Silent Saturday in Las Vegas

in las vegas march

in vegas baby

lady says running suckslas vegas bad viewlas vegas lunch

las vegas lunch time

vegas shoes


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    You look amazing! Could you please do a post with a detailed update of what you are currently eating, your workouts, and if you still do intuitive eating, update on how you overcame the snacking and binge eating you use to do?

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    Haha love the “Running Sucks” shirt you found. Did you tell her you have a blog about how running is your ‘thing’? Never been to Vegas, but hopefully once I get to the age where all my friends and sister/cousins are getting married I’ll be taking a few trips for bachelorette parties :)

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    Looks like a fun weekend to me!
    Love that dress of yours, stunning. I’d have no place to wear it because I pretty much never go out (hrmmm. I need to find a reason to dress up now).

    I do however have shoes Identical to those that I wear to the office all the time, love love love them!

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