Counting Calories Part II

This is a continuation of this morning’s Calorie Counting post.

Since I was going to kinda sorta count calories today I busted out the food scale to weigh my chicken for lunch. I know that a piece of meat/chicken/fish the size of a deck of cards is about 4 ounces. This piece of chicken was about 4.8 ounces.IMAG1279 (450x800)

And according to Calorie that is about 231 calories and 43 grams of protein – NICE!online calorie counter

I put it on a salad with TJ’s Peanut Dressing so it was about 400 calories with everything else. Note the tons of Sriracha.

counting calories for lunch

Mid-afternoon I was snacky and had a few random bites of a protein bar before busting out my favorite Quest Bar and putting in the toaster oven so it was like a cookie. Bar and bites = 300 caloriesquest chocolate chip bar

(RunEatRepeat on Instagram)

Random Sabra around 5pm when I realized dinner was going to be late = 100 caloriesimage

(RunEatRepeat on Instagram)

Din-ah! (Remember when I used to yell “Steak Din-ah!!!” really loud no matter what I was eating? No? Well, my neighbors probably do.)

I had no idea what to make and decided to do the responsible thing and use up the veggies before I leave for the weekend.

This is lettuce, roasted broccoli, mahi burger from Costco, some kinda fancy cheese and dressing. Complete random guesstimate = 70 dressing +80 cheese +100 broccoli +160 burger + 60 almonds = 500 calories

counting calories for dinner

Oh, and Chicken and Waffles on the side… 140 calories

chicken and waffles chips

Dessert Smile Probably 2.5 servings of this caramel corn= 300 calories

day of calorie counting

And here comes the moment when I add up how many calories I ate today and am a little embarrassed and regretful I decided to blog about this today…

Daily Total: about 2,500 calories.

the f you lookin at

The end.

*I just remembered I ate a pickle at some point too. Random, but delicious. Not going to add for it. No big.

**Again, this was a guesstimate on my day.  I almost think my estimates are a little low and it’s fine. Do what makes your body feel good. No one should be that concerned what I eat, except maybe my mom. Maybe.

Today is National Siblings Day! I love these guys Smile

monica and michael red headed mexican

group picturematt and monica the mexicans

Question: Do you own a food scale? A people scale?


  1. Denise says

    I own both. I use the food scale when I buy a bunch of meat and want to vacuum seal them in smaller portions. My husband uses it for who knows what since it’s always left on the counter.

    My people scale collects dust on my bathroom floor. My kids hop on it more then I do. I find I get down on myself too easily. I’ve even been known to step on the scale at the doctors office backwards so I don’t see the numbers. Figure if I can’t button my jeans it’s time it’s chill out on stuffing my face.

  2. says

    everything you ate look so good! Maybe i’m just extremely hungry right now! I don’t own a food scale or a people scale. I want to buy a people scale but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet! I really want that salad!!! YUM!

  3. Karoline says

    Thanks for the example calorie count/food day! :) Okay so my question is, though you normally don’t count calories, do you sort of scale how much you’re eating if you’re running/working out that day? Or would you eat this much on any day..

    • says

      I pretty much eat like this most weekdays, more on weekends (or at least my meals are more calorie dense). Swap out the chips for some granola some days, or the dinner for Thai food. I partially eat more on weekends because I do a long run most times, partially because I’m eating out more.

  4. says

    Nopez, no scale and you’re tempting me with the Lays crisps! Coz mine which I usually stash in the office is finished (didn’t have time to shop after work yesterday). I’ll probably settle for a handful of cashew nuts instead.

  5. says

    I own both, but use them less and less over the past few months and, funnily enough, weigh less now than I have for years, too! I used to be a daily food and body weigher, but that shiz messed with my head. Much happier now!

  6. Megan says

    Yes but you ran 8 miles… I am about the same size as you (but nowhere near as fast) and burn about 115 cal/mile. I can net close to 2000 cal/day to maintain my weight. Your calorie consumption is fine!

  7. Kim says

    I don’t own neither! When it comes to weight loss/gain, I know when it happens without having to weigh myself. And to meassure and weigh all my food would be too exhausting.. I just figure as long as I eat nutritious things and don’t overeat, I’ll be fine :)

  8. says

    You shouldn’t include the calories from most veggies (especially broccoli). You use more energy to digest them than they give you.

    I am a control freak myself, I weigh most of my food but I think it is not necessary. Just taking pictures of everything you eat is enough to make you eat healthy. Weighing yourself daily though, can help a lot if you want to control your weight. Everything that’s measured is managed.

    I don’t think 2500 kcal are pretty good (even low) for an active person. As soon as you eat real food, calories are more or less under control.

    Great blog btw!

  9. says

    My son has been on quite the mission to locate those new chips lol. We haven’t found them yet in New York…I do not own a food scale. I am pretty good and understanding serving sizes and certain foods I have always decided didn’t need to be measured, at least for me ( I always say people should do what works for them)…I sometimes track calories using fitness pal app simply to see if I am getting enough of each nutrient etc with the amount of running I do…I always battle the thought of counting calories for vegetables. I mean, can you really eat too much broccoli or cucumbers?

  10. says

    I do not own a food scale and I do own a people scale. I actually had a convo with my roommie and a friend yesterday about how many calories to eat a day and I realized I haven’t a clue what I consume. I should do a day in the life to guesstimate.

  11. says

    I do own a people scale – but I try not to use it. After all, for me it’s about losing fat inches, not lbs. As for food, I’ve figured out how big my portions sizes should look – so as long as I stay away from processed food 95% of the time, I won’t need to do anything different. Just lean meats, fish, nuts, veggies and fruit… and the fat melts off!

  12. says


    I food scale can be a frightening thing, I always thought my calorie intake was moderate on a daily basis. That was until I started using a scale and counting calories. The truth is scary at times. Lol.

  13. says

    I feel like all I do is eat since I run and teach group exercise classes! I don’t have a food scale and our “people” scale is broken, probably for the best. I weigh myself here and there at the gym, while everyone stares. :) I never know what reaction to have after I weigh myself… smile, frown? Haha.

  14. says

    I have a sriracha craving from looking at that salad. I’m going to have to work it into my lunch somehow.

    I only own a people scale. The reason I don’t own a food scale is because I know I would get a little too obsessed with weighing everything.

  15. Ida says

    I own both but haven’t used the people scale in about 2 years. I only use the food scale to weigh my oatmeal b/c i like to have the perfect liquid-to-oat ratio.

  16. says

    I own both, but only really use the food scale if I’m having trouble converting units, and its easier to just weigh it than convert it for a recipe.

  17. says

    Glad you actually eat. Some people eat around 1300 calories a day while heavily working out. I’m like, um excuse me? Aren’t you starving?

  18. says

    I don’t own either scale, thank goodness. And I think you ate a good amount of calories for the amount of running you do day in and day out! So don’t be embarrassed…because sometimes I eat that amount when I don’t run and just sit on my butt watching the birds all day. hahaha!

  19. Teresa Bayer says

    I don’t own either! In terms of weighing myself, I have found that I am a much happier person when i’m not looking at the number on the scale because it never is what I think it should be. But if my body feels good- that’s what matters! In terms of the food scale- I think I would get too OCD about that also! I just guesstimate and enjoy!!! Life is more fun that way :-)

  20. says

    Unlike everyone else here I’m extremely jealous of how many calories you can eat and maintain your weight/size! I do have friends who can do the same, but I always joke that my body rejects food :( if I eat over 1500 calories I GAIN like no other! …except on days I run 8+ miles (then I can eat 1500). So I’m very careful to eat as healthy calories as possible so I can be FULL!

    Here is to different genetics and metabolisms!

  21. says

    We own a food scale that my husband uses from time to time if he’s baking a cake but I don’t use it. We have a people scale too. I go through phrases where I have to weigh myself everyday but then I won’t for awhile.

  22. says

    I don’t have a food scale, but I would want to get one for baking/cooking, not calorie counting.
    I have a people scale, but I rarely ever use it. I am thinking of selling it to get rid of it once and for all.

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