Banana Chia Pudding Recipe

Remember when I went to the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim a few weeks ago?

IMG_1447 (800x533)

Well, there were hundreds of awesome natural food and beauty products – and I fell in love with a few of them. Okay, truth be told I was already crushin’ on Zevia pretty hard – this is me trying the ginger ale.

I love ginger Winking smile

monica and zevia

but I think the love is now mutual because they sent me ALL OF THEIR FLAVORS yesterday. Full report coming soon.


( RunEatRepeat on Instagram)

Also, I tried a new product at the expo called Chia Pod – a chia pudding cup. It’s a great snack because it’s just chia seeds, milk/juice and fruit! Since it’s not available in local stores yet I decided to make my own.  banana chia puddiing

All you need are 3 ingredients:

Banana Chia Pudding Recipe

Blend: 1 banana, 1/2 cup milk of your choice, 1 Tb. chia seeds. (I used a blender, a food processor would work.) Pour into a bowl. Let set overnight in the fridge. Eat.Banana Chia Pudding Recipe

I added some trail mix to mine for crunch. I think this is more of a snack then a breakfast meal since it lacks protein, but I’m thinking about trying to add protein powder next time.Banana Chia Pudding Recipe with trail mix

Today is Good Friday. It’s a holy day and the last day of Lent. It’s also the last day  I can get a Fish Fillet and be able to justify it on some level. (You’re not supposed to eat meat on Fridays during Lent but fish is okay.)what she order fish fillet

What she order?! Fish Fillet!!!

what she order

*Since someone asks every time I make this joke… “What she order? Fish Fillet!” Is from Ni**as in Paris.

Question: Have you ever had a fish fillet?

Do you want to join me for lunch?


  1. leahk says

    you know that chia seeds actually have a decent amount of protein in just a tablespoon of them….. so this sort of is a perfect breakfast!

  2. Gillian says

    I’d totally join you for lunch but not for a McD’s fish fillet since I’m a vegetarian. And I hate to burst your bubble but I doubt there’s anything resembling real fish in that fillet. Just sayin’. On another note I eat buckets of raw spinach and I never thought to toss some in my smoothie. Thanks for the recipe and you’re right you don’t even notice it!

  3. Denise says

    I LOVE filet o’ fishes. Ever since I was a little kid that’s what I’d order. What is not to love about them???? I hear they have filet o’ fish “bites” out now. That just sounds not right. Where’s the cheese and where’s the bun? I don’t want to be dunking in tartar I want tartar already there.

  4. Jamie says

    Who doesn’t know that song?! Love it! :) I used to eat filet o fish but I’ve been a vegetarian for several years now. The pudding sounds good and I’ve been looking to start eating chia seeds, so that will be a great way to incorporate them in my diet. Thanks!

  5. Allison says

    Where is Ben? You haven’t posted a comment/ picture of him in quite a while. And yes, totally none of my business. The blog isn’t about him.

  6. says

    Three cheers for this recipe! I’ve been looking forward to it since I saw the picture on Instagram and thought “I wish I had a giant bowl of that pudding right now” -looks like I know what I’ll be having for breakfast tomorrow! 😀

  7. says

    I used to love fish fillets. Tried to go “old-school” and eat one a couple years ago and about puked! It was so mushy. My husband said it’s made of shad (which is apparently not a slang curse word, but an actual fish). Sounds shady though.

  8. says

    I LOVE Mcdonald’s fish fillets but I only allow them in moderation. And by moderation I mean like once every couple of months. Every time I eat one, I can’t help but think of how unhealthy they are!!!

    I am a soda freak so I can’t wait to try Zevia. I know soda is unhealthy too but I can justify it!! :)

  9. Amanda says

    I reeeaaalllllyyyy wanted to like the stevia soda but it gave me horrible headaches :( so you should totally drink my share!

  10. says

    What a great looking recipe, I have only used the chia seeds as a thickener in soups, but this is giving me some great pudding ideas.

  11. april says

    i seriously can’t believe there are people who haven’t heard the jay-z/kanye song! did you ever get your fish filet? lol

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