Healthy Oatmeal Cookie Recipe for Breakfast

I thought up a healthy oatmeal cookie recipe on my run this morning and decided it was healthy enough to eat for breakfast (versus as a dessert).

easy healthy oatmeal cookie recipe

Added bonus: It’s super easy and doesn’t make 26 cookies so you’re left with a dirty kitchen and a belly full o’ 24 cookies (you know cause I’m sure you save 2 to share).

Breakfast Oatmeal Cookie Recipe


  • 1 packet your favorite sweetened oatmeal*
  • 2 Tb. egg whites OR 1 egg white
  • 1 Tb nut butter of your choice – peanut, almond, sunflower seed butter…
  • lightest sprinkle of baking soda
  • optional: Raisins. Yes, you can add chocolate chips but then it’s hard to justify for breakfast. breakfast oatmeal cookies recipe

*I used lower sugar maple & brown sugar, but anything except ‘plain’ works. We don’t buy plain here in Redheaded Mexican-land!

how to make oatmeal cookies

Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all the ingredients. If your nut butter is hard to mix heat it in the micro for 10 seconds. Form cookie on sprayed baking sheet. Bake for 8-10 minutes or until done. easy oatmeal cookies recipe for breakfast

I’m a cookie monster, but this recipe is:

A.) Healthy and

B.) only makes 1 cookie, so you don’t eat a whole batch!

Question: What’s your favorite cookie?

Is there another kind of cookie besides chocolate chip?


  1. says

    That’s a really difficult question to answer! I love so many varieties. But if I had to choose one, it would be peanut butter, hands down. BUT someone did just open my eyes to a Snickers Surprise cookie. It was love at first bite. You may want to google it…or not if you don’t want to over indulge!

  2. Mary Beth says

    I am super excited to try this for breakfast tomorrow morning!!! I am a teacher and I need to have breakfast, so I don’t get cranky with the kiddos:)

  3. says

    I can’t believe that you can actually turn an oatmeal into a meal, I will definitely try this out, I’m a health conscious person, so I make it to a point that I eat healthy foods all throughout the day. This is perfect for my breakfast in combination with milk. Yuuuum. Thanks for posting this recipe of yours!

  4. Ida says

    if the recipe only makes 1 cookie, then you do get to eat the whole batch:) I’m a snicker doodle girl through and through.

  5. says

    This is so awesome! My problem is always the cookies leftover after I have what I want, but you can’t NOT eat them…problem solved!

    As for my favorite kind of cookie, I’m an old school peanut butter girl. I make a pretty mean snickerdoodle, too, if I do say so myself 😉

  6. says

    Nothing beats a warm chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven…however, I received a jumbo oatmeal chocolate chip cookie when I finished the Hershey Park Half Marathon and I swear it was the most delicious thing I ever tasted. Although I tend to think anything eaten after a long hard run tastes that much more delicious…

  7. Alissa M. says

    “doesn’t make 26 cookies so you’re left with a dirty kitchen and a belly full o’ 24 cookies (you know cause I’m sure you save 2 to share).”

    Bahaha, this is me :) “look, baby, I made cookies for you!”

    First time commenting, but I love love your sense of humor and real-ness…and though I probably can’t run more than half a mile without stopping, find your running super inspiring. So thanks! Oh, and my favorite cookie is white chocolate chip oatmeal w/ dried cranberries.

  8. Ada Simpson says

    I just made one of these for breakfast. I hate eating breakfast, but this was really easy and quite tasty! I’ll definitely make it again. I added some Trader Joes orange-flavored cranberries. Yum!

  9. says

    DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE! I love sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, oatmeal, and on and on and on. Cookies are my kryptonite! But oddly enough, I don’t want too many “things” in them. You can put M&Ms in with those choclate chips in that cookie but I’m going to pick them out and eat them separately. I’m weird.

  10. says

    The only other kind of cookie I love besides chocolate chip which are no-doubt number 1 are Reese’s pieces. This looks really good! I love anything sweet you can make as a single serving because I definitely cannot control myself around sweets and would definitely end up eat 24 out of 26 cookies.

  11. Wendi Warner says

    Yum! I just tried this out but I used regular oats insead of the packet and forgot the baking soda- still great though….I wonder what I could throw in for even more protein…

  12. Gillian says

    Peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are my favorite! I just combined the best of 3 cookies 😉

  13. says

    Love those breakfast cookies! Delish. However I never baked it, now a warm cookie sounds better than a cold one.

    My all time favorite cookie (and I haven’t had one in forever lol) is a sugar cookie with blue frosting. Nothing better! Well maybe those chocolate/peanut butter drop cookies.

  14. Julie says

    Trying this *now*. Using Quaker perfect portions maple oatmeal (1\2cup) & chunky pb. Totally adding mini choc chips…. No raisins in the pantry. 😉
    Result: with coffee in hand, this is a new breakfast WINNER!! (May need to drop amt of oatmeal, tho, next time.)

  15. victoria says

    I made these today using raisen cookie oatmeal and peanut butter but I wanted to make a batch so I used 5 pouches, 5 egg whites, 1/3cup of peanut butter, and 1tsp baking soda. This actually ended up giving me 7 pretty large cookies at approx 160 per cookie. They are cooling on the rack right now. My house smells awesome. What I loved about this recipe is that its protein packed but still healthy and because of the peanut butter and eggs, even though I made more than 5 cookies, one cookie is still a good healthy on the go breakfast. If you are on ww its 3pts per cookie

  16. Flower says

    My fave cookies ever: änis guetzli 😀

    Sadly there are no instant/packed oatmeal available at the supermarkets here, so I’ll be using rolled oats :)

  17. Nicole says

    My daughter is not a breakfast eater. She usually has a boost and two granola bars. I wanted her to have something healthier so started looking for breakfast cookie recipes. We gave this one a try this morning. She loved it!!! I did add chocolate chips as she doesn’t like raisins. It filled her up and it was healthy! She asked for a repeat tomorrow morning. Thank you for the recipe!!!!

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