Just the Tip: Eat What’s in Season

Earth Day was Monday and even though you already know that you should recycle and turn off the sink when you brush your teeth, today’s just the tip is about another way you can hug the Earth…

earth day dont do it

Just the Tip: Eat seasonally and locally.


this isnt in season to eat melon

But what’s in season right now?

Well, that depends on where you are. For example if you live in California these foods are in season in April/May:

Beans, Green

Dates, Medjool
Onion, Green
Passion Fruit
Peas, Green

From Southland Farmer’s Market Association

If you live in Wisconsin this is what’s in season*:

  • Cheese

If you live in Canada this is what’s in season*:

  • Maple Syrup
  • Polar bear meat

(*Source: Stuff I made up)

If you’re in North America you probably have most of the same foods on your list. But checking with your local farmer’s market is going to be the list most accurate for your home.

farmer's market

Use Local Harvest to find a farm near you.

Benefits of eating seasonally:

  1. It’s cheaper! If a food is in season and in abundance  it is going to be a better price than during the off season.
  2. It’s better for the environment to buy local as opposed to the added environmental costs of shipping fruits and veggies from across the world to your kitchen.
  3. They taste better! It’s probably extra sweet and delicious if it’s in season.
  4. Variety. If you change up the veggies and fruits you eat based on season your diet will have more variety.

Here are a few recipes that use some of the foods in season right now:

Strawberry Trifle Recipe – super easy dessert!

strawberry Trifle recipe

Strawberry Pizza Recipe – weird, but good.

strawberry pizza

Avocados are in season too! Yep. I’ve been eating a ton of them from my mom’s trees.

When life hands you avocados, make guacamole. guacamole

Question: What’s your favorite fruit or veggie that’s in season now?


  1. says

    I LOVE this just the tip! I think the best way, at least in the summer, to stay up to date on what’s available is to just go to the farmer’s market, walk around, ask questions, and pick up things that look familiar (and things that don’t – it’s the best, and often cheapest, place to experiment!)

  2. says

    Yay! I love avocados and love to make guacamole when they are in season. I’m also glad that strawberries and cherries are in season, too. It’s going to be a yummy summer :)

  3. says

    I have a new love for avocados! I love strawberries!
    I really never keep up with what’s in season
    but I know that when prices go up they are not
    and I usually choice other things lol

  4. april says

    i also live in southern california and have been eating tons of avocados lately. they’re so delicious and cheap right now =)

  5. says

    I love that Whole Foods often labels their locally grown produce. I try really hard to buy that. I don’t think much is in season that’s grown in my area (Chicago), but soon we’ll have berries and sweet corn and other delicious treats. I can’t wait.

  6. says

    Live from Wisconsin–we eat more than cheese.
    Huge outdoor farmer’s market in Madison started back up last weekend. In season–asparagus, greens, and many farmers grow produce in a greenhouse so cucs, toms, etc are all available now.

  7. says

    STRAWBERRIES! My favorite thing as a kid was when we used to go to the strawberry fields in Chino/Ontario and get a flat for $20 and spend the whole week… er, three days… eating it all. NOM!

  8. says

    I am loving the bright green asparagus at our farmer’s market right now. And the strawberries of course, they are full of flavor. We are lucky to have a farmers market near our house so we only buy fresh and local! It’s amazing the flavor difference if I have to buy stuff from the store, it’s crap. Just sayin’

  9. M. Love says

    I love buying local produce and farmers markets! Strawberry pizza looks awesome! And a new reader here who’s very envious of your avocado tree :)

  10. says

    I am living at the other end of the world where it is Autumn so I am making notes of all your great recipes to use in 6 months time when our fresh fruit comes into season. I find juicing of broccoli, carrot and oranges makes a lovely nutritious drink to start the day.
    I have struggled with over-weight for years and find that if I use approved appetite suppressants to control my eating and get back on track I can keep the fat off. Once under control I don’t need that assistance anymore. It is an ongoing journey isn’t it? I am not able to run but I love walking the dog so that keeps us both happy!

  11. says

    Snce the temps here are more or less hot and humid for most of the year, we don’t really have much of a “in season” produce though some fruits eg durians are only available at certain times of the year – fruits and vegetables probably more affected by the rainfall than by seasons.

  12. says

    that fruit is so cheap! Well I am almost in Wisconsin, so I will say cheese and beer? We had snow last weekend (not that it really accumulated) but we are still waiting for leaves on the trees.

  13. says

    A great post! I always try to eat what’s in season, not just because it tends to be cheaper but because its much better for you. Seasonal produce tends to get picked when it’s at its most ripe (and therefore highest in nutrients) and is not stored for weeks, losing all its goodness. I believe that you really can taste the difference too.

  14. says

    I’m just counting down til the cantaloupe doesn’t taste f$%ked up because that is one fruit where season makes all the difference in the entire universe. And zucchini flower season in June. And NJ strawberry season. And tomato season!

    And the season where I could potentially go to a farmers’ market and find more than just apples and cheese and the meat of whoever didn’t make it through winter. . .

  15. says

    I am all about trying to eat seasonally and locally but sometimes I need my imported blueberries during the winter. haha. and there are some other fruits or veggies we cant just grow here in the cornucopia that is CA. Mmmm Mexican mangos and bananas and pineapple. though I just sampled some local blueberries from the delta at the local farmers market, and oh man, they blow the import out of the water. soooo sweet! I’m going to buy a TON and freeze them for usage over the summer.

    I want to make room for an avocado tree and a fig tree for my garden. i will be in heaven if they grow and produce abundant fruit.

  16. says

    Since moving out to SoCal I’ve LOVED going to farmer’s markets and eating locally and seasonally! I’m so glad that strawberries and such are back in season because I’ve missed them! Avocados too!!

  17. says

    I’m in Missouri and it still feels like winter these days. Don’t know what’s in season, but I’m looking forward to picking strawberries!

  18. Katie says

    I laughed so hard at the Cheese being in season in Wisconsin. So true! As a life long Wisconsin girl (why I’m not sure…it’s cold here!) I’m dying for some good fruit. The fruit in our stores right now is really expensive and looks horrible. That doesn’t bode well for my diet. Dying for some warmer weather and yummy fruit (watermelon, strawberries, pears…)

  19. Emily says

    It is in fact maple syrup season in certain areas of Canada! Maple syrup festivals are all the rage at this time of year. Although I’m not too sure about the polar bear meat, asparagus will be in season soon.

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