Keurig Coffee Maker Giveaway


You may have heard a little rumor that I have an unhealthy obsession with Dunkin Donuts iced coffee… Listen, I’m not proud of it but there are worse places I could put my lips… Anyway. One of the big reasons I love DD is because they make good iced coffee and even though I live in SoCal – that’s hard to find around here! Well, Staples heard about my obsession and … [Read more...]

Just the Tip Tuesday–Trader Joes Sriracha


Since I’m on a strict Sriracha Diet Plan* I go through the red sauce pretty fast. So, I was super excited when I saw Trader Joes now sells TJ’s Sriracha Sauce! Except it’s not the same. Nope. I double checked on twitter and many agreed that TJ’s Sriracha is NOT exactly like the OG version.  It’s not as hot and is thinner in consistency. I like to original version a lot … [Read more...]

Mexican Recipe–Tamale Pie

tamale pie

I attended the Latina Blogger’s Conference on Friday. Within a few minutes of arriving a nice man sat down next to me and we started to chat. Not 10 minutes into being at the conference he asked, “Are you actually Latina?” Ha! Apparently I forgot my sombrero so I can understand it being unclear I obviously get this a lot so it’s ‘no big’ but I thought it was funny. So, … [Read more...]

Motivation Monday– Run Happy Is


Hello and Happy Monday! Winner of the Champion Gear Giveaway is: Workout Motivation Monday! As part of my love / partnership with Brooks I recently made a Run Happy Board on Pinterest. I used Brooks’ “Run Happy Is” tool to make a few images and am going to add more of my personal favorites too. Check out Brooks #RunHappyIs site if you want to make your own … [Read more...]

Blueberry Pie Smoothie Recipe


Today is National Blueberry Pie day! And since I love any excuse to eat dessert I baked a whole pie to celebrate. Not really, I’m not into making pies. Just making jokes. (image source) But I do LOVE smoothies. All of them. Especially ones with alcohol. Just saying. Okay, now I’m completely off topic and want a mimosa. Anyway – here is a Blueberry Pie Smoothie Recipe … [Read more...]

Run Eat Repeat Report for the Weekend


Hello! I had an epic fail this morning – when I went to rush out the door for the Ojai Half marathon at 5am I realized Ben accidently took my keys when he went out last night and he was sleeping over there! BAH! I was about to  freak out, but realized there was no fixing it so I went back to bed until the sun came up and ran a half marathon by my lonesome (seriously I … [Read more...]

Training for a Half Marathon – Running Tips

Video thumbnail for youtube video Training for a Half Marathon

Today’s post is all about training for a half marathon, specifically someone’s first half mary. A reader needed to talk to a half marathon expert for a college project and Ryan Hall didn’t answer her calls so she hit me up for some advice. (I tried to use my new laptop’s camera for this vlog, um… yeah. It’s not good. I won’t use it again.) Ask a Monican… Training for a … [Read more...]

Champion Workout Gear Giveaway


I think we can all agree that no one wants to see me with my clothes off again on RER. But when Champion contacted me to review their new max support sports bra I didn't want to turn it down… I’ve been reviewing a lot of sports bras lately and might as well do it again, right? Plus, I’m only doing this to put myself through school This is the Champion Sports Bra –  Show … [Read more...]

Jamba Juice Fitrends Expo with Venus Williams


Hello! How was your day? Busy? Yeah, Venus Williams and I were just talking about how busy we are this week… Ha! Isn’t that ridiculous that I met her?! Yes. I met Venus Williams at the Jamba Juice Fit Trends event in Santa Monica today. For those that don’t know I LOVE the Williams sisters. Back in 2010 I wrote a post about my Fitness Idols and named them So, when I was … [Read more...]

Foodie 100 Party


Last night I went to the Foodie 100 Party at the SoHo House in Los Angeles. The Foodie 100 book of the top 100 restaurants comes out in June – more on that later. Here are some quick pics of the night – I’m off to LA for another event now! My date = SkinnyRunner  Bathroom pics because at first we thought you weren’t supposed to take pictures, but then they said we … [Read more...]

Teriyaki Pineapple Fried Rice


I scored these Teriyaki Meatballs at the store and immediately wanted to make a Pineapple Rice Stir Fry with them. I always eye the pineapple fried rice at Thai restaurants, but never get it. Well, I’ve been missing out because this was delicious! Teriyaki Pineapple Fried Rice Ingredients: 2 cups brown rice (cooked), 1 cup teriyaki meatballs – chopped, 1/2 cup pineapple … [Read more...]

Run Eat Repeat and Snacking Check in


Hello! I didn’t realize today was Wednesday because I have a three different events in LA tonight, tomorrow and Friday so I’m all confused in the world. This also means I’m busy and need to be productive asap. So here is a quick “Run, Eat (repeat)” post: Run: 8 miles. I have not been getting enough miles in for the Ultra on May 18th. Sure I have been running a good amount, … [Read more...]

Just the Tip: Eat What’s in Season


Earth Day was Monday and even though you already know that you should recycle and turn off the sink when you brush your teeth, today’s just the tip is about another way you can hug the Earth… Just the Tip: Eat seasonally and locally. But what’s in season right now? Well, that depends on where you are. For example if you live in California these foods are in season in … [Read more...]

Boston Strong Remembrance Run in Long Beach


A run for us to unite and show our strength. A run for those that were unable to finish. A run for those that may never run again. A run for us to try and make sense of the tragedy that has forever changed something we love. - Pavement Runner Thank you to  everyone who came out to the Boston Strong Run in Long Beach last night. Most of the #BostonStrong … [Read more...]

Clean Eating Berry Crisp Recipe


I don’t have any “Food Rules” as in foods I do not allow myself to eat. I’ve come to a place that’s pretty chill about these things. But there is one rule that I will hold on to with both of my man hands until the day I die = Dessert MUST have Chocolate or it’s just a snack. This is another good dessert theory too… Anyway. I have a nice little Clean Eating Snack Recipe … [Read more...]