March Favorites

SrirGOTCHA!!! My weight loss trick post was an April Fool’s joke, much like the rest of RER. I can’t write a post about pie without making a joke, so we really shouldn’t be surprised :)

not funny april fools

Since it’s April 1st let’s do a quick recap of my favorite Run, Eat and Repeat from March…

Favorite RUN

The Los Angeles Marathon. Best run ever.

los angeles marathon post run

Favorite EAT

Yesterday’s carrot cake. I want more.

IMAG0691 (451x800)

Favorite post I’d like to REPEAT

How to Fuel for a Marathon


Question: Hear of any epic pranks today? Did you do one?


  1. says

    Tiny prank about running a 5:39 mile. Fooled some people. That is a minute faster than my fastest mile, but I hope to break 6 minutes one of these days 😛

  2. says

    Well……I just home from a veryyyy long day teaching/training at the gym and I got into a wreck on the way home. Not my fault, all ppl ok, etc, etc, just killed my car’s grill. Anyway, as I am telling my husband about it he keeps chanting “say April Fool’s…please say April Fool’s”. UGH…nope…

  3. says

    I did not do a prank…I did see a sign on a bar that said co-ed naked cage fighting. I’m hoping that was a April Fool’s joke…

  4. kelsea says

    ha ha I love it! awesome joke. I have to say I did believe it even though I thought it was unlike you :)

  5. says

    I have a friend who announced that she is actually pregnant because she didn’t realize that today is April Fools and now no one believes her. Poor thing.

  6. sarah says

    Apparently Mark Remy’s article over at Runner’s World caused quite a bit of stir. I did not get to read the article before it was removed. Now an apology is there instead. Not sure what the original article says, but his apology was certainly classy.

    • Gillian says

      If you Google you can find it. It was an article that Ryan Hall was going to amputate his legs and replace them with the blade runners like Oscar Pistorias has. Clearly it was a joke but many people took offense.

    • says

      I got a glance at it before it was taken down – he wrote a fake article that Ryan Hall had decided to amputate both of his legs and become the next “blade runner” to avoid chronic injuries that have caused problems in his running career.

  7. says

    Thanks for re-sharing your EAT post – I had missed it and really enjoyed – gotta get started figuring out how to fuel for those long runs!

    THANKS again!

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