Easter Recipes

Today is the first day of Spring!

Are you excited? I am.

si se puede

Spring weather is just perfection and great running weather! bunny cake tutorial

I have a fun and healthy recipe all lined up for tomorrow, but in honor of this new Spring season I want to share my favorite Easter Recipes with ya…

I make this Bunny Cake every Easter because it’s a big crowd favorite. (Truth be told I’m not a fan of coconut but it’s fun!)how to make an easter bunny cake recipe

Easter Recipes

Here is the tutorial on How to Make a Bunny Cake

It is really easy! Promise. The year I did the tutorial the bunny face didn’t come out that cute – this one is better:bunny cake tutorial

Easter Recipe – Bird’s Nests with Chocolate Eggs

birds nest with chocolate eggs recipe

Question: Do you have any special dishes you eat or make on Easter?

Last year we had ham, but we normally do carne asada all Mexican style. This year we’re back to carne – my peeps know how to feed people and it’s going to be epic. Mexican food


  1. says

    That dress your wearing in that pictures is ADORABLE – I love the color block! Can I ask where you got it? Too bad I’m not the only person in my life who really isn’t in to coconut, or I’d be making that bunny cake right now. Usually for us, Easter dinner looks an awful lot like Christmas dinner (ham, mashed taters, rolls, etc.) with one very special difference – Peeps.

  2. says

    Loving the bunnies!
    We usually just have chocolate cornflake nests with chocolate eggs inside as our tribute to Easter…sometimes with yellow fluffy chicks in! Along with a roast dinner. There used to be ten of us round at Easter but now everybody has grown up it tends to just be four/five of us, although my Dad still cooks for ten so there is always PLENTY of food!

  3. says

    Spring!!!! LOVE!! It still doesn’t feel like spring, though. I make the desserts (guiltless!) for all family gatherings. This year I am planning on making the Easter cake look like an Easter basket! I’m pretty good at decorating cakes–I do it as a fundraiser for our adoption.

  4. says

    Oh my! That cake is so cute! I don’t think I’d have the patience or skill to make it look that cute.

    Well today, I hated running. I haven’t been feeling my best. But I also LOVED running today. I got a really good time, even though I thought I did terrible!

  5. says

    Mmmm coconut.. and jellybeans… and– FOOD!! Haha, seriously though. Those recipes are so dang cute ^.^! Now I’ve got a whole whack of ideas to do with the kids this Easter.

  6. says

    We usually have a potluck lunch gathering after Easter service – lots of local foodies eg fried noodles, rice, curries, local dessert/crepes.

  7. says

    Sadly we don’t get together as a family anymore during Easter so it’s just me & the hubs. I might make Cornish Hens this year to “shake things up” and, since I don’t like ham, I’ll be able to eat the main dish as well.

  8. says

    Easter is always a special time around our house with literally tons of good food. My wife always make her “to die for” coconut cream pie.
    Helping my daughter dye eggs is usually a great event to. God bless family!

  9. kate says

    I was trying to find some unique Easter recipes and I think that’s what I was looking for. :) I definitely want to try it. Either in my own kitchen or during one of the cooking classes I signed up for some time ago. To be more precise, in February my husband gave me a perfect gift for St. Valentine’s Day – a cooking class for couples organized here in Vancouver so I’m now collecting interesting recipes to come up with during that course and this is a great source of inspiration for both of us. :)

  10. says

    Very nice and cute this rabbits! They tease my buds.. of foodie.
    Easter is a time when the stomach is subjected to strain. A little advice do not forget pepper your delicious food with a good pepper as Kampot pepper. Indeed, black pepper has beneficial effects on health, especially digestion.
    Happy Easter!

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