me.

  167. Kate says

    My high heels are the worst! Somehow they smell worse than my husbands work boots. I’m honestly not even sure how that’s possible…

  168. Melissa L says

    My shoes are fairly new….so we are good…so far…..but Im sure as the Canadian summer shows up and the kilometers get clocked the story will change!!!! Love your blog….found it through a mutal friend! Dave DeNeire!

  169. says

    Yes, okay… YES! They stink. Geeze, that was a really personal question. I am going to go cry now in the corner. (walks away)

    All jokes aside, yes… duh. When you are in training and running like a mad-person (or sane person if you look at it from a positive perspective), your shoes are gonna stink. And mine do. A lot.

  170. CindraLu says

    Yes, unfortunately, I have to admit that my feet get sweaty and my shoes do stink. I’ve tried eveyhing: special socks, powders, sprays. *lol* I change out shoes every day. It can be embarrassing but Stinky feet is no reason to quit: I just powder my shoes and carry on. :-)

  171. CarS says

    I’ve been running and working out not wearing socks in minimalist running shoes and non-minimalist running shoes lately. I made the mistake of going for a last minute doctors office physical wearing my workout running shoes. Not a good idea. The nurse told me to remove my shoes so I could be weighed. I removed my shoes and got on the scale. Then I could smell the odor from my feet and shoes. I was embarrassing. I made a comment to the nurse about the odor. She laughed and asked me if I worked out a lot. I told her, yes. As I placed my shoes back on the doctor showed up. Anyway, I ended up removing my shoes again for the exam. The odor was a topic along showing me that I had some athletes foot showing up around the undersides of my toes. He told me to wear some sort of sock until the fungus subsides and to replace the insoles. I now mostly wear a no-show sock while working out now. I still go without socks in some shoes. This has controlled the odor. Plus the shoes are cleaner. Also he had mentioned that a dirty shoe inside is a sweaty shoe loaded with bacteria that can cause problems with the skin and nails. The nurse gave me a pair of rubber sandals to wear home instead of wearing my running shoes home. I will also try Stuffitts.

  172. says

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