How to Run Across the Golden Gate Bridge

I arrived in San Francisco after midnight. My flight was delayed and the shuttle ride took a while. So, I went straight to bed after researching today’s run.

flying to san francisco

Last night I googled “How to run across the golden gate bridge” and found a familiar website at #5! I ran the GG a few years ago when I was in town for the Foodbuzz Festival. Hello Run Eat Repeat, fancy seeing you here!image

So, I confirmed my notes with the front desk (who were no help and told me the driving directions to the bridge) and set off on foot.

Running Across the Golden Gate Bridge

Running Across the Golden Gate bridge is easy, but I got lost the first time I tried it so I wanted to make sure I knew where I was going.

1. From all area hotels – get to Fisherman’s wharf or take a taxi to Crissy Field.

2. If you stay near the water you will come to Fort Mason and a steep hill. Keep going on that path and it curves you to the right again toward the bridge.

running to the golden gate bridge

3. There are two ways at this point, I chose to stay near the water because it’s gorgeous and peaceful. After a while you will see a sign on your left like the one below (or you can keep going straight which doesn’t go to the bridge – this is how I got lost the first time).

how to run across the golden gate bridge IMAG1006 (451x800)

4. Go up the stairs and it will lead you to a winding path that takes you to the bridge. There is the famous look out point here too. Best photo op in San Francisco!

can you run across the golden gate bridge

5. Finally you made it to the bridge! The Golden Gate is 1.7 miles across one way. Since it was early there weren’t too many runners, but I have heard it gets pretty packed during the day.

IMAG0995 (451x800)

There is a good view of San Francisco from the other side, but that’s about it.

IMAG0984 (800x451)

I did about 11 miles but stopped a lot on the way back for pictures.

Later my victory lap is Ghiradelli… yeah buddy.

ghirardelli square

See ya later!


  1. says

    When my family and I vacayed to San Francisco when I was 14, I remember falling in love with that city and it’s energy! To this day, its one of my favorite places in the U.S.! Loved seeing your pics – the bridge looked just as grey/foggy the day we decided to walk it. :)

  2. says

    I was in San Francisco last week! It was so much fun! I didn’t walk/run across but I did go on a boat cruise underneath. Also, Ghiradelli = best reward for all those hills right!?

  3. says

    Thank you for the tips! I’ll be there for a week the first week of May, staying on the Sausalito side so it’ll be much easier to get to the bridge… can’t wait to run actoss it :) I’m also looking forward to running the Marin Headlands too! I would LOVE to live there.

  4. says

    I spent a couple days in San Francisco a few years ago. One of our must sees was the Golden Gate Bridge. Even though there were lots of people it was still beautiful, not to mention the views! We were lucky enough to be there on a day that wasn’t foggy.

  5. Sarah says

    Lucky! Running the GG Bridge is on my bucket list. Living in Ohio limits the number of times I get there :( Good luck on your race!

  6. says

    Even though I live in SF now, I still have not run across the GG Bridge yet! This is a great guide and I will surely run it before the semester ends! Thank you :)

  7. Katie says

    oh man! I visited SF/Berkeley a couple weeks ago (I’m not from CA), and I really wanted to run across the golden gate bridge but ended up missing the exit to the lookout area. Before I knew it, I was on the north side of the bridge, lost, so I just kept driving till I eventually found a sweet hiking trail through the hills. Parked my rental car on the side of the road and prayed I didn’t get ticketed/towed. So instead of a GG Bridge run, I took a hike somewhere near Sausalito and found some gorgeous views of the bridge and the water. Wish you’d posted this a couple weeks earlier though, because it was exactly what I needed on my trip :)

  8. says

    Thanks! I’ll be running the Presidio 10 Miler on April 21st and we go across the bridge! I love, love SF! I went to Univ of San Francisco and miss that city ALL the time. Hope you had a great trip!

  9. says

    I ran across the Golden Gate Bridge a couple years ago for the San Francisco Half Marathon (part 1). It was really windy and cold and the bridge has a pretty decent incline! I liked being able to run across the bridge when one of the lanes was closed for runners and I was surrounded by lots of other people. Definitely a good option for those who may not want to run it by themselves. But it should definitely be something that’s on a runner’s bucket list. Highly recommend!

  10. says

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  11. Scott says

    An important note: runners & walkers should stay on the east-side walkway (the SF side, not the Pacific side). Bikers use the west side, and will holler at you if you miss the signs, like I did the first time. Have fun!

    • says

      The bridge is pretty much always open to run across (I think) but the traffic can get heavy. The pedestrian sidewalk is gated off from the cars, it’s just super noisy and a little scarier with a lot of traffic.

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