Fitness Fashion Friday–Pony Tail Hole?

Happy Friday!!! I’m extra excited it Friday because yesterday I told someone “Have a good weekend!” thinking the week was already over! Ha! He was a little confused and I felt dumb, but whatev.

This morning I did a 7 mile run. I wanted to do more since I’m going out of town this weekend and won’t be running, but I had to cut it short for an important call. I can’t share details yet, but I had a call with my favorite food company in the whole entire universe. I’m so excited I can’t even.

Hoodies with a  pony tail hole

I love my Brooks thermal hoodie and wear it all the time. But, I never use the pony tail hole in the hood. Yesterday I pulled my hair through to give it a try and it felt weird. Your pony has to be the exact height of the hole or it pulls. I get the concept and why it would come in handy, but I don’t think I like it.

brooks utopia hoodie

Thoughts? Love it? Hate it?

hoodie with pony tail hole

I’m headed to Las Vegas tonight with my favorite friend Cindy! So, I thought a little flashback Friday was in order…monica and cindy

I intend to blog in Vegas, but we’ll see. Oddly, every time I go to Vegas with my friends and blog about it they stop talking to me…strip at night

Question: Pony Tail Hole – Yes or No?


  1. Tara says

    I love how your ‘casual runs’ are my long, painful runs, haa!

    I couldnt do the ponytail hole. I dont like to wear my ponytail so high, and I would think the pulling would drive me nuts.

    Have a great time in Vegas!

  2. says

    I would say no to the pony tail hole. I would guess the designers were probably trying to go off of the popular “thumb hole” trend and came up with a hole for one’s polytail. Ha I would feel like the biggest tool running in that.

  3. says

    That pony tail jacket is totally weird!
    BUT I always wear a pony tail when I run and if I need my hood up it just doesn’t work with my pony tail…so, I might need to try this jacket out.
    Oh Brooks!!!!! Care to hook a sista up?!? I’ll rock it and review it! 😉

  4. Candice says

    I get the ponytail hole concept……… but no. And…. I would totally laugh to myself if I saw someone doing it.

  5. says

    Glad everyone agrees, I thought I was alone in disliking the ponytail hole! I tried on a lululemon jacket with the same thing and it just creeped me out. Otherwise, that hoodie is super cute!!

  6. Holly says

    No dice on the pony-hood. It’s so weird looking – though I love everything else about the jacket on you! Hats with pony holes, cute. Hoods with pony holes, not cute.

  7. Kimberly says

    Isn’t the point of the hood to keep you dry, or is that just because I am in Oregon?? I wouldn’t want a wet ponytail and dry head!

  8. Marcee says

    Even though my hair is a tad longer, not sure if that pth would work for moi! Haa. Kinda silly.

    When I run …. hair is always up …. in a flat bun, secured. Cannot tolerate when a ponytail is flipping & flopping around. Drives me (reasonably?) insane.

  9. PrettyPonyPrincess says

    obviously none of you people live in the northeast where it’s still 20 degrees out. the ponytail hood is an awesome invention and I own a few (not brooks though). they are perfect because you don’t have to deal with wearing yet ANOTHER piece of clothing like an earband or winter hat which get soaked with sweat and then your head is freezing as soon as you have to stop at a red light. to each their own, though! I hope manufacturers continue to make these. I don’t notice any pulling that you all are talking about – in fact I take the hood down/put it up several times during my run and have no issues.

    So I guess in summary – the fewer extra items i have to bring with me on a winter run, the better. This also includes manufacturers who make sleeves with foldover cuffins so that I don’t have to bring gloves. AMEN.

  10. Jenny says

    I would have to say no to the pony tail hole. It looks a little weird, and I would definitely be made fun of. Have a great time in LV :)

  11. Happier Heather says

    I don’t think I’d like the hoodie with the ponytail hole, but I do love my BondiBand running hat with the ponytail hole.

    Have fun in Vegas!

  12. Kristi says

    Okay. Confession Friday… I’m judgmental. And blunt. They pony tail hole? Hate it! That looks sprockets weird! Put the hood down, toss the red behind you, and run. :)

  13. says

    That’s a negative. I guess it’s practical? I think it looks weird though and can only assume it feels weirder? But hey! Whatever floats your boat.

  14. says

    I would probably laugh if I saw someone wearing that… but I actually love the idea of it because my head gets so cold normally! In theory, it’s a good idea. :)

  15. Anita says

    I thought about trying one of the bondibands hats with the pony tail hole, but I like to wear my pony low. And like the Brooks jacket, it sits high on the head. I have long hair like yours and my pony tail flips like a horse when I run. I love when someone snaps a photo with it up in the air like it’s defying gravity. LOL.

  16. says

    To wear casually – NO. But I always wear an Under Amour hat when I run so my ponytail is out the adjustable area in the back. I bought a “winter” running cap-thingy that has the ponytail hole but haven’t used it yet. Yeah, we’ve had winter (and are expected to get more this Sunday…someone please take me away from this crap!) but I’m a wimp and will run in the treadmill instead.

  17. kelsea says

    I think the hoodie looks a little funny. I kind of want to try it though because it is so cold where I live and when I put my hood on to block the wind when running, it always falls off. maybe the pony hole would help it stay on

  18. says

    I kind of get the concept of the pony tail hole, but… no. Generally I only wear my hood up to keep the rain off (it is raining a lot here in the UK right now).

  19. says

    I don’t think I like it nor so I think I could make that work for me. It’s a good concept but one that I think will quickly fade. A for effort on their part, but execution needs some work.

  20. says

    I can see it being useful, but it looks a little silly. :) I’d use it in a pinch. Enjoy Vegas, I miss that place. We used to go once a year but haven’t been lately (it was much easier when it was a drive not a flight).

  21. Monica says

    Stunna shades + Pony tail hoodie… Yeah, I could dig that.

    Have a great time in Vegas… the weather seems perfect around this time of year (not too hot or cold).

  22. says

    Really? A pony tail hole? Ha, silly! But someone made money off the idea so kudos to them. Though I’d never use it.

    It must be nice to just randomly go to Vegas. I would love to go one day. A trip like that would cost me lots of moola and hours of travel on a plane. But have fun and would love to see some pics when you can blog again!

  23. says

    Hmmm.. Im sorry but no. It’s weird! We are serious about running but hey we still need to look cute right?! And that is definitely not cute. Lol!
    I think it’s ok for headbands like the ones from Lululemon, but on hoodies?! Hmmm. I love Brooks Running but what were they thinking? Maybe there was no female designer when they made that hoodie. LOL!

  24. says

    I’m def in the minority, but I would wear it. I have long hair and I sweat from my head and neck. I cannot stand my hair touching my neck and this would solve that problem.

  25. says

    I’ve never seen a ponytail hole before! I imagine they’d be useful…my hair is forever getting in my face when I run…but erm…maybe under a hat of some sort?!

  26. Minna says

    I found the patent for the design of that crazy hoodie. Your blog post was cited in it! It’s Patent No. D693,543 if you want to look it up.

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