Just the Tip: Put Avocados in Everything

Someone asked if the trees in the back of this picture are avocado trees. YES! My mom’s yard has 2 huge avocado trees.

See? I just stand and stare and the amazing trees for hours. I didn’t even know someone was taking a picture…

avocado trees in the back

Just the Tip: Use Avocados instead of mayo in recipes for some extra flavor and healthy fat.

I made deviled eggs from the leftover Easter eggs with avocado instead of mayo and it was delicious!

avocado recipe for deviled eggs

According to this WF page, Avocados are packed with Fiber, Vitamin K and Folate. And they have anti-inflammatory and cancer fighting properties. Eat them!

So, spread it toast instead of mayo or cheese. Fight that inflammation! Boom. avocado on toast recipe

Put it on everything. I do.

avocado on eggs

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do you like guacamole

Hey, I never asked – Do you like Guacamole?

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